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La Brea -- The Fort


Last time, Levi arrived and told Eve that Gavin’s visions are real and he knows about them. A survivor was murdered, and the rescue party came across a strange village that the man who killed Eddie may belong to…

The search party enters the Fort of the Bloody Hand. Levi suggests everyone split up, but Eve isn’t so sure about that. Scott says at this time in history the Native Americans, Tongyas, had nothing to fear from European invaders, yet they’ve built a fence around their village to protect themselves. Eve and Levi find a bloated corpse in a temple and when Levi pulls out a photo she learns he didn’t just come to save her, he also came to find the people who went down the Mojave sinkhole. Lucas insists Scott goes with him, Riley assures Josh that Lucas won’t really hurt him and wonders if Josh is jealous of her and Lucas, saying she’s too young for him.

Meanwhile Izzy isn’t happy when she learned Nathan and Rebecca want Gavin to fly down the sinkhole. Nathan says she’ll turn off radar so he can fly down there without the military knowing and reveals her girlfriend went down the Mojave sinkhole three years ago.

Josh and Riley find a secret passage way in one of the huts that leads them outside the fort. Meanwhile, Scott and Lucas find a hut full of weapons. Lucas attacks Scott when he realizes he doesn’t know where his dope is. Then someone comes in and attacks him. Another man holds a spear to Scott’s throat and he speaks English. Neither are obvious native inhabitants. They tie Lucas and Scott up in the temple with the rotting corpse. They have to work together to free themselves, but once they do Lucas is the same a-hole to Scott as before.

Ty gets Lily to play baseball with the others much to Veronica’s chagrin. She claims she’s only doing what their father wanted and claims she’ll be honest from now on.

Eve and Levi see the inhabitants returning to the fort and they run and hide. They enter a hut full of kids. Levi doesn’t think they understand them.

Josh and Riley run from the inhabitants who started chasing them. They hide in a cave. When the men get summoned back to the fort, they’re saved, but Josh is determined to get back inside because Eve is still inside and he comes up with a plan.

Rebecca reveals she’s planning to go on the plane with Gavin. Izzy says she doesn’t trust Rebecca. She feels there's something she isn't telling them.

One of the kids stand out. He’s a blonde boy who speaks English and offers to show them the way to escape. Could he be another sinkholer from a previous sinkhole? He says his grandfather believes the sky people want to take his land from him. Is that because that’s what he did to the previous inhabitants?

When Gavin balks at flying the plane unless they learn if Nathan was able to turn off the radar, Rebecca says there’s something she needs to show them in LA.

Everyone is almost through the exit the little boy showed him when his grandfather, Silas, shows up and gets the drop on Eve and Levi. But a native woman shows up and gets him to let them go. On the walk back Scott says something isn’t right because the Europeans didn’t arrive until the 16th century and it’s obvious they’ve been living there for years. There also didn't seem to be any Native American men amongst their ranks.

Scott tells Lucas he doesn’t know where his dope is and just go ahead and kill him. But Lucas won’t take no for an answer.

The search party returns and Levi vows he’ll bring them all home. Eve asks for a moment with Levi where she asks him how Gavin reacted when he found out about them. Levi tells Eve she has nothing to feel bad about because Gavin wasn't there for her. No, YOU and Eve weren't there for Gavin and then betrayed him. That's the real narrative. This in a nutshell is why I loathe this creep and want him to be kibble for a dinosaur. Gavin was his best friend and he betrayed him and this lowlife obviously feels no guilt about it and blames it on the one he betrayed. No ethics, honor or morals. He also tells her that Gavin knows he loves her. At that point Eve walks away to write a letter to Gavin and Izzy she hopes they may find some day.

Lily tells Ty that she’s told all she knows about Eddie’s death, but what she hasn’t told him is she was kidnapped. One day she and her family were at a picnic when Veronica and her “father” kidnapped her. Veronica returns and when she realizes Lily spilled the beans she runs for it.

Rebecca takes Gavin and Izzy to the site where the survivors set up camp in 10000 BC and they have been looking for artefacts. They found a letter from Eve and in it she mentions the light crevice has started to close. Gavin realizes they kept this from him because if he flies through the sinkhole he might not be able to get back. Gavin refuses to do it because he can’t leave Izzy without her family. Izzy assures him she’ll be fine because she still has her aunt and he has to do it.

It really bugs me that little Levi just arrived and is now trying to act like he's the leader. This guy isn't bright enough to lead anyone.

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