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La Brea -- Origins


Gavin remembers a piece of his past...

Last time – Marybeth finally told Lucas why she killed his father while Gavin followed Rebecca’s cryptic clue to the day he was found wandering on the road when he was a child.

Gavin’s relationship with Izzy hit the skids when he wanted her to get back to normal by going back to school. She knew he was keeping something from her and was giving him some major tude about it. At school she met Andrew, Sam’s son, who was doing a vigil for the victims of the La Brea sinkhole. Meanwhile Gavin and Dr. Nathan were still on the trail of the elusive Ella. They tried to arrange a meeting with her. When Gavin spotted her in her car and called out to her, she ran from him. The big question is what is the woman running from and what is she so afraid of?

Gavin is called off his hunt when the school calls to say that Izzy ditched school. He knows right where she went and finds her. He finally tells her about investigating his past and didn’t want to tell her if it lead to nothing. He agrees that they’re a team and he won’t keep anything else from her. On the way to Ella’s house they stop by Andrew’s vigil and look at the pictures of the other people that went down the La Brea sinkhole. Gavin vows to bring them all home.

Along the way Gavin got treated to visions of Eve and Levi the lowlife have intimate moments. He tells Nathan about the affair but then gives Eve a free pass saying it’s his fault because he wasn’t there for her. I really hate that. How about she wasn’t there for him. And what excuse does lowlife Levi have. He was supposed to be Gavin’s best friend. What kind of best friend screws his best friend’s wife when he’s going through a hard time?

Back in the BC the little blonde boy who saved Eve from his murderous granddaddy is caught spying on the survivors, something he admits he’s been doing a lot of. It gives Eve the idea to approach the tribe and ask them if they can show them how to survive there. Little Levi is against that and squawks that he has a duty to find who killed the member of the team he was supposed to rescue and he believes it was the boy’s grandfather. Hearing this BS come out of this lowlife’s mouth is hard to take, since he has more loyalty to a dead guy he didn’t even know than the man who was supposed to be his best friend. I know, let it go.

They make peace with the tribe and they have a very first Thanksgiving meal together and all the while Levi is trying to find a way to stir up trouble. He even searches Silas’ quarters looking for some evidence he can use to accuse him of murder, while Paara shows Eve how to grow a garden and offers to share their food with them.

Then everything takes a turn when Rebecca shows up. She survived parachuting from the plane. And her first move is to kidnap the boy. Silas goes after her and it’s obvious they know each other well. Silas stabs her and runs off with the boy.

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Paara patches Rebecca up as well as she can but doesn’t know if she’ll live. Rebecca wants to talk to Eve, which stuns Eve since she doesn’t know him. Rebecca tells Eve she doesn’t know who the boy really is…

Meanwhile at Ella’s house they find a filled in sinkhole. As Gavin stands in it he has another vision and realizes they’re not visions but memories. He remembers how he got the scar on his hand. It’s the same wound the little boy just got on his hand…

Rebecca tells Eve that the boy is Gavin. That there’s currently a sinkhole open to 1988, the year Gavin was found wandering as a child. She says Silas is trying to prevent Gavin from going through that sinkhole and if he doesn’t go through it Gavin will never meet Eve and Izzy and Josh will cease to exist. So Eve needs to find the boy and get him through that sinkhole and time is running out.

Back at camp, Sam runs out of his meds. Seems he needs them to control his post traumatic stress disorder that he got from being in the war. Riley starts noticing her father starting to act out of character. When bad penny Veronica shows back up trying to lure Lily away with her, Sam goes all bad cop on her and drags her to a car and handcuffs her to the steering wheel so she can’t harm anyone else. You know it’s bad when Marybeth is saying this is over the top and they don’t want to start treating their fellow survivors like this.

Sorry, but I thought Veronica got what she deserved. She been bullying a child and attack Ty who was only trying to help her and didn’t care if she killed him. Handcuffing her to the steering wheel was the smartest thing to do to her. Veronica has a fit being handcuffed in a car and works herself up to such a point she starts hyperventilating and stops breathing. Sam uncuffs her and gets her breathing started. The end result is the psycho gets set free and Lily even hugs her and reunites with her.

Meanwhile Riley confronts her father about what happened. He admits he has post traumatic stress disorder and he’s run out of his meds. I wonder if Riley will rev up the search for where Scott buried the heroin to see if they could make some kind of substitute meds for Sam to help him?

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