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La Brea -- The Hunt


Secrets and Lies...

In this episode we get to know a little bit more about the survivors as they go on a hunt for food. Meanwhile on the surface a rescue mission was launched. And Gavin put two and two together and realized Eve cheated on him while they were together.

Eve dreaming about making Izzy let her go and falling in the sinkhole. She awakes to see Josh’s fever has completely broken. Riley is still pissed off at Eve for leaving her dad in the jungle, while Eve offers to get them some food.

Out in the clearing the traffic cop is playing food cop making the survivors line up for rations. That doesn’t last when a big animal, maybe it’s a prehistoric bear, comes and eats all the food.

Up on the surface Gavin wants to fly the rescue mission but Dr.Nathan tells him no. So he suggests his BFF Levy Delgado who before the hour is over he may live to regret making that suggestion.

Scott reveals the creature was a sloth and announce to the doubters, including Eve’s son, he thinks they landed in 10,000 BC. Eve backs up Scott by saying she thinks he’s right. She reveals seeing the saber tooth tiger and her belief they’re in 10,000 BC Los Angeles. Of course, Marybeth’s butthole son won’t believe it and takes off.

Eve continues to emerge as the de facto leader as she suggests they need to go hunting for food.

Up on the surface Levy arrives at the base of operations as he has a flashback to visiting after Izzy had lost her leg. What only Eve and Levi know is they were in a hotel knocking boots while Izzy had her accident. Which is why Eve was so willing to sacrifice herself to save Izzy. She thinks if she had been driving Izzy and not screwing her husband’s BFF Izzy wouldn’t have lost her leg. He goes to see Gavin whose sucking on a bottle of beer and tells Gavin he has to stop saying he see this place or he’s going to lose his family. Which is kind of rich and hypocritical coming from the dude who screwed his wife. Gavin says to save his advice because the pictures in his head has taken everything from him. Izzy’s accident obviously put an end to the affair as he’s gotten himself reassigned to Germany.

Gavin meets Levi as he lands and tells him the place he’s been seeing for years is real and Eve and Josh are there.

Meanwhile Ty and Eve are out hunting. Ty wonders how Eve knows how to build a trap from twigs and she reveals she grew up in Montana. That her father wanted a boy. Said she planned to take Izzy for a trip to Montana but after her accident everything changed…she changed. Thinks it was the guilt. Then she turns the tables on Ty and asking him what’s wrong with him, but he doesn’t feel like sharing.

Marybeth catches up with her jerk son, Lucas. She tries to talk to him about what happened to his father. Apparently she shot him. He doesn’t want to hear it. Then he shows her the trap someone set that killed the tiger. They’d apparently came back and took the tiger away and reset the trap. He reluctantly agrees to let his mother go with him as they try to find the person who set the trap.

Sam realizes he’s getting worse and he’s going to lose the ability to walk if Riley doesn’t operate and relieve the pressure. He says he’ll talk her through it. Both Scott and Josh end up helping her. Josh is an a-hole to Scott, but it’s pretty obvious they’re grooming him and Riley as a pair. Too bad, since I like Scotty better than Eve’s jerk son.

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Eve catches a rabbit, then a big bear shows up. She releases the rabbit to distract him and she and Ty run into a cave. The bear tries to get them and causes the entrance to be caved him. They run into Marybeth and Lucas and they set off to try and find another way out of the cave.

Scott comes up with the idea of using the stash of drugs as anasthetic for Sam during his surgery. Riley is nasty to Scott over his idea until Sam says Scott is right and heroin used to be used and will work. Maybe the college drop out should start listening to what the smartest guy there thinks.

While Levi is talking to Izzy and mentions he chose to go to Berlin and Izzy says it’s Eve favorite city Gavin starts putting two and two together and coming up with four.

Scott realizes they gave Sam too much heroin as he falls asleep while instructing Riley on what to do. But Josh calms her down and helps her to successfully complete the surgery.

Ty hears water dripping and then sees algae on the water and figures that’s the way out. While Marybeth and Eve are arguing about if they should dive under the water to see if there is a way out, Ty dives in to find it. He returns to say he found a way out and something else as well.

Gavin confronts Levi who admits he’s in love with his wife and that’s why he left.

Ty takes the others to a body. The person had been living there three years and blew their brains out. The person had come from the future live them. Lucas says he never found a way out of there and neither will they.

Sam wakes up and is fine. Ty tells the others they can’t tell anyone what they found. Eve finds mushrooms and says she knows they’re okay and they can eat them, for now, to avoid starving. Gavin asks Levi to give Eve her wedding ring when he finds her. Levi flies into the sinkhole and gets into trouble as he approaches the light crevice. His engine catches on fire and he crashes in “the Lost World” but he’s alive.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 17, 2021:

Great description of the show.

It's still going strong.

A few mysterious waiting to unfold...could get interesting.

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