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La Brea -- Day Two


We're Not Alone...

The last episode I blogged I did from memory and apparently I didn’t remember a lot. Like that the show ended with a saber tooth tiger cliff hanger. It’s interesting what you remember of a show you saw once a week before. So I’m rewatching it on Hulu as I blog this episode called Day Two.

Ir picks up with Eve, Ty and the doctor running from the tiger. Ty manages to shoot it, but another appears and they run from it and try to hide. But Ty starts wheezing from the running and Eve puts her hand over his mouth so the tiger doesn’t find them. Meanwhile, Riley, notices Josh’s infection is growing. She draws a circle around it to be able to tell if it’s getting bigger.

Ty points out that saber tooth tigers are extinct as Eve convinces him and Sam it’s safe to head back to the camp to give Josh the meds. Only Eve has never watched a cat wait for its prey as he’s just waiting for them to come out of hiding and leaps at Sam, who falls off a cliff. He’s about to move in for the kill on Eve and Ty when he falls into a trap, making Ty realize that someone else is out there. In other words, they’re not alone.

Eve makes Ty go back to look for Sam.

Gavin has a flashback of being in the hospital after his plane crash and Eve and the kids visiting him. He tells Eve when he was up in the jet he saw flashes like someone was inside his head hammering at it and that’s what caused the crash. He says it was like he was there. He could smell the grass and feel the wind. He comes out of the memory looking at Eve’s blackened ring and hears a reporter talking to a paleontologist and gets idea. He decides to take the ring to him to examine it to prove that it’s years older than it should be. Just like the extinct birds who flew out to the sink hole came from the past.

Dr. Nathan trying to convince the government to let her investigate what lies on the other side of the light crevice. She’s having Gavin watched by Homeland Security and they see him hand Eve’s ring to Dr. Shen.

Scott trying to pick a signal up on his cell phone but its dead. He’s from Australia but living in LA. He chats up the food hoarding cop whose from Louisiana. She finds a stash of drugs in the back of a car. She approaches the girls whose father got killed in the wolf attack asking if they saw the owner of the car. The oldest daughter lies that her sister can’t speak and ask her to watch Lily while she looks for a place to bury their father.

Eve and Ty find Sam who fell on his back. He doesn’t want them to move him because he has a back injury. He tells Eve to leave and take the medicine to Josh and leave him there. She refuses to leave him and insist they drag him along no matter how long it takes to get back.

The oldest daughter asks Scott to help her find her father’s body so she can bury him. The girl is very religious. They find blood on a tree trunk.

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Between Ty’s breathlessness and Sam’s slow walking Eve finally agrees to leave them and return to camp to save Josh. Eve starts running her way back to her son. Meanwhile Riley tells Josh her breathing is better there when he suddenly passes out. Eve arrives with the meds and injects Josh with them.

The cop, Mary Beth, pawns Lily off on two passengers named Tony and Billy.

Dr. Nathan is sure Gavin can see beyond the light fissure. She mentions the date of his crash as proof. The agents watching Gavin come in as Dr. Shen calls to say Eve’s ring was stolen and asks Gavin to meet him. Just as he’s about to leave Homeland Security arrives and forces him to get in their car.

Riley is furious when Eve reveals she left Sam out in the jungle because he can’t walk very well.

Meanwhile, Scott and Veronica make two discoveries on the search for her father’s body. He saves some camels from going into a tar pit and starts to think they’re in the La Brea tar pits and they find her father’s body in the middle of a strange rock formation that looks like he’s lying in the palm of a hand. Veronica starts digging in the middle of it to bury her father.

Gavin is brought to Dr. Nathan and Markham. She says she needed it for proof. That the ring carbon dates to 10,000 BC. Nathan tells him that 20 miles from his crash in the Mojave Desert a sinkhole opened with a similar light crevice. She thinks that’s why he’s been having flashes and it connected him to that world. She believes there’s another world beyond the crevice.

Veronica returns to reclaim her sister from Tony and Billy and Lily seems afraid of her when she catches her watching videos on a phone. When they leave them she grabs her arm demanding to know if Lily told them anything, saying they wouldn’t understand them. Lily says no and Veronica hugs her. Definitely very shady.

The man Marybeth is looking for comes upon Ty and Sam in the jungle. Sam thinks Ty is sick and that’s why he can’t go very far without becoming breathless. He helps them bring Sam back to camp. Turns out he’s Marybeth’s son whom she’s been looking for. He tells her to stay away from him.

Riley is thrilled her dad is back and blows off Scott’s theory that they’re in 10,000 BC. Josh wakes up and is fine. Meanwhile Dr. Nathan shows Gavin a plane specifically designed to fly through the crevice to launch a rescue mission.

I’m wondering if Dr. Nathan lost someone in the previously sinkhole cause Markham made it sound like she had possibly personal reasons for wanting to explore what’s behind the light crevice.

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