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La Brea -- Down Through the Rabbit Hole


We're in LA but we're not!

Eve Harris is driving in LA near the La Brea Tar Pits with her two children Izzy and Josh. She's separated from her husband, Gavin, whose been drinking. But she still wears her wedding ring around her neck. Hitchcock would call the ring a MacGuffin as it plays an important part later in the episode.

Suddenly, a dog starts barking and a sink hole opens up and Eve backs her car up so she and the kids don't get sucked into it. When she smashes into another car and she and the kids get out and run. Josh stops to help a child that's fallen. Then he gets knocked to the ground, When he gets up it's too late and the ground crumbles beneath his feet. Eve notices he's missing and run back to him and sees him fall in the hole and then the ground crumbles beneath her feet, but Izzy grabs her by the hand to stop her from falling. Eve knows if Izzy doesn't let her go she's going to die, too, so she forces her to let her go and falls in the sink hole too. Izzy runs and escapes the same fate.

Eve wakes up unharmed and she's not in Kansas anymore. Her ring falls off from around her neck but she doesn't notice. She starts looking for Josh. While she is she runs into Ty Coleman who seems a bit out of it. She keeps wandering and runs into another group of people. Among them is thankfully a doctor and a cop. Eve and the cop get into it when the women is caught hoarding food for herself and not sharing it with the group. Then the group is attacked by a hoard of giant wolves. Josh gets hurt in the melee and Ty is able to shoot one of them but doing so makes him suicidal and Eve has to talk him down so he won't kill himself.

Eve recalls seeing an ambulance fall through the sink hole so she and the doctor go looking for it since Sam needs the meds on the ambulance to save Josh's life. He leaves his daughter, Riley, to look after Josh while they're gone.

Up on the surface we're introduce to Gavin Harris. He's ex-military. He came back from a mission seeing pictures in his head and to stop it he started to drink, which lead to Eve leaving him. Izzy calls him and tells him what happened. When he arrives on the scene he sees Eve in the other place and suddenly knows what he's been seeing is real. He tries to tell Izzy her mom is alive but she thinks it's his crazy visions and doesn't believe him. Gavin tries to tell the military, that are on the scene, what he show and they blow him off.

Meanwhile, the government knows more than it's saying, of course. They think the people fell through this shining fissure of light that's located deep in the sink hole. This isn't the first fissure of light like this they've seen. They decide to send a drone through it to see what they can see.

At home Gavin tries to tell his family he's seen Eve where she is and she's fine, but they won't believe him. Then he goes to where he saw Eve's ring lying on the ground and starts digging. He pulls it out of the ground and shows it to Izzy basically saying, "You think I'm crazy now!"

He also calls up the head of the La Brea Recovery Operation and tells her he's sorry what happened to their drone. No one but them knew they'd send a drone through the fissure so they realize he can see into that world and could be a use to them.

Since they said this isn't the first fissure like this they've encountered maybe Gavin on his last mission fly through it and back and that's why he's been seeing into this world and thinking he was crazy. Now that he knows his wife is there he knows he's not crazy and what he's seeing is real.

I actually have a weird connection to this show. When I was a kid my mother and I were driving home from Metropolitan Beach and we got caught in this bad thunderstorm and I wasn't sure we would make it home. After that I had a recurring nightmare we'd taken the wrong turn and the road ended and our car fell through the earth to a prehistoric world.

It started off good. The question is where it's going to go from there. Will Gavin fly through the fissure and reunite with Eve and Josh, but what about Izzy and how are all those people going to get back through this fissure to their own time.


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on October 05, 2021:

I have not watched this show, but it does sound interesting. Thanks for the update about it.

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 04, 2021:

I watched this show & it's quite captivating.

I hope it keeps it up.

We'll see this week.

Ann M from Temple Terrace on October 04, 2021:

I am thinking about watching. Somehow I am obsessed with the tar. When I went to LA I had to look at the goo. It wasn’t even open. My poor daughter was like mom can we go now - I was like let’s stay maybe a dinosaur will pop out- she was rolling her eyes a lot.

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