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Korean Singer Min Sun Ye: Life and Career of the Former Band Leader of the Group Wonder Girls

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What This Article Will Cover About Min Sun Ye and What It Won't Cover

Min Sun Ye or Sun Ye for short is a South Korean singer and former band leader for Wonder Girls. The group made its debut while being signed to JYP Entertainment in 2007. I’ve only heard a few songs from the group and they are pretty good. But this article is going to be about Min Sun Ye herself. It will take you through the journey of discovering who this young woman is. Note: much has changed since I started to cover the life of Sun Ye. This is not going to be an article about Wonder Girls the group itself but it will only cover the life of Min Sun Ye. I would say that I first heard about Min Sun Ye in 2011 and 2012. As of 2015, it was reported that she left Wonder Girls and retired from the entertainment industry.

A Photo of Her in Concert

Introduction to Min Sun Ye and Early Life

Min Sun Ye entered the world on August 12, 1989. She is a graduate of Korea Arts High School. She was a student at Dongguk University majoring in drama. But because she was involved with doing promotional activities in the United States, she had taken a temporary leave of absence from her studies. From a very young age, she had the talent of being an entertainer. In fact, she was so impressive that she displayed her singing and dancing talents at the young age of 12 back in 2001. Her management company, JYP has been training her since 2001.

The Song Called "So Hot"

How I Found Out About Min Sun Ye

She made her Wonder Girls debut with the single called Irony. I found out about Min Sun Ye because of the famous song called So Hot. The song has been released in Korean, English, and Mandarin Chinese! The video shows the group dancing, having a great time and even attending a pool party.

Other Singing Contributions in Min Sun Ye's Career

In addition to her musical work with Wonder Girls Sun Ye as she is known by, has contributed her vocal talents to other artists. The first one of these came in 2007 when she sang for the artist 8eight. The song was titled “The First.” She has also contributed her talents for Park Jin Young’s song called “Back to Stage.” She has helped out the artist Mighty Mouth on the song called “Energy.” She also recorded the single called “Maybe.” This song is on the soundtrack for the Korean Drama called Dream High. In 2010 Sun Ye and the rest of the people that are signed to JYP Entertainment recorded a song called “This Christmas.” This is the title track of JYP Nation which has a video by that same name. Christmas is such a special holiday that they make tons of songs dedicated to it.

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Min Sun Ye Answers Questions About Herself

Sun Ye's Kindness and Missionary Work

Her other better side

What people may not know about Sun Ye is that she has a very kind heart. The first of her kind acts came in September 2010 when she visited a man that had been hiding in the mountains because he had been victimized by fraud. He had not washed himself in a very long time so there was an extremely bad odor coming from his body. But Sun Ye just grabbed his hands and told him to live a long life while also praying for good health. In May 2011, she went to Haiti for a week to help children that had lost their parents and also treated those that were suffering from cholera.

Personal Life of Min Sun Ye

Sun Ye was raised by her grandparents because her mother died when she was very young. Her father had a chronic health problem that kept him in bed most of the time. Sun Ye suffered a big personal loss when in 2007, her grandfather died prior to the promotion of the Wonder Girls single called “Tell Me.” Sun Ye suffered another setback when her father was rushed to the intensive care unit in October of 2009. At that time, she was living in New York City but she took a flight to South Korea to spend time with her ailing father. Several months later in June 2010, her father passed away after his long illness.

During an episode of the Korean talk show “Strong Heart,” Sun Ye said that she was dating a Korean-Canadian man. The two had met when Sun Ye was on her trip in Haiti. There was a dating ban until it was lifted by Park Jin Young in November 2011. At the first draft of this writing, we did not know much about him because there was not been much talk about who he is. There was also some controversy surrounding his residence. Sun Ye said at the time that he was in Haiti. The couple are now married and they have two daughters.

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