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La Brea -- The Rescue Plan


That may get everyone killed...

Last time – the search party had a violent encounter with the inhabitants of the Fort and nearly didn’t escape with their lives. Meanwhile Gavin learned the light crevice is getting ready to close…

Eve buries her letter as she recalls leaving Gavin. He begs her not to leave and she’s acting like everything is his fault, and this was after she cheated on him. Yeah, it’s all his fault. Boy, that’s a real number to play on someone you supposedly love. She and Levi kind of deserve each other, since they seem to think the same way. It’s all Gavin’s fault and they’re not to blame for anything they did.

Scott is trying to calculate how long before the light crevice closes completely and he guesstimates I’tll be 18 hours. Ty tells Sam and Marybeth the Lily was kidnapped and says if Veronica doesn’t return soon he’ll go and look for her.

Eve tries to tell Josh that what Gavin sees is real. He’s all talk to the hand. He doesn’t care. His dad is a loser no one can depend on. Gee, the more I get to know this family, the more I understand why Gavin drank. None of them had his back and the only one who cares about him is his daughter. Bet when he finds out Levi boffed his mom, he’ll be singing the Levi tune that it’s all Gavin’s fault.

Levi manages to contact Diana on his walkie talkie. She tells him she’s near Santa Monica by a rock formation. Eve and Levi head out to find Diana. She says they can use a part from her plan to repair Levi’s so they can fly out of there. I really hate that Loser Levi is taking over as the alpha male of the survivors when he’s definitely a zeta.

Markham arrives at the dig site and tells Rebecca he’s shutting her down. There will be no flight down the sinkhole. Then Rebecca’s workers says they found something everyone is going to want to see. It’s the wreckage from a plane crash. It just suddenly appeared. Rebecca says it’s multiple bodies on it. Izzy is worried one of them could be Eve and Josh. Gavin says he saw them alive yesterday so it’s not too late to save them. Gavin tells Markham he has to let him fly down the sinkhole. Markham has him arrested saying if he does that an earthquake could happen and people could die.

Lily asks Ty to find Veronica, while Eve and Levi arrive with Diana to fix the plane. The survivors start drawing names for who will go on the flight. Lucas and Josh are chosen amongst a few other nameless extras.

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Lucas demands Scott go with him to find his drugs. The moron is planning to take them on the rescue plane with him. Instead they find buried civil war gold, hinting these sinkholes have been happening for centuries.

Gavin finally starts asking Rebecca questions, wanting to know how she knew where the survivors set up camp, but before she can be forced to tell what she know, Nathan arrives to get them out. She reveals she had to give them up to Markham so he’d trust her but they’re running out of time before he finds the plane. Gavin says they need to warn Eve that if they get on Levi’s plane it’s going to crash.

They manage to send a drone down with a recorded message from Gavin warning the plane will crash. Levi’s sure if he can find any problem with the plane and it’ll be fine. He crashed his plane coming through the light crevice, doesn’t he even think he might do the same again. And Josh is determined to go on Levi’s plane. So Eve and Marybeth team up to stop the plane from taking off.

Only things go badly wrong. Diana is obsessed with getting out there and Marybeth is determined to save her son and one thing leads to another and Marybeth shoots her and disables the plane so it can’t take off. They rush Diana back to Sam to see if he can save her but she bleeds out. Josh turns on Eve because of it.

Ty manages to find Veronica and she acts like she’ll come back with him. But when he has his back turned she bashes him in the head and takes off.

Markham arrives with his people as Gavin and Rebecca take off in the plane and head toward the sinkhole. He sends military planes to divert Gavin and threatens to shoot him down. Markham gets Izzy to plead with Gavin not to fly into the sinkhole so they won’t shoot him down. Rebecca tells Gavin her future lies down there, as she prepares to parachute through the light crevice. Then she recites a date to Gavin saying that will lead him to saving his family. The date is the day he was found as a toddler with a 12 year old girl wandering on the road.

Izzy and Gavin are reunited as he promises to find another way to save everyone. Meanwhile, the survivors watch as the light crevice closes trapping them in the Lost World for good.

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