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Kevin Samuels Famous Relationship-Image Consultant Died

The Modern Women some of Kevin Samuels last topics before his death.

Kevin Samuels Died in Atlanta at 56


A Talented Host/Utuber

I can’t believe this is real. I remember when my son introduced me to the Kevin Samuels UTube channel. He said Mom don’t take offense to this but a lot of people do and I want you to listen to this man he’s very interesting to me. I went to the office and I listen to Kevin Samuels that was nearly a year ago now. And my son said he’s like a Utube father figure. He gives advice he’s speaks a lot on the black women, but he speak to the man too. But it’s not heard because women are quick to get in there feelings. But instead of being offensive and bias you should just listen to all the topics and subjects and then you’ll get an understanding.

That kind of shook me up listening to my 26 year old son say he listens to this straighter and respect his option like a father figure. That really broke my heart a little , because I’ve dated and have been married. And he said out of them all he had true respect as a father figure while you dated. And he still carried much love for him after. So I started to watch the Utuber, and he was very good and well spoken. Sometime a bit harsh but truthful.

Kevin Samuels was a great host he kept the Audience either laughing ,mad, or thinking. And even when he choose a women to come on his live they would think they have it all together. He would allow them to sometimes bury there selves or he would show them the better in themselves. Like the live with Nicki Manij she gave herself a 7 when he as her to rate herself on a scale of 1-10. Then he explained to her that her value was much higher then that. It was amazing he said most women would say a 7 but of course he said don’t use 7. That was a great live episode I watched until the end. He was a talented host/Utuber.

Thursday 5/5/2022

It was circulated around on social medias that the famous Kevin Samuels had died at the age of 56 in Atlanta. To me this is very sad a lot of people are out saying very mean and cruel things about him when in actually he was human just like everyone else. And has a family has to listen to all these harsh things that are being spread around social media. Now if he was alive and you were saying that I promise you he would’ve gave you the business. But back to what’s going on now.
It’s said the cause of death hasn’t been determined but there’s a circulation of statements as far as cardiac arrest was the cause. A 911 call by a women Ortencia Alcantara states Kelvin Samuels as said she spelled his name wrong. That the met that night assuming had a one night stand from the sound of it. It was said that morning he complain of chest pain. She said after calling 911 she called the front desk and request a defibrillator. From the sounds of everything that is accurate of CPR first aid training. Because that’s what we’re told in a CPR first aid training class when someone is unconscious. Now it’s circulating that she said he fell or collapsed on top of her. Too much like the saying in the movie. The Color Purple; How he died? On top of me!

This is all so unreal I wish it was staged so he could come back with that big laugh. He has on 15 minutes you going to work for these 15 minutes. That’s was so funny to him. He said only people that work fast food would understand this.
My heart goes out to his mother Beverly Samuels- Burch again truly people this man was someone child/son that’s still amongst the living. I hear people say I‘d rather my child throw dirt over my head then me throwing dirt over my child. At any age your still your Mothers child. Especially if she’s a good Mother.

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Dear Mr Kevin Samuels

Mr.Samuels it breaks my heart, I never got a chance to met you in person Or just have a live with you. That was my goal after my son introduced me to your utube channel. I remember the series,” Increase your Value”that was very amazing. I decided to start working out. Eating better taking care of myself. If I was chosen to speak, I would have told you. That your words are truly no matter how blunt you are. Sometime the truth hurts. I’ve always been a powerhouse of a women with high goals and expectations. But here lately I’ve allowed myself to be devalued. Im raising the bar and the value on myself. You motivated me to start writing articles on dating. What a man wants, needs, and see in a women. As well as women valuing whom they are.I’m so broken that you didn’t get a chance to hear from a true fan with respect for your words.

No matter what anyone says! He was real, he was right on a lot, he was raw, and straight to the point. That reminds me of a television villain actor. He said a women ran up to me snapping off at how wrong what I was doing. He said he stood there puzzled and confused. Then he realized she was angry at him for part in a television series. He tried to explain to her that was my job that was the image play on tv. It didn’t calm her. But I said that to say this just because of someones job it doesn’t mean be quick to judge. RIP Kevin Samuels

RIP Kevin Samuels

You will definitely be missed and in death your powerful message shall live on. Your laughter and your jokes will forever be in the memory of those that hears them. Your catch phrase:” Your average at best!”

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