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The Theory of Hawaiian Guitar

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Needless to say, the Hawaiian guitar has become almost extinct among musical instruments over the past few years. It is useless to explain here why this change. All I can say is that the melody produced by the strings of this guitar takes us to a dreamy world of magic.

This type of guitar was invented in 1887 on the island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean.



This type of guitar was invented in 1887 on the island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The guitar was named Hawoain according to the name of island of Hawaii.


Division and structure of Hawaiian guitar.

There are basically two types of guitar available, - 1 hollow guitar and 2 electric guitar. The hollow guiter is made of a special kind of wood with a hollow body and a large spherical hole in the middle so that when you hit the strings of the guitar, the sound enters through the spherical hole and pushes the empty four walls into a beautiful melody and comes out again through that round hole . The electric guitar hard, a series of Vowel signs you mounted on top of a wooden board with six strings, a bridge and six keys attached to it. To play the Hawaiian guitar, one has to use a number of special instruments such as picks, thumb and bar


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picks, and its use

It consists of two fingers on the right hand, one on the index finger and the other on the middle finger. These are basically metal.



Thumb and its use

This is a product made of plastic or nylon, which looks a bit like a ring, it is played on the thumb of the right hand.



Bar and its use

A special small rod made of metal, weighing about 100 grams, the bar is to be played with the left hand on six strings of the guitar from one screen to another to pick up the melody. In this way the sound has to be generated by stroking on six strings with the help of picks and Thumb a different way.



Strings and its use

Basically a Hawain guitar has six strings. The first three strings are used for sharp melodies and the next three strings are used for bass melodies. The first two strings, number 1 and number 2, are played with picks, and the next 4 strings, number 3, 4, 5, 6, are played by the thumb, and the bar is moved from one vowle signs to the other. Its work.

Spanish Guitar


Two types of guitars. (1) Hawaiian guitar. (2) Spanish guitar.

We basically see two types of guitars. (1) Hawaiian guitar. (2) Spanish guitar. We’ve already started talking about Hawaiian guitar, which is our topic today. Spanish Guitar - This type of guitar is believed to have been first invented in Spain, hence the name Spanish guitar. Can be discussed if given the opportunity.

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