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Killing Bites A Waste of Time


Killing Bites Review: F-

The new anime show Killing Bites is about some mentally deficient subhuman people who devolve into animals and kill each other for sport. Oh, and they are named after a new age cult of people who think they're animals or at least part animals called "therianthropes" (A term used by perverts who think they are special and want to be animals). A stupid name for a stupid group of freaks in a stupid show that uses pervert humor, or ecchi as the Japanese call it, and is just a gladiator story with a twist.

Ratel is a stupid, ugly animal person who takes orders from an old man and protects a crybaby. Oh, and her spirit animal or whatever is a wolverine/honey badger making her a poor rip-off of The Wolverine, who would tear this dumb beach to pieces with his Adamantium claws and cut her stupid head off. And I guess Ratel is what Japanese call badgers or whatever which is stupid I thought she was a rat animal person seeing how she's ugly disgusting eats feces and stinks like sewer water

But let's start at the beginning Mr. Whiny Sad-Sack who is driving his friends around so that they pick up a girl whom they intend to rape but she turns out to be a hideous mutant so she kills them all and then tells crybaby that he has to drive her to a junkyard where they meet another gross loser who turns into a laughable looking human-lion hybrid seriously the character designer for this show should be fired because the freak either look like cute anime girl who doesn't shave or stupid looking circus performers with disproportionate bodies legs to small hands too big head too small or too big or just bad design in general. Not to say whoever wrote these dumb looking idiots shouldn't be fired either because not only do they look dumb but most of them are cliché cookie-cutter characters with poorly defined origins emotions and motivation.

It tries to be edgy and dark in the first episode but utterly fails because Ratface and crybaby man and all the other characters talk like morons and look equally stupid. Also, plenty of stupid anime humor where characters make weird faces even though in the first episode, there are multiple homicides in most shows would have a detective who is out for revenge shows up or a vigilante who is out to kill a psychotic killer shows up after that, not stupid weirdos who transform into ugly furries and act like generic dumb anime characters and have a battle where they talk the whole time or shout out their attack like idiots so they opponent could easily defend against if everyone wasn't a simpleton.

Back to the story Crybaby sees Ratface kill a dumb look lion man who over twice her size but he probably lost because his hands are stupid and because of plot invincibility for the female lead. Then Ratty's boss Japanese businessman tells crybaby he will be Ratbaby's new patron and bet on her in the matches. The owner/leader of the animal matches is a cliché pervert we've seen in a hundred other Japanese anime he only created the animal people because he a gross old furry who get off on seeing hairy girls with animal tail and ears kill each other which also give him the fetish of sadism or perhaps even sadomasochism basically he's a rich pervert who gets off on scantily clad girls animals and violence. And then blah blah blah new freaks and perverts get introduced then killed and perverts watching the show at home also get off.

They should've made the male lead a bad-ass who hunts animals for sport and has a robotic gun arm that can kill an elephant in one shot, instead, he's the cliché cowardly anime character we get in a lot of other similar anime. Japan should stop making anime for perverts it's just making them look worse and creating more weeaboo furry hybrids mutants who threaten the existence of humanity and must be exterminated for the good of humanity. Don't watch this go watch a Chuck Norris flick and grow some hair on your chest and stop being, a pathetic weeaboo.

A brief description of this show

A brief description of this show

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Ironically or at least coincidentally this show started its first battle, in a dump full trash, which is a apt description of the show itself.

Ironically or at least coincidentally this show started its first battle, in a dump full trash, which is a apt description of the show itself.


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