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Keith David Offended by Fictitious Obituary on Social Media of Bishop James Greenleaf

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Actor Keith David is very much alive. However, some fans of Greenleaf have been posting obituaries and funeral programs along with his photograph on social media. David does not think it is funny, and some viewers think it is creepy and insensitive.

People who did not watch Greenleaf for five seasons don't know that Bishop James Greenleaf was a fictitious character played by Keith David. After seeing the postings, they think it is the actor who died instead of his character on the popular series on OWN.

People are so quick to post false information without giving it a second thought that it might be offensive. For instance, in the penultimate episode, the patriarch of the Greenleaf family couldn't speak. Then he slumped over on the bed. Viewers assumed he was dead. Before it was confirmed in the finale, there was a funeral program already circulating on social media with the date, time, and place of his homegoing service. People were asking others to sign up for the food they would take to the repast.

There is a photo of the funeral program still visible on Facebook. One would think it goes against Facebook's terms of use. This writer is deliberately not including photos of any of the obituaries in this article because it would just continue to show the insensitive nature of the situation. However, below is a copy of David's Twitter post showing that he kindly asked people to stop posting his photo on the obituary about a character on the popular series.


Even though some viewers commented that the postings are creepy, the people who posted them have not deleted them.

The 64-year-old actor saw the posts, and he didn't think they were funny, appropriate, or in good taste. He asked people to stop posting his photo on the made-up obituaries. He began by stating the scripture in Proverbs 18:21 that says, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue."

He reminded people that he is a real person and asks fans to speak life over him and not death.

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Comments Following the Actor's Request

After the actor's request for the postings to stop, they have not been removed by the people who put them there. Some commenters said they didn't think anything was wrong with it, but others said it was creepy.

Others said it was done in fun and they didn't see the harm in it.

"Greenleaf" Spinoff

A Greenleaf spinoff is in the works. Even the release date has not been revealed, it is expected to premiere no earlier than Fall of 2021. One thing we know for sure is that Bishop James Greenleaf will not be returning with the cast. No doubt, he will be mentioned throughout the episodes even though his physical presence will not be there. We might even see him in flashbacks.

Creator Craig Wright has been interviewed and has shared more information than was expected. In his own words, he said Lady Mae will take the lead for preaching in Calvary or another church. There will be a transformation of Jacob, the only male left in the family. He is expected to establish a relationship with either Tara or Tasha.

Phil is returning in the third episode of the spinoff, but we have to wait to see if he will reconnect with Charity who will be a much stronger and confident woman. Lady Mae will rely more on Charity for support and advice since Grace has gone to New York to be interviewed for a job. However, she will still be in the spinoff, but Wright did not say what role she will have.

Fans have not forgotten that she still has some unresolved issues to deal with including Noah, Darius, and AJ.

Call to Action

Actor Keith David has made his plea, and if you loved him the way you said you did, you will do what he asked. Therefore, remove the posts if you have put a funeral program, an obituary, or insensitive comments.


KAREN HALL on August 18, 2020:

I thought it was funny when I first read one of them with the "made up, make believe" info in the obituary. After all, it is just a show and nothing is real bout any of it bt I understand how he feels and I think the obituary should remain with his picture removed. No one meant him any harm but he felt uncomfortable so we have to honor and respect his request.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on August 15, 2020:

Very interesting article. Also amusing and intriguing.

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