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The Interesting Life of Korean Actress Kim Hee Sun

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A Look At Movie Actress Kim Hee Sun

The Scope And Objective Of The Article

Good diets are essential to living a life of optimum health and quality. This next article at first writing was about how two celebrities from two different countries contributed to the pop culture scene in Asia and raised awareness about healthy lifestyles. And this is especially true for women who have given birth. Korean actress Kim Hee Sun has revealed how she lost the weight that she had gained when she was pregnant. I discovered this information by accident but I found it quite interesting. And it will surprise many women too. What is that secret? Note: only one of these two celebrities discussed a healthy lifestyle to adopt during pregnancy. The other one has focused on a career as a race queen and fashion model.

Note: as of 2019 this article is only going to be about Korean actress Kim Hee Sun.

A Few Wallpapers of Actress Kim Hee Sun


Who Is Kim Hee Sun?

Kim Hee Sun was born on June 11, 1977. She is not the only celebrity to offer important health advice. Singer Namie Amuro revealed tips on how to reduce stress on her tour back in 2011. Kim Hee Sun married current husband Park Joo-Young, a businessman on October 19, 2007 at Seoul’s Sheraton Grande Hotel. She gave birth to her daughter Park Yeon-Ah on January 20, 2009, the same day that Barack Obama took office after winning the 2008 US Presidential election against John McCain. She made her entertainment industry debut back in 1993 and she is a graduate of Chung Ang University. When she is not involved with acting, Kim Hee Sun enjoys to sing and be involved with sports table tennis and billiards.

What Was Kim Hee Sun's Diet During And After Pregnancy?

Kim Hee Sun revealed the secret when she was a guest star on the TV program Taxi that aired on January 26, 2012. She said that she had lost all of her excess weight by breastfeeding. She explained that when she was pregnant, she weighed about 170 pounds. However, after giving birth to her daughter who is now soon going to be 8 years old, she ate mostly meat for an incredible eight meals a day! She also had to stop drinking alcohol for almost a year because she was breastfeeding. The MC or master of ceremonies at the event declared that most mothers don’t breastfeed because they feel that it would destroy their bodies. Kim Hee Sun immediately chimed in and declared that statement false, saying that in order for a person to have a more beautiful body, they must do breastfeeding.

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