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Learn About Becoming a Musician With Anja Björk

The Music Business

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in music? Learning about Anja Björk's journey and see if you have it within yourself to have the perseverance to make it in the business!


When did you first get into music?

I started to sing very early and said as a kid that I wanted to become a singer. I went to a music school and did a lot of singing but I was quite shy and got super red in the face whenever I had the opportunity to sing solo. So I didn’t fully acknowledge my music passion until I was 25 and started a singer-songwriter folk high school.

What do musicians have to do to successfully tap into their talents?

I think that is different for every musician. For me it is to write lyrics that is true or at least partly true. To write music for me is like therapy you can write about events or things that upset you or make you happy.

What about your music sets you apart?

I don´t follow any trends with music I just do music that I love.

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What would you like aspiring musicians to know?

That it takes time, money and contacts to get somewhere. An education is always a good place to start to get contacts and build your self-esteem. The most important thing is to NOT GIVE UP!

What would you like your fans to know?

I try to write about things and feelings that are uncomfortable so that my fans can listen to it and hear, oh there is another person that gone though a breakup or had a panic attack and relate to that. At the same time I love music that makes you feel good, so the melodies are quite light. I love mixing those two.

It sounds like based off her short interview, sticking to your true style and not giving up are the keys to success. To follow Anja, check out the links below.

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