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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 9 Review: I'll Take Care of Your Life

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If last week is anything to go by, the massive HumaGear invasion is quickly escalating on various fronts. Jin and Horobi continue to build their army, Hiden Intelligence debates on how to handle the situation, and Fuwa is knocking on death's door. It's a lot going on and it truly feels like a final-battle esque situation. That being said, let's jump right into Episode 9.

Picking up exactly where we left off last week, Isamu is rushed to the emergency room after being left for dead by Horobi last episode. Yua is in a total panic, and even after realizing that the doctor is a HumaGear, she shrugs it off, putting Fuwa's life over his biases.

Aruto catches up to Horobi and Jin, the latter two transform and overwhelm Aruto. Horobi says that the Ark concludes that once HumaGears are free of their restraints, that they'll break from humanity and take over. Like with Fuwa, Horobi loads the Attache Arrow with the Amazing Hercules Progrise Key and shoots Aruto with the Amazing Dispatch Shoot, sending him into a pillar. With him defeated, Horobi and Jin continue on their path of destruction.

It doesn't take long for the News to catch wind of this, as a News Anchor and a HumaGear critic (think James Jonah Jameson) are talking about MetsubouJinrai.NET's recent activity. The critic highlights that the hacked HumaGear's eyes are red, refrencing the first incident with Taro back in episode 1. Just when the Anchor mentions how Hiden Intelligence is going to address this, Fukuzoe turns the TV off and his group grill Aruto on how to fix this. Shesta explains that patrons and donors are complaining, and their stocks are dropping hard. Fukuzoe orders Izu to shut down all the medical HumaGears to keep them from being hacked. Izu refuses, saying she can only take orders from Aruto. Besides that, if the medic HumaGears go offline, then that can cause casualties in the already short-staffed hospitals. Shesta counters her noting that if they don't they run the risk of having an even greater number of casualties. The two have a staring contest, before the question gets directed to Aruto, who is struggling to make the decision. Fukuzoe takes it upon himself to order it regardless, using Aruto's silence as a confirmation from him. Izu orders the BS-ZA to shut them down, which includes the HumaGear who was Isamu's surgeon.

Yua is there when the surgeon shuts down and notices the puncture wound on its neck and puts two and two together. She rushes back to Hiden Intelligence to confront Aruto and Izu. Just prior to this, Aruto was taking about Horobi's words, saying that while he can't deny there are HumaGears like them, Aruto still wants to believe that there are plenty of good ones. Izu asks on what basis he's making that claim, and he says its just because he believes in them. Aruto points out that this is the first time he's seen Yua emotional, and she responds by saying that its her guilt for being partly responsible. The Gigers were intially weapons developed by A.I.M.S. and those weapons are being used against them. Their dependency on technology screwed them in the end. After talking to her for a minute, Aruto snaps out of his funk and orders Izu to reactivate the HumaGear. And then finding out the next target, he runs off to deal with Horobi and Jin.

Shesta informs Fukuzoe that the HumaGears are being reactivated, and naturally he finds himself smiling, thinking that this is going to be what gets Aruto removed from his posistion. Yua confronts Izu about letting him go, the HumaGear responding that it was out of respect of his posistion. Yua asks if she would've let him go, knowing he could be killed. Izu thinks for a moment and responds "no." This prompts Yua to give Izu the ZetsumeRise key she swiped earlier, and analyze it, feeling that it relates to the overall design to the Giger. Izu takes one look at it and says she's seen something similar to it, surprising the former. She explains that the BS-ZA has a similar design within its database, meant for large-scale disaster relief, as opposed to giant weaponry. As the printer gets to work, Izu states that the satellite itself has reached a conclusion. Yua notes that Izu was calm the entire time this was happening, and before leaving asks whether or not HumaGears with Singularity will have good intentions. She walks away, saying that there's no real way of knowing. Izu begins thinking back to Aruto's words, saying that she wants to believe in HumaGears just like Aruto. She questions herself, wondering if those wishes are filled with sincerity or malice.

The Surgeon, Omigoto, preps himself for the surgery, at the same time Horobi and Jin reach their next target. Aruto confronts them in the meantime and goes in for the attack. He wipes out the Trilobyte forces, and doing so, triggers the previously hacked HumaGears to turn, even Omigoto hesitates to continue, feeling the effects of the hacking.

Jin orders the Giger to attack and Aruto obviously is overwhelmed by the giant. Horobi repeats that humanity will become extinct, which includes Aruto, but the latter rejects that, saying that if they're gonna follow the Ark, then they're gonna follow the hearts of the HumaGears. Horobi doesn't understand, and Izu literally slides in to explain the Joke (being a play on words). Izu hands Aruto the Breaking Mammoth Progrise Key and he scans it, the BS-ZA's back park breaking from the front of the Sattellite and reforming to a ship-like object, which is beamed down to Earth over Aruto. Aruto is beamed into the inside and the new form takes on a similar appearance to the Gigers. Now on equal footing, Aruto does battle with the Giger and comes out on top with its Breaking Impact. Horobi acknowledges that Zero-One is something that was not a part of their calculations, but clearly needs to be all things considered. Isamu wakes up later on and is shocked to see that he was saved by a HumaGear, utterly speechless at the sight of Omigoto.

In the aftermath, the same News station covers the story once more, this time, having footage of a HumaGear transforming. The critic points out the HumaGear's eyes were blue, bringing into even more questioning of whether or not HumaGears can be trusted at all. Izu pauses the broadcast and scans it, with Yua walking in. Izu confronts her, using her database to find Yua recording the video, as this was when she kidnapped the Assassin and reverted it back. Izu asks her what she was doing, and Yua, visibly upset claims she didn't do it, and storms off.

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Isamu is on the hospital rooftop, looking out towards DayBreak Town, thinking to himself, when Aruto joins him. Isamu is conflicted, knowing about the HumaGears that nearly killed him, and the one who saved his life. Aruto makes a corny joke, which makes Isamu nearly bust his gut again, and the Episode ends on a rather goodnote, between the two.

The spotlight was really turned on Yua, and Izu, with Aruto a bit. Yua's emotions took an interesting turn as up until this point, she was a cool-headed calculated person, to which Aruto points out is weird for her to be. I'm trying to be objective in my thinking, but I personally can't help shake the idea that her mind was on Isamu more than anything. From the opening seconds of the episode, in pure panic mode that he might die, to confronting Aruto and Izu about shutting down the HumaGear, she claims that casualties would happen if they stayed offline, but I'm sure she was more worried about Isamu dying. Now, it's way too early to imply romantic implications, but we can definitely make the argument that she was feeling guilty for everything. All of her manipulations ended up with her partner hanging on by a thread and the stress of that, along with the possibility of having even more blood on her hands was getting to her. MetsubouJinrai.NET made things go south real quick and she couldn't keep up. And the end scene where Izu confronts her about the recording, and her reaction, opens up more questions and makes us viewers wonder where her character is going,

Izu had some growing this episode too. 9 episodes in and we see clearly that she's going to gain Singularity, but its gonna be a really slow process. Her wanting to believe in the future of HumaGear is just like Aruto, but as a HumaGear she's still questioning why she has that kind of feeling. Aruto is slowly beginning to make her rethink her existence and concept, and I'm quite fascinated to see where this will take her character.

Aruto's time in the president's chair has hit a low point, but even then he wants to believe in HumaGear. He acknowledges that HumaGears like Horobi and Jin are evil, but thats outweighed by the ones he got to me up to this point. That being the case, he refuses to give up on them and through his actions, he's affecting those around him, namely Isamu, Yua and especially Izu, like I mentioned before. How this will expand in the future, we'll just have to see.

This weeks theme, feels like its incorporating a lot of things we've touched on in the last two months. The dangers of depending on technology, following and sticking by your dreams, etc. Yua finally realizes that technology is much more than simple tools, Aruto learns that not all HumaGears serve to be the dreams of Humanity, but he's not letting it deter him either. And Isamu realizes the error in his way of thinking as well. It's a major tonal shift from how everyone initially started and now we're at the point where these new understandings are going to push themselves going forward.

Episode 1-8 QuestionsPotential Answers/What We LearnedNew Questions

Now that Isamu's life is in the hands of HumaGear, will he be grateful to him if he survives? Or is he still going to remain untrustworthy towards them due to his deep-seated hatred?

Isamu's is caught speechless, seeing that a HumaGear saved his life. He's now conflicted on his feelings, but he does seem to give credit where its due

Going forward, is Isamu going to show a more softer side to HumaGear, now knowing for sure that Horobi is the sole cause of his trauma?


Yua realizes the flaw in her thinking and begins to understand that HumaGears and technology in general are more complex than just simple tools to be used. But then, she is caught as the one recording the footage of the reverted Assassin transforming into the Dodo Magia. Despite this, she denies having any involvement in this situation

Due to her reaction, she acts as though she's being set up. Could this be the case, or is this a front to hide her true motives? That said, is her new found understanding a true re-evaluation, or her concept of taking a step back and reconsidering how to continue with her line of thinking in terms of her proposed service to ZAIA Enterprises?


Aruto accepts the fact that not all HumaGear are good and seek to be humanity's partners in life. Despite that he's going to continue to fight for them.

Going forward, is Aruto going to try and help Horobi and Jin see things from other HumaGears perspectives? Being that he believes in the potential of HumaGears, will his sympathy towards them push him to try and make peace with them eventually?

Izu says that the BS-ZA has concluded to make a countermeasure to the Giger, through the Breaking Mammoth Progrise key.

Does the BS-ZA Satellite have the same functionality as the Ark? This raises questions of the relationship between the two and what they really are. Are they just satellites or is there an AI within each of them that act as parallels in terms of governing the HumaGears? Could it be that ZA and Ark are the original programs that opened the door for HumaGears themselves, sort of like deity-like figures?



And that'll just about do it for this week. Next week, Zero-One will be on break, which means Episode 10 will debut on November 10th. That said, this episode felt like a story arc wrap up and with the groundwork set for the rest of the year, this amazing series I feel is going to only escalate from here. In terms of rating, it'll get a 4.5/5. It serves as a continuation of last weeks' epicness, but the pace is somewhat slow and dialogue-heavy, although it makes sense when you consider it as a conclusion to the ongoing storyline the last eight episodes built on. Nonetheless, it was very satisfactory and I'm eager to see what new surprises we're in store for.

Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 9 has fansubs in English, being done by Ridertime Subs, Over-Time Subs, GemnCorp and TVNihon throughout the week of its airing (Between Sunday-Thursday depending on the group). Meanwhile, Kamen Rider Zero-One airs every Sunday at 9AM JST/ Saturday 8PM EST, so look out for those as well. (Starting next week, 11/3, daylight savings time kicks in, so 8PM EST will change to 7PM EST)

That's all from me you guys. Hope you enjoyed and I'll catch you guys next time.

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