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'The Young and the Restless Viewers Weigh in on Whether Hunter King and Michael Mealor Should Be Replaced

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Viewers speak out

Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are speaking out regarding possible recasts for Kyle and Summer. Michael Mealor and Hunter King had chemistry and made Skyle a believable couple. Their fans are distraught that both actors are leaving Genoa City and many say they can never be replaced. Soap fans become attached to characters and also those who portray them. When a popular soap vet exits it's natural that fans will feel some sadness. This is especially true when there has been an investment made by the viewers as well as the powers that be. Summer and Kyle had the makings of a great super couple/power couple yet Mealor and King are leaving them behind. Change is the one constant in the world of daytime television and the viewing audience is really being vocal about Kyle and Summer.


Red tape

Michael Mealor thanked his fans and his castmates for making the past three years fun for him but he did not give a reason why he was leaving his popular role. The rumor mill suggests it was contract negotiations which usually comes down to one thing which is money. Actors desire pay raises and the powers that be indicate they don't have it in the budget and this often causes a stalemate. In the case of Hunter King it seems to be scheduling that is the problem. King has left THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS before to work on prime time and always returned. Spoilers say this time around the execs were not willing to give her the time off she needed. This is ironic as there are reports that there are major stars on the show whose hours will soon be cut in order to save money. If King was volunteering to work fewer hours you would think this was a good solution but obviously, there was no agreement. Skyle fans believe moe should have been done by Y&R execs to accommodate Mealor and King and there is quite a bit of anger because they did not.


Obstacles in the way

There have been so many obstacles for Kyle and Summer both on and off the screen. Hunter King is going to be the headliner in the ABC western series PROSPECT. She was also in the cast of the CBS drama LIFE IN PIECES. A number of the fans of THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS are stunned that CBS execs did not do more to keep King and Mealor around. Both actors have a huge following and their characters are beloved. Skyle fans feel cheated out of seeing the duo have a happy ending. Vewers say that during the past 3 years, the writers have wasted valuable time when it comes to the Skyle relationship. First Summer returned to Genoa City driving a stolen red convertible. She toyed with Kyle's affections although she knew he was in love with her. Sleeping with Kyle's uncle Billy Abbott drove a wedge between them and Kyle moved on with Lola. There were reports that a CBS exec who was a Skyle fan was going to let the couple remain married after Summer became an organ donor for Lola. A new person was hired for the job who did not like Kyle and Summer together so they divorced and he married Ms. Rosales.


Additional woes

Theo entered the picture and did nothing but cause chaos. He first had a fling with Summer then slept with Lola one night. He later gave Sally Spectra the information about Harrison being Kyle's son and when Tara and her love child showed up it was basically game over for Summer. Some Y&R viewers were wondering if there had been any conflict between Mealor and King because they kept their distance even after COVID restrictions were lifted and other couples on the show were being up close and personal again. Hunter King's adoring public is waiting on the actress to address her leaving the soap and wondering if she ever will. It almost seems as if a gag order has been put in place because Mealor has spoken out and his exit was announced several weeks after fans found out Hunter is leaving. Hopefully, news will soon come forth from King herself regarding her departure as well as details on whether or not Kyle and Summer will have a happy ending. Talk of recasts right now is like rubbing salt into a raw wound. Fans need time to adjust to the fact that two favorites are leaving the CBS soap. A number of viewers have said they would welcome recasts in the future. Some say Kyle and Summer should come home with a little bundle of joy. Be on the lookout for breaking news as it becomes available regarding the future for Skyle.

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Hope on October 17, 2020:

Want kyle with lola. Dont like what they have done to kyles character lately. Kola needs 2 reunite as i have barely watched since Feb 1.

Phyllis Johnson on November 13, 2019:

I want Kyle and Lola to stay married. I don't want Summer getting back with Kyle. If they do I may quit watching it. I would like to see a marriage last.

Debra Nash on November 07, 2019:

Please let Kyle and Lola stay in their marriage it’s nice to see a young couple reach their goals plus they went through a lot to get where they are...their Wedding was so beautiful and I love they work their issues out...let Lola be pregnant with twins and Jack become a grand father...they are great together they are one of the reasons I watch YR...Do right by them please not the back and forth like the BB...A fan of the show for 30 years

Doris on October 24, 2019:

Do not put Kyle and Summer to gather. Summer is not good for Kyle. Lola is the best.

Joanna on October 23, 2019:

Cheryl E. Preston should use a better source than Celebrity Dirty Laundry for her information instead of regurgitating their purely speculative and sensationalized spoilers and teasers which turn out to be mostly untrue.

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on October 22, 2019:

Lola is not pregnant

Janice on October 22, 2019:

Leave Lola a lone they are a great couple have Lola tell Kyle she’s pregnant

Janet on October 22, 2019:


Tippy on October 22, 2019:

Cant wait for Theo to get Lola between the sheets , and for Summer and Kyle to reunite....Summer amd and Kyle have charisma and chemistry and are compatible for each other c'mon writers make it happen

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