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La Brea -- A Storm Is Coming


As the Survivors go all tribal

Last time – Eve and Marybeth teamed up to stop Levi from flying people out on his plane because Gavin warned it would crash…

The survivors turn their wrath on Eve and Marybeth and demand Marybeth hand over her gun. Then the bearded nameless redshirt guy whose always stirring up trouble and bitching about something suggests Eve and Marybeth be booted from camp, even though a member of their group was murdered. And their punk sons vote to give them the boot.

Meanwhile, Scott believes, based on his knowledge of the time they’re in, some nasty storms are about to come there way.

Up on the surface Gavin is pretending to Izzy he’s given up on trying to find a way to save Eve and Josh, while he secretly pursues the cryptic clue Rebecca gave him before jumping out of the plane. He goes to Dr. Nathan to help him.

When he sees a picture of Diana, he starts having flashes of her. He eventually sees her dying and tells Nathan about it. Nathan still wants to help Gavin even though her reason for initially doing it is gone.

She finds out the name of the girl who was with him when he was found and where she is. They go to her house and it’s empty. They go around back and see one of the hand formations in stone and realize she’s got some connection to that world he keeps having visions of.

Eve and Marybeth are packing up to leave when Marybeth sees a pole about to fall on the structure her loathsome son is in. She rushes in to save his miserable life and they get caught in a cave in. Eve and the others try to work to save them before they suffocate.

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Ty is taken care of by the woman from the hand tribe that got the old man to let Eve and her worthless boyfriend go. She says her name is Paara and assures him Silas wouldn’t have killed Eddie. They have to take shelter from the storm together and get to know each other before Ty heads back to his camp.

Riley and Eve’s little punk son go looking for something to aid in the rescue of Marybeth and Lucas and find a truck full of clothes that they’ll be able to wear. They have to take shelter there during the storm and he almost gets a kiss from her. Then they head back with some warm clothes for the freezing survivors.

Since Lucas can’t go anywhere since they’re trapped together Marybeth takes the opportunity to tell him why she shot and killed his father. She found out when he was fifteen he was planning to frame their son for his crimes and have him go to jail for him so she killed him to stop him.

Scott comes up with an idea how to rescue the trapped Marybeth and Lucas, of course. This guy is like a national treasure and they should guard him to keep him safe. After the rotten way Lucas has treated Scott it just shows what a better person he is than that waste of space.

Finally, Marybeth and Lucas are rescued and having to come together to save them has given the ones who voted them out buyer’s remorse so they have another vote and this time the two rotten sons vote to let their mothers stay. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t be able to just overlook my kid voting to throw me out of camp where I might be killed.

I guess we’ll see if Lucas will change his tune about his mother and treat her better after this. And it seems that Gavin is poised to find out that the reason he’s been having vision of that other world is because he comes from it, suggesting that there’s possible a way other than the light crevice to travel back to the present.

The question when Gavin finally talks to the woman who was with him when he was a child will be able to show him away to get back to where he came from to try and rescue Eve and his rotten son. The question is if he succeeds in traveling to that world will he be allowed to come back to this world. And will he remember how he got from his world to our world as a child so he can rescue all the survivors.

Another question is as Scott pointed out the past has been changed by sinkholers possibly killing off the Native American tribe that lived there and taking it’s place. Will that somehow affect and change the future as we know it?

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