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Kayo Noro Japanese Pop Music Singer, Fashion Model, and Variety Show Performer

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Kayo Noro is seen here in attendace at the Japan Expo in 2009 in Paris, France.

Kayo Noro is seen here in attendace at the Japan Expo in 2009 in Paris, France.

We Introduce Kayo Noro and Discuss Some Very Good News in Her Life

Kayo Noro is one of the former members of Japanese girl group SDN48 who has recently made the news for a very good reason. Whether it is by intuition to write about her life and career or whether it is for a love of the music of SDN48 that does not matter as much as wanting to cover her life and career. There are two pieces of very good news in Kayo Noro’s life and they are the fact that she announced her engagement and then managed to get married just days after that announcement. Kayo Noro is also a plus size model for the magazine called La Farfa. But who is Kayo Noro?

A Brief Look At the Career of Kayo Noro

Kayo Noro is a Japanese pop music singer, fashion model and variety show member that came to prominence because of passing the second generation audition for the famous girl group AKB48. This happened in 2006 and she became a member of its Team K. She graduated from AKB48 in 2009 and she then transferred to girl group SDN48 working as the captain of that group. She would graduate from SDN48 in March 2012. Her participation in the singles for the group SDN48 are in various A-side and B-side singles. A few of these include “GAGAGA,” Makeoshimi Congratulation, Kodoku na Runner, and SDN48’s version of the AKB48 song Everyday Katyusha. It also is under very interesting circumstances that Kayo Noro announced her engagement and then registered her marriage just a few days later.


Kayo Noro's Engagement and Marriage

On November 18, 2020, Noro announced her engagement on a variety show. She was directed by the master of ceremonies of the program Masahiro Nakai to give a greeting. She then said that she was very grateful to have been given this time but that she was also very sorry. From the very start of this program there was an advance notice that a popular celebrity would be making their engagement news public. Noro said that although she was very happy, she could not bring herself to be under the pressure of being considered a popular celebrity so an apology was necessary. Noro also revealed some information about her fiancé saying that he is a TV director and someone that she had met at work previously. Her fiancé’s proposal was short and sweet with the message of “Thank you for waiting. Please marry me.” Noro revealed that she will live very happily. It would be on November 22nd 2020 that Noro updated her Instagram account announcing that she had gotten married. Noro also revealed that she got married on what is known as Good Couple Day. The numbers 11 and 22 have an interesting kind of added significance in this context in the sense that they have the meaning of “good married couple.”

Kayo Noro Talks About What Happened During the Marriage Registration Process

Kayo Noro also shared some personal details about what happened to her during the marriage registration process. She said that when she went to register her marriage, she had forgotten to bring her ID with her so she had to go to the place twice. She also shared advice for those people that have plans to get married saying that those people that want to get married soon, do not forget your marriage registration papers, family registration papers and ID’s.

Why is the Engagement and Marriage of Kayo Noro Significant?

Kayo Noro’s engagement and marriage are two of the best news stories for a celebrity in any country in a year that has seen the world get shaken and exposed to a major pandemic which has dramatically changed how people conduct their businesses and personal lives. Congratulations to the once former captain of SDN48 Kayo Noro as she is about to embark on a very happy life with her husband.

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Kayo Noro Also Took Part in the Last Single for SDN48

And in that spirit of congratulations, it would be great and proper to discuss the significance of SDN48’s last single as a group called Makeoshimi Congratulation. The song is about reuniting with a former lover even though it can be frustrating sometimes. Even if a woman looks back on a past romance and knows that she is not going to be the one to spend the rest of her life with him, she just wants her former lover to be happy. She refers to him as her darling and the one that she will always love even though their romance has ended. Even though Kayo Noro entered the Japanese idol scene later than most girls would, she was a leader for a major girl group, she has done fashion modeling and now she is going to live her life with the person that she loves.

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