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'Killer Klowns From Outer Space': Throwback Review

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'Killer Klowns from Outer Space'


Killer Klowns from Outer Space follows a pair of teenagers at the popular make-out spot, On Top of the World. They spot a strange meteor fall out of the sky, so they head to investigate. An old man spots the same thing and mistakes it for Halley's Comet. The man and his dog come across a circus tent in the middle of the forest, where we get out first introduction to these alien clown monsters. The teenagers find the tent, and upon further investigation, discover that it is an alien space ship. They warn the police station about what they had seen, but the cranky old man cop does not believe them. However, the younger cop heads out to investigate. They soon discover that the alien clowns are taking people from all over town and capturing them in a cotton candy looking cocoon. It is up to these three people to stop the clowns from taking over the rest of the town.

This movie is as wacky as it sounds. However, the best thing about this movie is that it knows what it is. It never tries to be a serious movie. The creators knew that this movie has to be goofy in order for it to work. I mean, the alien clowns use popcorn guns and acid filled balloons for their weapons. In order to kill these aliens their noses have to be shot off. The fact that these aliens are clowns actually make the whole thing a lot more believable though. There are moments when the clowns are terrorizing people and they offer a heart shaped gift of chocolate or they are riding a tiny bike or they are making shadow puppets on walls. These are different things clowns do, and yes it is silly, but because of that people do not see them as threatening. So, the clowns are never taken seriously by the townspeople and they get their chance to take them. It is not another slasher movie in which they are threatening looking because they have knives for hands, so the towns knows to be on the watch. No, this movie is smart and they make it to where the townspeople have no idea that these clowns are actually aliens.

This movie is extremely cartoony. It has a lot of moments that could be straight from a cartoon. There is one scene in which a clown drinks blood from the longest silly straw ever. That is not something you see everyday! However, it is also creative. That is where this movie works. If it was taking itself seriously, then it would lose a lot of what makes this movie work. Because it is so goofy and creative, it makes for an enjoyable watch!


The clowns themselves are actually really creepy looking, though. I mean, they give a lot of iconic horror characters a run for their money. The fact that most of it was done using practical effects makes this movie hold up today. Even the inside of the space ship is amazing! As the characters maneuver their way through the different rooms, they are met with another wacky design. Each room has it's own unique aspect to it inspired by clowns. It does not get to fancy or over the top. It keeps it simple and interesting. They still looks great compared to some movie released in 2019. This movie was made in 1988 and the clowns still are just as creepy!

This movie keeps it simple. It does not try to scare you or use any fake jump scare that don't land. It is just an hour and a half long movie of pure fun!

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Listen, the bottom line is this. If you are looking for a late night comedy horror movie that you can just enjoy- this is the one. Do not think because this movie was made in the 80's and the cover looks corny that it won't be worth your time. No, this is probably one of the best science fiction horror comedies ever made! The story is great, the effects are great, the comedy is great! There was not a moment in this movie that was boring! There is constant alien clown action. It is start to finish, goofy clown shenanigans. Man, they just don't make them like they used to.


Michael115 on August 09, 2019:

Killer Clown From Outer Space! What's next? Killer tomatoes? Oh wait...

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