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Kylie Jenner-Pregnancy, Zoo, and more


As you know, Kylie Jenner is pregnant for the second time by Travis Scott. Although this is happy and exciting news and we will surely love to see her fashion choices as she nears her due date, the one thing on Chris Jenner's mind is why the couple is not in a real relationship as of yet after getting pregnant for the second time and co-parenting for a while now.

I would agree that this is indeed a valid concern for the long haul. Usually there is a lack of commitment when the couple is not on the same page about where the relationship is going or other deeply held values and beliefs.

Seems as though Travis likes his independence, but Kylie wants a real family. But can she force her man to commit? Should she even bother? I know when children and feelings are involved its hard to see the light at times, but I feel like Kylie deserves better. She is a gorgeous successful young woman and there is no reason on Earth why she should not have a man in her life who is 100% committed. Is this a lack of self love?

But the good news is that others do see her as important. She recently went to the Houston Zoo and everyone had to clear out as she and Travis were considered as VIPs. Children that paid in full could not even use the carousel and many parents were mad.

Some people say that the couple is doing things their own way, but does this truly work for them?

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