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‎Lady Gaga Raises $128 Million in Donations‎

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

‎Lady Gaga is a world-famous pop singer.‎

‎While the world is suffering from the deadly coronavirus, Lady Gaga has sung a beautiful song to keep the world quiet while she is staying in her house. Other famous singers joined him from his home. Lady Gaga has raised $128 million for the World Health Organization by organizing a home concert with other artists to research vaccines for patients suffering from coronavirus.‎

‎Lady Gaga said: 'For doctors and nurses working day and night for corona patients my heard is broken who are going to sleep in their cars and dedicated their lives to prevent their family or patients from getting infected. I thank the medical alum. I salute the doctors and nurses who are doing what they are doing, putting themselves at risk.'‎

Pop stars Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Shakira, or Michael Joseph Jackson became popular after the Beatles and rock and roll. Then there was a new name among the pop singers, lady gaga. Lady Gaga is more known for her dress than music. she wears a blue hat over her head and Scotch goggles inside the round glasses and ten-inch heeled shoes. Her tall blue hair is her trademark. She Keeps a dark disco stick while performing. Her fans call her monsters; She presents a rebellious image in his video album. Often in her videos, she shows that she is killing someone, especially her boyfriend.‎

‎Lady Gaga's real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She was born on March 28, 1986, in Manhattan, New York, U.S.A.She is five feet one inch tall, her nickname is Gaga and People call her Lady Gaga.‎

‎The biggest surprise is that her followers on Twitter are 11,542,008, the highest in the world. She has over 10 million fans on Facebook. The number of video viewers on YouTube is one billion. Forbes magazine described her as the most capable celebrity ever since 2011. Lady Gaga had made $90 million through her video album in 2010-2011.‎

‎Lady Gaga, the world number one pop star, says, "I am very eager to come to India. India is a beautiful country. I am a fan of the story and philosophy of India. I like the theory of rebirth of Hinduism in India.'‎

Lady Gaga says: "I have seen some Bollywood movies. I like it." Lady Gaga opens up about her name gaga, saying: "Freddy Mercury, an Indian Parsi, sang 'Queen Song Radio Gaga' which I loved most. Taking inspiration from it, I have named my stage 'Gaga' Deepak Chopra, an Indian American spiritual guru, has a great influence on my life. My yoga guru is also an Indian named Vikram Chaudhary."‎

‎Indian actor and chat show host Simi Garewal also met Lady Gaga on a tour of Singapore. She was also surprised to see her blue hair top on her head. Lady Gaga's leather outfit was also unusual. How Lady Gaga walked in 10-inch high heels was a surprise to her. Simi Garewal says: "She has a wonderful glow on her skin. She looks more beautiful in reality than she looks in the video. Lady Gaga has followers, not fans."

Lady Gaga, dressed in a strange dress from outside, is a simple girl personally. She is her dad's daughter, meaning she is in love with her father.‎

‎Lady Gaga has the same importance as the president for the American people. Lady Gaga ministers and security personnel are also in a VVIP category.‎

In 2008 ‎Lady Gaga become a world-famous figure since the release of 'Just Dance' 'Poker Face' and 'Bad Romance.' The video had sold 15 million copies worldwide. The album received six Emmy Nominations for The Grammy awards, of which two awards they won. Lady Gaga has set many other records in pop music. Her online video viewership is 1.3 billion.

In the fastest-selling of her video album after being put on the market. Which her second world record. Worldwide 1 million copies of her album were sold within five days of it released. Her single album has been a hit. 'Born This Way' is her seventh single album. His latest album is The Age of Glory. It became the number one sales on the day it was released.‎

Lady Gaga has become known differently from her fashion and song-making style. Mariah Carey sings a song in silence. Shakira is known for the belly and vocal singalong, But Lady Gaga is different from all of them. She has already won a total of five Grammy Awards and twelve nominations. Her music album has already won two Guinness Book of World Records awards, as all of its 15 million albums have sold worldwide, a world record. Besides, Her 51 million single albums have been sold. The BillBoard had already declared her an artist of the year in 2010. Time magazine also ranked him as one of the world's most influential talents in the 2010 Time 100 list.

Lady Gaga is the new generation of choice. The choice of the new generation is changing rapidly. If we take Lady Gaga to a village in Saurashtra, people would be happy to see her dress instead of listening to her songs.‎

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