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Kelly Monaco: The Early Years

What Happened?

Did you ever wish you could go back in time and undo something that you did? Well, that is how I felt a few moments ago while googling a few names in my seventh grade yearbook.

You see, I don't watch television (I prefer to live life rather than watch a box) and I don't read gossip or entertainment magazines (I don't much care for distractions), so naturally I had no clue that a former classmate and co-worker had made a life for herself on the big screen, nor did I have any idea that she had posed nude for the world.

Now don't get me wrong; I don't judge. I am happy to hear that Kelly Monaco is doing well for herself. I just wish I wouldn't have looked at her very revealing pictures, that is all!

I want to go back to the Kelly Monaco who I remember from childhood. I want her to remain the teenage girl whom I sat in homeroom with: still young and innocent. I'd like to remember her as someone who occasionally acknowledged my existence and I equally did the same, yet who's naked body would never be more than a topic of conversation among pimple-faced teenage boys. Alas! I have ruined one of those coveted treasures of boyhood forever. She is no longer a mystery, but is now the one billionth naked woman I have seen in my lifetime. Thank you cyberspace!

Kelly Monaco

My Memories

I didn't know Kelly all that well, but I spent quite a few years in school with Kelly and her sister, Marissa. I went to Tobyhanna Elementary School with them, shared the same homeroom, played schoolyard football while Kelly and her friends watched us boys running around, etc. I literally watched her ascension into womanhood as I was making my own ascension into manhood, and I continued to do so all throughout our years at Pocono Mountain Junior High School. I also worked with her (during special club events), her twin sister Marissa (a busgirl) and her older sister Amber (a waitress) at Lake Naomi Clubhouse. As you can imagine, having been in the same school and classes as her, having worked with her and her sisters, and having been good friends with some of the guys she would date back in Junior High, I saw quite a bit of this girl (and now a whole lot more).

She was a nice girl, and if I recall correctly she was also fairly decent at sports. She was always very attractive so I'm not at all surprised that she was selected for a Playboy photo shoot. In fact, it was her shapeliness that made her the target of more than one de-pantsing, as well as a frequent intentional target during volleyball in gym class (the guys liked to watch her jump). She was the typical example of the attractive and popular girl that both nerds and jocks alike loved to look upon, but I knew her back in elementary school, so whenever she became the topic of adolescent boys I sorta always saw the girl on the playground.

As I said, I never knew Kelly all that well; in fact, I probably knew her older sister Amber better than both her and her twin sister Marissa due to the number of hours I put in as a dishwasher at Lake Naomi Clubhouse (which was a lot for a fourteen to fifteen year old kid), but I do remember her as a classmate who I saw often, who's papers I graded, who I spoke to, and who I probably knew more about than the millions of men (and women) who have now gazed upon her naked flesh - I think that is why I am disturbed.

I'm not disturbed because she decided to pose naked—that is her business and her decision—or that her naked body is splashed all over the Internet for the world to see, but because I ruined the image of her that I had built in my own mind. I was supposed to just remember the innocent schoolgirl, that is all! I wasn't supposed to actually listen when the article said, "CLICK HERE."

I am glad to know Kelly has accomplished so much for herself. I am glad to see she had such a prominent role on General Hospital , had a role in several films, won Dancing With The Stars , and has generally had a very successful acting career. I think all of these things are great and I wish her the absolute very best for her future.

I just want to turn back the clock to a few minutes ago when she was still a mystery of my boyhood. About fifteen minutes ago she was just another great face from childhood. She was another kid still untarnished by money and mayhem, and she still is. It's just that now she's also another harsh look at reality. She is a reminder that we all grow up, lose our innocence, and become consumers of this world; that we all throw away our innocence in exchange for a dream.

So take some advice from me the next time you dig out your old yearbooks from grade school and think before you click! Make sure that you want to know more than you need to and that you do not care how the memories you have are affected, especially if that someone you knew in childhood grew up and posed naked for a major adult magazine!

Kelly Monaco Career Facts

Playboy Playmate of the Month – April 1997

Maxim's Sexiest Cover Model of the Decade – 2009

Baywatch 1997-1998

Winner of the reality television series Dancing With The Stars (2005)

General Hospital (Sam McCall) – 2003 to 2011

Port Charles (Olivia Morley and Tess Ramsey) – 1999 thru 2003 and 2002 thru 2003

2009 Miss USA Pageant Judge

BASEketball (1998)

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Idle Hands (1999)

Mumford (1999)

The Edge of the Garden (2011)


salazar on October 09, 2013:

Sandy, your saying having a body like Kelly Monaco, you would do more with it? I think your nasty and disgusting for choosing such poor choice in words and having no class what so ever. I like Kelly Monaco and enjoy watching her on G.H. but I find you repulsive and offensive.

Mandrake_1975 (author) from Pennsylvania on May 15, 2011:

Thanks for dropping by Ariana!

I believe I can understand what you are saying, I suppose people are passionate about all sorts of things. If they really enjoy the talents and abilities of Kelly Monaco and are loyal fans, they might mistake my intentions.

I had no idea this article would end up on Kelly's twitter page. I guess word travels fast in cyberspace!

Well, if Kelly ever reads this I wish her all the best and she has my congratulations for a life well established. Good job, Kelly, and good luck!

Ariana on May 14, 2011:

Read the article and the comments.

Someone posted the link to this article on Kelly's twitter page earlier yesterday. That's how I found this. I'm not sure why people assume that we spend our lives looking for articles about Kelly. It was posted directly on her twitter so if you follow her, which I do and over 25,000 other people do as well, you can see it in her replies. And eventually, things get retweeted and spreads. I can assure you I have no pictures on my walls except people I'm related to LOL.

I know as much about Kelly as Kelly lets us know through interviews. I don't personally know her, I have met her several times but my impression of her is she is a nice girl who I enjoy watching on General Hospital. Kelly has a lot of passionate fans out there, like any other celeb I would assume.

As far as the article goes, it's understandable. At least you aren't a pervert. It's also refreshing to hear a male perspective that doesn't focus on how hot she is/was, especially now that she is revered in Hollywood for her looks and her body.

It was an interesting read on how memories and reality can collide and not really knowing what to do with it all.

Mandrake_1975 (author) from Pennsylvania on May 14, 2011:

Thanks for your comments randslam, Ranzi and others!

Yes randslam, I do suppose that song would be a bit of a funny interjection.

Anonymus and Joy...All I can say is I am recalling my memories. If I am mistaken about the twin thing I suppose that is entirely possible-I never bothered to inquire, provided they both started school at the same time because Marissa and Kelly WERE in the same grade, and in the same grade as myself. I suppose the older one could have failed or been held-back before they transferred to Tobyhanna Elementary, or the parents decided to wait to put the older one in school, but that would be mere speculation on my part. I mean, I am thinking back like 23 years on these memories. As far as looks go, Marissa DID (I don't know about now) look a hell of a lot like Kelly, but never identical.

Anonymous2, I don't see how you (and others) figure I am frozen in time. I did state that I was browsing through my yearbook to see where people are today. How is that frozen in time? Again, the piece was about a clash of memories and the inner conflict it can cause.

Ranzi, yes I tend to agree and I thank you for pointing that out!

Cut The Bullshit from All Over on May 14, 2011:

This sandy, Michel, joy and anonymous characters, all sound and read like the same person to me. An obsessed stalker fan who goes on the net and searches for 500 articles/photos per day about this Monaco women, (who I have never heard of) I bet he/she have pictures plastered all over their bedroom wall (single white female style) and goes into sweats of hysterics at the thought of this women laying eyes on them.

Finally the author is bloody well entitled to his opinion, memories and perspective of a person he knew personally. And if her naked photos were shocking to him, then that’s his feelings he is sharing and at least he's not just another average male pervert. People need to chill out and not increase their blood pressure over this woman who they don’t even know.

P.S ...Love the song Randslam :)

Joy on May 14, 2011:

I think you were mistaken when saying Kelly had a twin sister. She didn't. She was born in may 1976 and her sister was born in May 1977. I remember reading an article that said they used to get mistaken for twins because they looked similar in age.

If I saw a close friend I knew in the past naked in a magazine, I would pause and reflect so I get it. But I wouldn't really say they lost their innocence LOL. There are plenty of people out there who don't pose nude but are far from innocent in other ways. So i'm not too sure about that part.

But I liked reading the little tidbits here and there of her childhood. It's interesting. She has spoken about part of it in magazines and she seems to be really tight with her family, has had an interesting childhood/teen experience. It must have been so embarrassing for her to be de-pantsed in school and having boys gawk at her. Especially in the middle of puberty. But now she seems to take it in stride and just does her thing.

She is on twitter if you ever want to see what she is up to. Her name is Kellymonaco1. She is really sweet.

Anonymous2 on May 14, 2011:

I read the article and understand where you are coming from. I'm sure it WAS shocking, if you see someone who you were friends with naked LOL. But at the same time, people change, people move on and you can't believe life with remain frozen in time.

But I'm a big fan of Kelly. She is adorable as a person. Since I'm a straight female, her body and whatever she does with it isn't the reason why I like her.

She seems down to earth, sweet, fun and is a great actress. She seems to love life and also find humor in everything. Being an actress and a soap actress, hate and judgement from others is something she has to deal with everyday and in every way. Whether it's about her appearance or the way she lives/lived her life and the choices she has made. But she still appears confident and doesn't let it phase her. From her comments, she holds friends and family close to her heart and just wants to be happy and healthy. Is that the same girl you knew? If so, then your memories are perfectly preserved because those are the memories of the PERSON. Not her body.

Anonymus on May 14, 2011:

Clearly you don't know Kelly all that well considering you keep saying "her twin sister" and Kelly does not have a twin sister. If you knew her even the slightest bit and knew her sisters the way you say you do, the least you would know is the fact that she doesn't have a twin. I understand that you are not hating on her, I'm just calling it like I see it and clearly you're lying about something.

Rand Zacharias from Vernon, British Columbia on May 14, 2011:

"She was pure like snowflakes

No one could ever stain

The memory of my angel

Could never cause me pain

"Years go by I'm lookin' through a girly magazine

And there's my homeroom angel on the pages in-between


"My blood runs cold

My memory has just been sold

My angel is the centerfold

Angel is the centerfold"


Here's the quote from the J. Geil's Band song Centerfold. Mandrake, it just mirrors your own reservations of seeing an ancient childhood friend, well, not so ancient, who allowed your blood to run cold.

It's cute that you have such memories of Kelly--it just shouldn't put you into a depressed's all good.

Mandrake_1975 (author) from Pennsylvania on May 14, 2011:

Thanks for the comments. I appreciate and respect each and everyone's thoughts.

Rand Zacharias from Vernon, British Columbia on May 14, 2011:

Hmmm, sounds too funny, bittersweet. But as the song says, "Love stinks! My angel is a centerfold."

You can google that reference on your own. I just thought this was funny, because your remorse is quite uncalled for, as time stands still for no one--and as you allude to--Kelly has done quite well.

Appreciate the memories--and your close proximity to a place where the lightning struck--Kelly Monaco.

Michel on May 14, 2011:

What did you expect to find when you decided to look people up after so many years? That they had remained the same 13 year olds you remembered? That seems kinda naïve.

And if you are not "judging" her, then why write the article, make it public or mention those things in the first place? Why not just say that you where surprised that someone you knew in school had become famous and you where surprised that you had remained so uninformed about it until now?

If your whole point was really to warn others about the dangers of seeking information, you should have written it from that perspective, instead of making it sound like it was Ms. Monaco's fault that she moved on with her life, there-by ruining your memories.

Mandrake_1975 (author) from Pennsylvania on May 14, 2011:

Thanks for writing sandy!

If you read the article I said that I was making no judgements.

The piece I wrote was more about how we all grow up and change, yet our memories might not be in keeping with that reality, than it was about Kelly Monaco. She was merely the catalyst of those thoughts. I thought anyone with reading comprehension would figure that out by reading the closing paragraph.

As far as writing about the rest of her family...I am not sure what you are getting at? I was writing about my memories of the Monacos that I knew, went to school with, and worked with. My memories...that is what the article was primarily focused on. There are lots of other people out there with their own memories too, who are free to express those memories should they feel they wish to do so regarding any of their childhood memories.

I respect Kelly and her accomplishments, but your final two sentences makes it appear as if you are accusing me of being malicious which I find puzzling and insulting to say the least. I have to wonder what your point or intent is in doing that?

I have no desire to discuss the finer details that I do know because I don't believe it is my business to do so, nor was that the objective of this article. This article was, once again, about memories catching up with reality and whether or not we should consider that before inquiring as to how the lives of people that we knew as young men and women turned out. More specifically, the piece was about how some of the things we find out or view can effect the outdated perspectives that we currently hold.

Wouldn't you agree that it is a bit bizarre to be able to hold a picture of someone you knew (say Kelly Monaco) standing next to a locker in denim and stockings at the ripe age of 13 beside the naked photos of that same girl who is now a woman? Well, these are now the dual memories that I have to hold. That is what the piece was about and what it was warning against!

If you don't think that is bizarre and at least a little disturbing...well then I don't know what to say. I found it disturbing and I was merely suggesting that others like me might want to think about things like that before they act.

sandy on May 14, 2011:

What exactly is your point?Are you the same person you were when you were HER age and have you not done anything that others may not agree with?Anyhow, Kelly has done very well for herself and if I had the body she has, I would have done a lot more with it.I adore her on GH, in fact, if she was not on, I would not be watching, and I voted and was jumping for joy when she won DWTS and no one could compare with her Tess/Livvie.I can only imagine what you write about the rest of her family.Thank goodness you are not saying Anything that isn't already known, since Kelly makes no secret of her teen years etc.

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