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Ramya J's "That's a Fact" Single With Tootie Raww


The entertainment industry frequently features underage talent and some of those beneath the age of consent even become stars with long lasting careers. The hip-hop business is no exception to this phenomenon. Remember Lil Bow Wow, Lil P-Nut, J.J. Fad or Kris Kross? It's only natural that the light of some stars will fade quicker than the light of some others. It's the nature of any business and the entertainment business in particular is not just a tough gig to get a foothold in; it's an even tougher business to maintain that footing.

The point is that no matter what the age, if you've got the talent, then you have a chance to shine in the spotlight. Enter Ramya J. She's barely in her teens and she's already kicking some major caboose and taking names. At 13 years of age the young Ms. J has already spent almost half of her lifetime on the stage in that spotlight. Before completing the 2nd grade she had wrapped her tiny hand around the microphone and has yet to let go of it. So, whoever says that these Millennials are just a bunch of slackers I guess really hasn't been clued in to the genuine 411.


That's A Fact is the title of Ramya J's current single that's just been released along with an accompanying music video. It's a preview to her upcoming Imagine That EP that's scheduled to follow in the next month or so. That's A Fact is a duet with fellow teenage rapper Tootie Raww. It's an innocently flirtatious love call between the 2 performers that provides some clever wordplay. Here's an example of some of the lyrics from the chorus: I'm a ride for you boy and That's A Fact/Bonnie to your Clyde, boy and That's A Fact/I'm a move you bad boy and That's A Fact/Yeah I got your back yeah I got your back boy/I got back yeah I got your back/I said I got your back, back, back, back, back/You know I got your back I said I got your back/You know I got your back I said I got your back boy.


Born and raised in Flint, MI, Ramya J has been crowned the musical princess of Flint in her hometown. Over the course of her juvenile lifespan she's been invited to perform at venues around the United States far and wide. This musical minor has even strutted her stuff for the audience of Harlem New York's urban music Mecca, the renowned Apollo Theater. Not too shabby for a precocious little moppet out of a midwestern town.

From the pictures included with her press kit it's pretty apparent that this kid has some impressive chops where it concerns making a definitive fashion statement. An imaginative display of threads, war paints and hair coloring is just the tip of the iceberg of this adolescent's couture, make up and hairdo choices. Visually Ramya J comes across as fiercely on fleek and looking totally in the awesome zone while marching to the beat of her own drum machine. You go, girl!

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Lizzie on July 23, 2020:

Ramay j What is your number

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