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The Bold and the Beautiful Pays Tribute to Betty White on January 17

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Alley Mills, Betty White, Susan Flannery, and John McCook.

Alley Mills, Betty White, Susan Flannery, and John McCook.

Betty White on daytime television

The world was waiting for the iconic Betty White to turn 100 in 2022 but she passed away at 99 on December 31, 2021, at her home. Grocery and convenience stores were filled with magazines that said Happy Birthday, only Betty was not here to know about it. As an actress, she had hundreds of movie and television credits and one of them was on a daytime drama. White portrayed Ann Douglas the mother of Stephanie Forrester (Susan Flannery), and Pamela Douglas (Alley Mills) on The Bold and the Beautiful. Ann was referred to by fans as Mommy Dearest and a badass. She was rough and tough and took no stuff but she got it right with her daughters in the end. White was on the CBS soap for only 23 episodes between 2006 and 2009 until the character's death. At 87 Betty White was one of the oldest female characters on a soap opera. The CBS soap will pay tribute to White on Monday, January 17 during the episode that airs at 1:30 PM EST.

Ann came to LA a force of nature after Stephanie sought therapy from Taylor Hayes (then Hunter Tylo). Stephanie was trying to find out why she had such an abrupt personality and It was revealed that her father John Douglas had been abusive to her. It's not clear why he mistreated Stephanie but not the abuse took place while the girls were growing up in Chicago. Ann refused to acknowledge that her husband was mistreating her daughter and Stephanie unsuccessfully tried on multiple occasions to get her mother to admit that John was hurting her. At one point after a session with Taylor, Stephanie and Eric Forrester (John McCook) traveled to Chicago to confront Ann. it did no good and they returned frustrated to LA. By the time Ann finally came around her daughter would not accept her apology so the two remained at odds with each other.

Ann Douglas causing problems

Ann Douglas causing problems

The final days of Ann Douglas

Ann eventually returned to Chicago but ended up back in Los Angeles when Pam needed surgery due to a mass on her brain that had been there since childhood. . After the surgery, Ann took Pam back to Chicago and she was placed in an institution. Betty White returned as the mother from hell on the Bold and the Beautiful in 2009 and revealed to Stephanie that she was dying from cancer. She told her daughters she desired to see Paradise Cove one last time, but while in LA, she found out she had a pulmonary embolism. Ann said she did not want to die in a hospital, so together Stephanie and Pam took her to the beach where she passed away peacefully .

Betty White as Ann Douglas

Betty White as Ann Douglas

B&B Tribute to Betty White

On December 1, paid tribute the legendary actress and her role on The Bold and the Beautiful. This was the date she debuted as Ann in 2006 and the idea of the tribute was to celebrate the 100th birthday of the actress. MeTv and other networks have honored the icon by airing episodes of some of her television performances. White's B&B character has been described as "the mother from hell who handled every situation as if she were a caged animal. Flannery and White were both strong-willed women and it took a lot of pushing and prodding for Stephanie to get her mother to even give an inch. Flannery who is private has not made any statements about her former TV mom and neither has Alley Mills. It's not known exactly how the soap will honor White but they probably will dedicate part or even all of Monday's episode to flashback clips of when Ann Douglas was on the show. According to E-News the official cause of White's death was a stroke which caused a lack of blood flow to the brain. The actress who died in her Los Angeles home wanted to be in the Carmel, California home she shared with her late husband Allen Ludden. Due to COVID concerns, she remained in LA>

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Hope on October 17, 2020:

Want kyle with lola. Dont like what they have done to kyles character lately. Kola needs 2 reunite as i have barely watched since Feb 1.

Phyllis Johnson on November 13, 2019:

I want Kyle and Lola to stay married. I don't want Summer getting back with Kyle. If they do I may quit watching it. I would like to see a marriage last.

Debra Nash on November 07, 2019:

Please let Kyle and Lola stay in their marriage it’s nice to see a young couple reach their goals plus they went through a lot to get where they are...their Wedding was so beautiful and I love they work their issues out...let Lola be pregnant with twins and Jack become a grand father...they are great together they are one of the reasons I watch YR...Do right by them please not the back and forth like the BB...A fan of the show for 30 years

Doris on October 24, 2019:

Do not put Kyle and Summer to gather. Summer is not good for Kyle. Lola is the best.

Joanna on October 23, 2019:

Cheryl E. Preston should use a better source than Celebrity Dirty Laundry for her information instead of regurgitating their purely speculative and sensationalized spoilers and teasers which turn out to be mostly untrue.

Cheryl E Preston (author) from Roanoke on October 22, 2019:

Lola is not pregnant

Janice on October 22, 2019:

Leave Lola a lone they are a great couple have Lola tell Kyle she’s pregnant

Janet on October 22, 2019:


Tippy on October 22, 2019:

Cant wait for Theo to get Lola between the sheets , and for Summer and Kyle to reunite....Summer amd and Kyle have charisma and chemistry and are compatible for each other c'mon writers make it happen

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