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La Brea -- Into the Woods


There's a killer on the loose....

In the last episode a sloth ate all the survivor’s food and Eve managed to find them food to sustain them, meanwhile her ex-lover arrived after his attempt to rescue the survivor failed when his plane crashed through the light crevice…

Scott buried the rest of the heroin in the jungle. At first, he thought the pusher wasn’t there or didn’t survive the fall. Then he sees Lucas looking in the trunk of the car the drugs were in and puts two and two together and realizes Lucas is the drug pusher and they’re his drugs. When Lucas finds his drugs missing he accuses Marybeth of taking them and threatens to kill her.

Sam shows Eve a picture of his son and his wife when she says she misses Izzy. They’ve been married 25 years. He suggests maybe coming down here will make things pretty between her and Gavin when she gets back. She doesn’t seem all that interested in it.

The survivors see Levi arrive through the crevice and get together a search party to find him. They find him but he doesn’t mention anything about Gavin or give Eve her wedding ring. He says they need to find his plane. Meanwhile LA is hit by an earthquake and the epicenter is close to the sinkhole. Gavin goes to seen Dr. Nathan for the 411 on what’s going in. He finds a file on him when he enters her office and sees there was another sinkhole in the Mojave desert where he crashed his plane. Gavin is told there won’t be anymore rescue missions because Levi caused the earthquake by going through the light crevice and there could be a worse one if they try again. The safety of the many must come before rescuing the few. Gavin smuggles out the file on him.

Scott tells Josh that Lucas is the drug pusher and he’s got a gun. He also can’t recall where he buried the drugs because he was stoned at the time. Josh says to keep quiet and Lucas won’t know he took his stash. Good plan, only a certain loose lips is going to sink his ship.

We meet Eddie long enough for him to get killed. In Star Trek language, he’s a red shirt. He hears something behind him and later he’s found dead in the jungle by Lily, who ran away from her abusive sister Veronica who smacked her for saying she didn’t want to live by “his” rules now he’s dead. She likes Tony and Billy and wants to spend some time with them. Worse yet, Lily may have seen who killed Eddie. Sam says it’s like he was struck by lightning and electrocuted but that isn’t possible and whatever did it left no trace. He warns the rest of the survivors to stay together and not be alone so this doesn’t happen to anyone else. Marybeth asks Ty to try and find out what Lily knows. Of course, abusive bully Veronica will never let that happen.

The search party comes to a body of water they’ll need to cross to get to Levi’s plane. Scott is apprehensive about crossing it and Riley scorns him. Then struts ahead into the water and finds herself wrapped in the coils of an anaconda. Levi shoots it and has to save her. Meanwhile, Scott is very apprehensive about Lucas giving him a hand out of the water.

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When Gavin gets homes he tries to call Dr. Nathan and looks on the back of a photo with Nathan and a woman named Rebecca. It says this is the fourth known event, meaning there were four other sinkholes before the La Brea incident. Gavin fills Izzy in on it and they decide to go on a road trip to see the woman in the photo with Nathan, Rebecca Aldridge.

The search party finds the plane but it can’t be fixed. Levi grabs Eve’s ring from his plane and zips it in his jacket. Then his plane picks up a signal of something five miles away. The group decides to head there next after camping there overnight.

During dinner Riley brags to Levi how she did surgery on her dad but she wouldn’t have been able to do it if not for the drugs Scott found. She adds Scott got rid of it while Lucas stares daggers at him.

Eve and Levi get some alone time. She tells him she missed him and was going to call him. When she starts trash talking Gavin Levi finally tells her Gavin’s visions are real and gives her her wedding ring. He also tells her Gavin knows she’s a cheater bo-beater.

Gavin and Izzy arrive at a ranch and find Dr. Nathan with Rebecca Aldridge, who they’ve come to see. They tell Gavin the light crevices in the other sinkholes have closed, meaning they have a limited time to try and rescue the survivors. Then they show him another plane like Levi piloted but Nathan’s friend is sure it’ll get through the light crevice safely with Gavin piloting it.

Lucas tells Scott if he doesn’t give him his drugs when they get back he’ll kill them. Then they come upon a strange fort with buildings that look to modern for the time they’re in. As they enter the fort the camera pans to a close-up of a bloody handprint on the gate like it’s a sign or the name of the place.

Against Veronica’s wishes, Ty and Marybeth question Lily. Before they do abusive Veronica threatens Lily to keep quiet. When Veronica starts dragging her away Lily pulls away from her and says it was an old man with something on his back, but before she can say more Veronica drags her away. Meanwhile an old man is watching them from the bushes. And Ty and Marybeth realize Veronica lied when she said Lily couldn’t talk.

Rebecca and Nathan tell Gavin they were part of a team that were sent to explore the Mojave sinkhole. A team was sent through the sinkhole and the light crevice closed as they passed through it. Rebecca wants to go there and she thinks Gavin is the person to take her there.

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