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Lauralee Bell and Her Legacy on the Young and the Restless

Lauralee Bell and her husband  Scott Martin.

Lauralee Bell and her husband Scott Martin.

Lauralee is not like Christine

Lauralee Bell is best known to soap fans for her role as Cricket/Christine Williams, on The Young and the Restless. The actress was born on December 22, 1968, to William and Lee Phillip Bell who created the CBS soap. Her brother Bradly Bell is the head writer and executive producer of the sister CBS daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful. Lauralee began her career with a bit role as a model, Christine "Cricket" Blair, in 1983 on Y&R and became a contract actress in 1986. She was involved in a lot of drama with Nina Webster (Trisha Cast). Although Christine has had many romantic encounters in Genoa City, her portrayer has been married to Scott Martin. for 25 years since October 4, 1997. The couple has 2 children; a son, Christian James Martin born on January 17, 2001, and a daughter, Samantha Lee Martin born on October 28, 2002. The actress left Y&R in 2006 and in June 2007, Bell reprised her role of Christine for a short run on B&B In July 2010. She later returned to The Young and the Restless in a recurring capacity.but now only shows up once in a while. Lauralee once co-owned a Hollywood boutique, On Sunset, which closed in 2009.

Paul and Christine

Paul and Christine

The perils of Christine

Cricket has had a difficult time with her romantic relationships and also had issues on the job. She was engaged to Phillip Chancellor III ( Thomas Bierdz) until she found him in bed with Nina. who later gave birth to Phillip IV AKA Chance Chancellor ( Conner Floyd). Cricket was later date raped by Derek Stuart and found the courage to press charges against him. She was sexually harassed by Michael Baldwin (Christian Leblanc) while working for him and became engaged again to Scott Granger until she found out they were related. Fans who recall all of this drama have a hard time accepting that now Christine only shows up for an episode or two and is not involved in any front burner storylines.

Danny and Cricket

Danny and Cricket

Lauralee's resume

Bell is considered to be soap royalty because of her parents but she has proven she can stand on her own and has other credits in addition to The Young and the Restless. She was on Diagnosis Murder and Walker Texas Ranger in 1995 and guest panelist on Match Game in 1998. In 1999 she appeared on Pacific Blue and in 2006 she was in an episode of CSI Miami and the television film Past Sins. In 2008 Bell had a role in the TV movie Just Aks Mike and in 2012 she was in an episode of Castle. Her last credited role outside of occasional appearances on The Yung and the Restless was in the 2018 television film Mistress Hunter. Bell has received the following honors;

TEEN Magazine, Favorite Soap Opera Actress (1989)

Soap Opera Award Nominee, Outstanding Younger Lead Actress (1997)

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Soap Opera Award Winner, Outstanding Supporting Actress (1999)

Daytime Emmy Award Winner, Outstanding Special Class Short Format Daytime for producing the web series mI promise) (2013).

In 2016 she received a Daytime Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Bell has also been in the following films.2005 Carpool Guy (2005) Their Killer Affair (2017) and Nightmare Tenant where she was also the executive producer.

Phillip, Cricket, and Danny

Phillip, Cricket, and Danny

All about Christine

Cricket/Christine was married to rock singer Danny Romalatti (Michael Damian) until he left her for Phyllis Summer (Michelle Stafford) who lied that she was pregnant with his baby. This led to a rivalry between the two women that continues to this day. Christine later became involved with and married Paul Williams (Doug Davidson). Their marriage only lasted 5 years but the duo remained friends. Twelve years later Paul and Christine re-married at the funeral. of Katherine Chancellor (Jeannie Cooper). Doug Davidson has not had any scenes on The Young and the Restless for close to 3 years although fans continue to complain. Christine was last seen when she brought news that Chance Chancellor ( now Conner Floyd) was presumed dead. Although Bell requested to be on a recurring status there are fans who still would like to see more of Christine and Paul in Genoa City. Davidson has stated that he believes he is done with the CBS soap but his followers continue to hope he will return.

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