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Lady Ottoline Violet Anne Morrell

Her Photo taken in 1927

Lady Ottoline Morrell by Maurice Beck and Helen Macgregor chlorobromide print on black card, 1927

Lady Ottoline Morrell by Maurice Beck and Helen Macgregor chlorobromide print on black card, 1927

An extraordinary Lady

Lady Otteline was a British aristocrat who lived between 1873 and 1938. She was passionate about art and literature and befriended artists such as Aldous Huxley, Siegfried Sassoon, TS Eliot and DH Lawrence , Mark Gertler, Dora Carrington, Gilbert Spencer, Virginia Woolf. Lay Otteline supported many artists and is the landlady of the famous Bloomsbury Group.

She has been painted in many works of artists, among hes lovers are artists, as well as philosopher Bertrant Russell. She was one of the most interesting woman of her era.

Was she the real Lady Chatterley

Also D.H. Lawrence's most famous character, Lady Chatterley, is actually thought to be Lady Ottoline. She didn't make love in a cabin in the woods, but her love for a young stonemason who worked in the construction of sculptures in the garden, is known to everyone in the Bloomsbery group and there was a lot of gossip.

It's fun to think of philosophers, writers gossiping about Lady's love life.

The Affair Between Lany Otteline and Bertrant Russell

According to biographer Miranda Seymour the love affair between philosopher Bertrant Russell started in 1911. Bertrant Russell was mariied with Ayys Pearsall Smith at that time but was disenchanted by her. Bertrant and Ottoline wrote four letters a day to each other, Ottoline’s sexual coldness and Russell’s possessiveness caused some difficulties but continued for five years.

Bertrand Russell left her wife eventually but Ottoline refused to leave her husband, her marriage was important for her and Philip Morell, her husband started suffering mental instability so Ottoline thought he needed her love and support

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The Bloomsbury Group


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