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Kate Beckinsale Leggy Red Carpet Style in Stunning Fashion and High Heels


Kate Beckinsale is one of my favorite celebrities in high heels. Beckinsale is one of the most fashionable actresses in entertainment and you can most always find her in designer dresses and high heel shoes. She really knows how to decorate her body in alluring clothing. She does a great job of accentuating her best features and typically likes to show off her long and shapely legs in sexy high heels. She tends to wear high heels quite a lot. If she is out and about running errands you may find her wearing high heel boots or sandals. When she is appearing on the red carpet you will find her strapped into a gorgeous pair of towering high heel stilettos. She really knows how to show off her toned legs.

One of the coolest things about Beckinsale is how cool and funny she is. I always try to catch her when she is appearing on a talk show because she can really be very entertaining and interesting. She's actually got a very dry British humor that is very humorous.

Beckinsale continues to improve her acting chops. She's probably best known as a vampire in the Underworld series if only because she was a kick-ass hot-looking high heel boot wearing vampire. That is a combination that is very appealing.

But I made this hub if only to showcase Beckinsale and her amazing beauty. I find her sexy legs in high heels to be gorgeous.

Recent Movies

Kate was fairly quiet throughout 2011. She did not have any hit movies to speak of and she her appearances in front of cameras, red carpet or more, seemed limited

The beginning of 2012 started off with a bang for Kate. The fourth Underworld was released and did very well. She returned to her sexy warrior vampire role as Selene, and she looked great doing it. She continues to look amazing in her sleek leather outfit and appears fit and toned for the part. This is a great role for Kate.

2012 also had her starring in the remake of Total Recall. It probably wasn't the career boost she would have hoped for as the movie was not well received.

The next few years had her appearing in mostly forgettable roles. She did receive praise for her role in 2016's Love & Friendship.

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Despite her lackluster movie career these days she is still quite popular if for nothing else her Instagram account is quite interesting and lively. She continues her that wonderful dry British humor.

She remains one of my favorite actresses. During her press appearances for Underworld she looked fit and gorgeous. She showed off her sexy legs and slim curves as she walked the red carpets.

I hope to see her perform in another movie soon. She is one of the more alluring and beautiful actresses. Surely there is a romantic comedy they could plug her in to instead of Kate Hudson or Jennifer Aniston. She is one of the more interesting and gorgeous actresses and it seems to be a shame that she is not getting more roles to act in. That seems to be the way Hollywood treats women as they approach or exceed their 40's. Not sure why because most women in their 20's would love to be as stylish and gorgeous as Kate Beckinsale is in her 40's.


This video of Kate during her shoot for Esquire magazine is simply stunning. She appeared in various lingerie and high heels for the magazine shoot which was also filmed. She's also appeared in numerous behind the scenes photo shoots of her various magazine appearances

Kate Beckinsale Great Legs

Women's Health

Kate told Woman's Health magazine that she really only does yoga for getting in shape. She wants leaner, not bulkier, muscles. She sometimes runs on a treadmill but confesses to not like cardio. She looked amazing in the photoshoot.

Mean Magazine Shoot


Miss Lil' Atlanta from Atlanta, GA on June 26, 2012:

She has got to be one of the most beautiful women alive!

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