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“Mr. Queen” (2020) Korean Drama Review and Sypnosis

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Korean Drama “Mr. Queen” starring Shin Hye-sun for the title role

Ongoing Korean Drama “Mr. Queen” had hit the highest worldwide viewership in its sixth episode to date.

Genre: Historical Fantasy Comedy Drama

(Spoiler Alert: Please do not read the next paragraph if you did not watch its episodes yet.)

The story revolves around an over-confident and narcissistic playboy Jang Bo Hwan who has risen up in ranks and is currently a resident chef of the Blue House.

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One particular day, a mishap occurred in one of the dish he cooked for a VIP politician resulting to his immediate termination and worst. Two police investigators came to his flat one evening for questioning but he adamantly refused. A chase ensued ending him fallen into a swimming pool. When he had awaken, he found to his astonishment that his soul had been trapped inside the body of a maiden currently selected to be a queen in a Joseon era, the future Queen Cheorin (Shin Hye-sun).

Queen Cheorin dreamed her position in the palace in order to fulfill her filial duty to his father and to the Andong Kim clan.

King Cheoljong (Kim Jung Hyun) is like the ‘Jekyl and Hyde’ of the era. Although the court see him only as a puppet King, he has been secretly planning a revolt against the Andong Kim clan as a revenge. He detested his future queen as much as he love his Royal Noble Consort Jo Hwa-In.

The drama is roughly based from the Chinese drama ‘Go Princess Go’ and its web adaptation.

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