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Female Korean Celebrities Diet Secret


Female Korean Celebrities Diet Secret

Ever wonder how it feels like having a body that looks like one of your kpop bias? Do you want to know what their diet trends or what kind of exercise they're doing? If yes, then let's read on! Here, I'm going to show you a few diet guides that Korean celebrities swore by. You are welcome to try out any of these diet guides or you can also add in or subtract any of these diet plans and stick with what you're comfortable with.


1. 2NE1's Park Bom

Park Bom has always been receiving attention due to her multiple diet plans but instead of her one-food a day diet that netizens assume she swore by, she actually eat variety of healthy food.

  • Park Bom eats a total of 5 meals a day. 3 main meals and 2 snacking meals.
  • Trainer Hwang created the 2 snacking meals to allow Bom to enjoy her two favorite foods - corn and nuts.
  • Sometimes, Bom substitutes watermelon for rice to keep her satiated.
  • Park Bom uses hula-hoop as a source of workout.

2. SNSD's Tiffany

I was going to write about SNSD's diet plan in general but they have a complicated diet plan so I only put in Tiffany's. Tiffany used to be quite chubby as you can in her predebut picture. She then lost a little weight during trainee days, and when she debuted with ITNW she was thinner, but she still had some unnecessary fat in her tummy area. Here, I’m going to show you her diet plans according to her various interview.

  • Tiffany didn't eat any snack and she drinks 1.5 liters of water every day.
  • If she had a concert coming up, she eats a lot better than usual so her expressions are expressed as is.
  • However, when she had to MC or wear dress, she would drink a lot of water for a few days prior and control her weight.
  • She eats 3 light meals regularly.
  • It works best for her to have a smaller breakfast and eat a little more for dinner to match her daily calorie intake.
  • She also carries a water bottle and drink from it while she's on the move.
  • She also tries to take high dietary fiber intake.
  • She has no talent in exercising. Other than yoga, she doesn’t do any intense exercises.

You can read more here:


3. 4MINUTE's Hyuna

Hyuna is popular now because of her body but when she was still a teenager, she was quite chubby and when she told people that she wanted to be a dancer ( even though she was a great dancer ) no one take her seriously. She also reveals that she used to weigh 40 pounds more.

  • Hyuna went on a "Non-white diet." Basically, don't eat anything white. (No rice, sugar, flour and no bread.)
  • She would also eat small meals throughout the day.
  • She uses stair instead of using the elevator.
  • Of course, dancing would be her exercise.

4. SECRET's Sunhwa

Sunhwa used to be quite chubby and when she debut, she loses a lot of fats. I will show you what diet plans that not only Sunhwa but all of the SECRET members went on. Here is their weekly schedule:


Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, 1 sweet potato

Lunch: chicken breast salad

Dinner: 8 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber


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Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk

Lunch: 1 sweet potato

Dinner: 8 strawberries, 5 cherry tomatoes


Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk

Lunch: 1 sweet potato, 5 cherry tomatoes

Dinner: 5 strawberries, 1 cucumber


Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk

Lunch: chicken breast, 8 strawberries

Dinner: 5 cherry tomatoes, 1 cucumber


Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple

Lunch: 3 eggs, 1 cucumber, 5 cherry tomatoes

Dinner: 10 strawberries, 1 cucumber


Morning: 1 slice of toast, low-fat milk

Lunch: 1 sweet potato

Dinner: 1 tofu, 3 cherry tomatoes


Morning: 1 slice of toast, 1 apple, low-fat milk

Lunch: 1 sweet potato

Dinner: 1 cucumber



Uee has become a hot topic after she reveals her diet plans. Her diet is called the "1000kcal diet".

  • The "1000kcal diet" - basically, it doesn't really matter what you eat as long as your daily total of calories is less than 1000kcal.
  • She said she would eat mostly salad the whole day to keep her feeling full.
  • When she craved for something, she would eat it as long as she was under the 1000kcal.
  • She stated, "I usually bring a place to eat lunch alone."
  • Her lunch consist of rice, tofu with dried bonito and chicken breast salad. In total, a bowl of brown rice is 150 kcal, 110 kcal grain beverages, and chicken salad is 205 kcal. Overall, Uee meal servings per day do not exceed 1000 kcal.
  • Uee also added that she usually makes her own drink made ​​from grain.
  • She explains, “This drink contains black beans, wheat, rice, soy milk, and honey, so it can be used as a substitute for one meal.”

6. KARA's Nicole

KARA’s Nicole claimed that she lost more than 3kg by sticking to Denmark diet. Denmark diet, which is known to be a diet plan that is used at the Royal Danish Hospital.

  • These Denmark diet is a very strict high protein and low calorie diet which lasts for 13 days.
  • The majority of the diet plan composed of animal protein and black coffee.

7. Nine Muses

Nine Muses revealed their unique way of dieting.

  • The famous filling the smallest disposable cups you can find with 2/3 cup rice and 1/3 part of the side dishes.
  • Nine Muses suggests you eat one cup of each of these: fruit, whole grain, and vegetable.

These girls reasoned that the diet allows them to eat different things within the same limits, thus helping them to feel satisfied with the food.



Stellar swore by a really simple diet plan.

  • They only packed lunch from home and refused to eat outside, especially junk food.
  • This way, they can control themselves from taking in unnecessary calories. Also, this helps them to stay awake and stay fit despite being on diet.

9. IU

IU on the other hand, is really really skinny. She went on an extreme diet plan.

  • IU eats an apple, two sweet potatoes and a cup of protein drink throughout the day.
  • She also does a high-energy workout such as walking up stairs and push-ups.

She'd lose 4kg in 4 days and yes, this may sound effective but I would hardly recommend this to you guys because this is just too unhealthy.


10. Seo In-Young

Seo In-Young went on the "Banana Diet" and she lost a good amount of 6kg in 4 weeks as she was preparing for her album. The "Banana Diet", discovered by pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe, is also known as the “glamour diet” because it enables your face to become smaller, burns your waist and belly fat while making your breasts more full. Here is her daily diet plan:

Morning: 1~2 bananas, 2 cups of water

Lunch: healthy and non-greasy Korean meal

Snack: 1/2~1 banana when feeling hungry

Dinner: Korean meal mostly composed of rice and herbs


11. Park Boram

Park Boram is one of the Superstar K contestant and at that time she was considered chubby but by Korean standard of beauty, she was considered fat. As she was preparing for her debut, she lost 70lbs (32kg) over 2 years. Here is her diet plan:

8:00am: 1 tomato, 1 sweet potato (120-150g), 1 chicken breast (100g roasted or boiled), salad (with cabbage, cucumber, without dressing)

10:00am: workout

12:00pm: chicken breast salad, a diet drink (with nutrients/dietary fiber/ vitamins)

3:00pm: 1 banana, 3 egg whites, 1 egg yolk

5:00pm: 1 sweet potato, 1 chicken breast, vegetables

9:00pm: 1 banana, 2 egg whites, 1 egg yolk, 3 walnuts


12. Navi

In the past, singer Navi used to gained weight and have skin trouble when she was working on both her musical as well as her album, all while she was still attending school. As she was preparing for her comeback, she decided to get help from a professional chef.

  • The chef recommends the Thai salad diet for her because the ingredients are good for overall diet and skin.
  • The salad contains grapefruit, cherry tomatoes, octopus, shrimp, and lots of greens.
  • Grapefruits lower cholesterol and helps fight against aging skin.
  • Cherry tomatoes can break down fat.
  • Shrimp has protein.
  • Greens are filling; everything within the salad ensures that the meal is full of nutrients.

13. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye daily calorie intake is 1600kcal. Here is here daily diet plan:

Morning: rice 170 g, dried Pollack bean spout soup, steamed eggs, seasoned sesame leaves, corn salad, kimchi

Lunch: rice 170 g, crab soup, sweet potato sprouts, three colored cold salad, boiled kidney beans, kimchi

Snack: 1/2 bag of puffed corn cookies, cherry tomatoes 200g

Dinner: rice 170 g, mushroom stew, roasted herring with salt, stir-fried butterbur, bean sprouts, kimchi

Snack: 10~20 strawberries


14. Jung Hye Young

Jung Hye Young is an actress and a mother of four. She sticks to a general protein diet alongside her exercise even before she got married. Here is her daily diet plan:

Morning: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, 1 cup of milk, after meal vitamins

Lunch: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato, broccoli

Snack: max of 10 cherry tomatoes

Dinner: 1 piece of chicken breast, 1 sweet potato

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