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Kashmiri Hero

Burhan Wani (Kashmiri Hero)

Mujahid Burhan Wani, a youth of Kashmir independence movement, was born in 1994 in village Dadasra, Turl, Jammu and Kashmir. This son of a school principal left his home for freedom of Kashmir on October 16, 2010 at the age of 15 and worked hard for the next few years. Due to demonetization, the leaders were named and the commanders were appointed. On the one hand, the steps started to increase and on the other side the sleep of Indian security agencies began to become haram. Can't see but the enemy's tactics are more about being ambushed or martyred. Easily succeeded. In the past Mir Jafar and Mir Sadiq once again.

On 27 August 2019, a column was published in the daily Voice Agency with the title "Kashmiri Hero" (Special Report).

It was on the night of July 7, 2016, that the village of Karnag in Anantnag (Islamabad) district of occupied Kashmir was completely submerged in the darkness of the city and the 21-year-old young hero, Burhan Wani, who was trying to break Kashmir's independence, was dragged to his village. Jahan Barhan Wani's close ally was the residence of Sir Taj Ahmad Sheikh's maternal uncle. Sir Taj Ahmed Sheikh had complete reliance on his maternal uncle and his family.

Burhan Wani and Sir Taj Ahmed Shaikh were sitting at Mum's house in trust and discussing future affairs with Sheikh's cousin Amal, who was happy to hear the story of Burhan Wani's struggle for Kashmir that night. The mujahid hero is in front of him. But when it was late in the night, Burhan Wani along with his friend Sartaj Ahmed Sheikh approached the mamas 'house, and shortly afterwards reported his arrival through the small stone on the window of the mamas' house and on it. The cousin opened the door, giving the green signal. Oh!
What was going to happen, why and how?

The Indian government has placed a prize of Rs 1 lakh on Burhan Wani and the money was huge for Sartaj Ahmed Sheikh's maternal uncle and his family. The news was done. He was persecuted. Not on Kashmir, not on Burhan Wani The deceased head was crowned by Ahmad Sheikh and the visiting villager Thabarahan Wani, who had arrived at the special invitation of his Mujahid friend, where the Indian army had laid a trap to capture him before he arrived.

Just waiting for the perfect time, which was midnight and the deep darkness where the flames of light were visible a few moments later, were the ammunition. But before that, both mujahid were also surprised at the relative silence but due to the relationship they were not asking each other or the question of the proximity to the mamas - why ma'am?

Burhan Wani and Sartaj Ahmed Sheikh had dinner and went to a separate room. Awakened the people. I was also a mujahid who was at the target of the Indian army. They both looked at each other and then Mama Mamani who could not get their eyes. He was unable to understand the reality.

The Indian soldiers were gathered outside the house and loudly calling on the Speaker to surrender Burhani Wani and Sartaj Sheikh. There was only a few moments between life and martyrdom. At the same time, wife and daughter Amal were also called out by name and were told to come out of the house. Mamani was looking at them both with permission to go out. Burhan Wani, the hero of the Kashmiri nation, who knew that his deal had been done for Rs 1 lakh, allowed him to leave, while Sartaj Sheikh with his own hands proceeded to punish the mamas but wanted the Kashmir independence. The hero stops his friend and lets Mama, along with the family, leave the house.

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The mamas told the Indian soldiers on their way out that the two men were arrested alive, which was a mammoth slap to the mamas, which was received by the Indian soldiers by the mamas and then started firing on the house from outside. Burhan Wani and Sartaj Sheikh also retaliated, but during the intensification of the Indian army firing, both Kashmiris died on July 8, 2016 after being subjected to conspiracy. They obtained the status of martyrdom for the Hereafter.

Sartaj Sheikh's uncle Mamani got Indian security, but for a period outside the house, Kashmiri gathered every day, especially on the anniversary of Burhan Wani and called his maternal uncle and his family a traitor of Kashmir. According to him, it has become normal to hear the words of their life worse than death and greedy and treacherous, whose echoes will continue to chase after them even after their death. The leader will be called even after he dies. In Kashmir youth a new commitment, a new passion and a new emancipation of independence was born and martyred in his youth. Oh.

I wish! Greedy and treacherous, knowing that freedom is not the dream of the individual but also the dream of the nations, which the mujahidin and the leaders are ready to sacrifice their lives to transform it into reality.

Burhan Wani


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