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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan : MTV Show Review and Story

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About MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is a Youth based Indian Television Series telecasted on MTV India. This show directed by Ashima Chiber and produced by BBC Worldwide Productions was premiered on 21 July 2014. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is an adaptation of the super hit Korean Drama ‘Boys over Flowers’. The story of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan revolves around two middle class girls, Nandini Murthy and Navya Naveli, who joins SPACE Academy and the members of the College’s popular Band FAB5. Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan, titled earlier as Humko Ishq Ne Maara and Friendship Baazi, explores the essence of relationships based on family, friendships and love. This Show is telecasted Monday to Thursday 6:30 PM to 7 PM on MTV India and Rishtey UK at 9 PM.

The main casts of the show are Niti Taylor, Parth Samthaan, Ayaz Ahmed, Veebha Anand, Abhishek Malik, Utkarsh Gupta, Charlie Chauhan, Krissann Barretto and Karan Jotwani.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Cast and Characters

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Cast and Characters

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Story till now

Nandini Murty (Niti Taylor) is a simple girl staying at Mangalore with her Grandmother and younger Brother. She lost her Parents in a Car Accident in the US 10 years back. After the accident, her Brother suffers from a Psychological condition and also has lost his power of speech. She comes to stay in Mumbai with her Uncle and Aunt for her Brother’s treatment and to pursue her studies. Despite her dreams of becoming a Scientist, she joins the SPACE Academy of Performing Arts as a Scholarship Student to save money for her Brother’s treatment. She becomes the target for bullying of FAB5 (the College’s spoiled rich group of youngsters Manik Malhotra, Cabir, Dhruv, Alya and Mukti), after she stands up for her friend Navya Naveli (Veebha Anand). Manik (Parth Samthaan) throws her prized possession, her father’s pen, into the swimming pool. Nandini bears their tortures to get back her father’s pen. Unaware of the value of the pen to Nandini, Manik throws the pen from the upper floor of the college building. Nandini becomes furious and punches him in front of students.

Nandini joins the rival Music Band, NH3 lead by Alya’s Brother and Manik’s enemy Harshad Saxena (Abhishek Malik) along with her friend Navya. Manik takes revenge on her by making her sign a contract to be his spot girl for 100 days. Manik’s girlfriend Alya becomes insecure by Manik’s proximity with Nandini and forces him to release her from the contract. Nandini finds a friend in Manik’s best buddy Dhruv (Utkarsh Gupta) who also develops a soft corner for her. Alya (Krissann Barretto) hires goons to get rid of Nandini from the College, but Dhruv and Manik saves her. Dhruv breaks his friendship with Manik thinking that the goons were sent by him to harass Nandini. Manik takes his anger on Nandini by getting her expelled from the College with the help of his Mom Nyonika Malhotra (Kishwer Merchant). However, Harshad manages to convince Nyonika to reinstate Nandini.

Nandini convinces Dhruv to talk to Manik as the friendship is important for both of them. She tells him that she is willing to break her friendship with Dhruv so that Manik and he can continue to be friends. Manik feels guilty when he finds that it is Nandini who convinced Dhruv to patch up with him. Harshad manages to lock up Nandini and Manik together in the store room so that he can get rid of Manik from his sister's life. Spending time together in the store room helps Manik and Nandini to develop trust for each other. Next day, Manik saves Nandini from an accidental fall only to be mocked by Harshad. Manik’s plan to expose Harshad in front of Nandini and Navya backfires when he finds that it was Alya who sent the goons for Nandini. He is shattered knowing that Harshad and Dhruv knew about it. Manik walks out of the room in anger. Once again, Nandini and Manik are stuck together by fate. They have an argument and Nandini tells him that his ego could break FAB5. Manik joins his friends just before the registrations for Intra College Competition. He patches up with Dhruv but breaks up his seven years relationship with Alya for not trusting him.

The night before the Intra College Competition for participating in Musicana, Navya becomes upset about Harshad’s relationship with Mukti (Charlie Chauhan) and leaves from Harshad’s place without practicing. Manik, who also comes there to keep the FAB5 tradition of partying before competition, becomes upset when he finds that Cabir (Ayaz Ahmed) is in a secret relationship. That night Manik and Nandini take a break from enmity and share each other’s problems.

Next day, Nandini leaves home for the Competition without her father’s lucky pen. Nandini’s Brother Rishab (Steve) reaches the College with their Aunt to give it to her. At the College, Rishab gets an attack after seeing Dhruv passing by. Manik sacrifices his live performance and sings on the phone to stay with Rishab when Nandini does not respond to his calls. NH3 Band becomes winners of the competition and FAB5 are announced runner ups. Manik hides the real reason for his absence at the intercollegiate competition from his friends. Manik's gesture touches Nandini. She reaches his home to thank him, and the first sparks of physical attraction happen between them. Nandini also realizes that Manik is not a monster as he projects himself to be.

Manik and Nandini join hands together to find the reason behind Dhruv and Rishab’s attacks. In the days after that, they get closer to each other. Harshad sends Nandini to spy on Manik while he goes behind Cabir. Manik catches Nandini red handed, and she tells him that Harshad is following Cabir. Manik stops Harshad from following Cabir but sees Cabir kissing a man outside the Club. Manik is shocked to know that Cabir is Gay, but promises to support him. However, Cabir does not reveal the identity of his Boyfriend as his Partner does not want to come out in the open. That night Manik finds solace by hugging Nandini outside her house.

Harshad spikes Cabir’s drink at Raghav’s Birthday Party to find out about his secret, but Nandini ends up drinking it. Manik finds her in a drunken state and takes care of her. Nandini sees Cabir with Raghav and overhears their conversation. She tells Manik that she is aware that Cabir is Gay and tells him that she won’t reveal the secret to anyone. Alia convinces Dhruv to give Nandini signs that he likes her as more than a friend. She trains him on how to make any girl fall for him and gives him a complete makeover.

During the Diwali Party at Manik’s house, Manik and Nandini acknowledge their feelings for each other. Nandini reveals to Manik that Raghav (Rushad Rana) is Cabir’s boyfriend. Manik goes to confront Cabir and finds about Raghav’s breaks up with Cabir. Manik covers up for Cabir in front of their friends by announcing Cabir’s breakup with Rose (Scarlett Rose). Later Manik tells Nandini about Cabir’s breakup with Raghav and that he is happy that they broke up. Nandini calms him down saying love sees no boundaries.

Manik and Nandini confess their feelings for each other on Musicana Opening night. Manik is shattered when he finds that Dhruv is also in love with Nandini and decides to sacrifice Nandini for the sake of Dhruv. He projects himself as a villain in front of Nandini and tells her that breaking her heart was his revenge for her punching him. Nandini fails to perform at the Musicana because of her disturbed state of mind. Harshad efforts of blackmailing Cabir and cutting Manik’s harness do not stop FAB5 from performing in the competition. The FAB5 wins the competition, and Harshad seeks revenge by revealing Cabir’s secret in front of everyone. Cabir in turn plays a video of Harshad with another Guy to get even with him. Harshad and some goons beat up Cabir and Raghav. Manik and Nandini find them and take Cabir to the Hospital. Navya is shattered thinking Harshad is a Gay after seeing the video and confronts him at his house. Harshad gets intimate with Navya that night.

Manik drowns Harshad for beating up Cabir but Nandini saves him. She later teams up with the FAB5 to save Navya from Harshad’s trap. Cabir finds out about Manik and Nandini’s feelings for each other and tries to get them together. Dhruv proposes to Nandini but she rejects him. As per plan, Nandini convinces Harshad to seek revenge against Manik. Harshad tells her to get friendly with Manik so that they can execute their plan. Manik and Nandini spend the night at the jungle as per plan, and Nandini finds the real reason behind Manik dumping her. The jungle trip also brings Dhruv and Alya closer to each other. Manik apologizes and tries to win Nandini back, but she does not give in despite of his numerous attempts. When Manik finds that Cabir needs help, he sends his friends to rescue Cabir and stays back with Nandini to execute their plan. However, Harshad finds that Nandini is with FAB5 and plans a counter attack. He manages to trap Nandini and attacks Manik. Nandini comes to Manik’s rescue, but Manik gets injured. The rest of FAB5 reaches the spot, and they succeed in getting a recorded confession from Harshad. On the basis of the confession, Harshad is sent to jail for his crimes. Harshad dumps Navya when she fails to testify for him. Navya is shattered and leaves to her home town. Cabir starts to live in Manik’s house.

Manik refuses to go to the Doctor despite his injury demanding forgiveness from Nandini. He even kidnaps her and takes her to his farmhouse to talk to her when she refuses to forgive him. Nandini forgives him when she sees the infection in his hand and feverish condition. However, she makes it clear to him that they cannot resume from where they left before the Dhruv incident happened. Manik faints after their tiff and Nandini takes him to the Hospital. Her Brother Rishab is also bought to the same hospital by her Aunt after he gets an attack. The Doctor informs that Manik’s hand should be amputated as the infection has reached up to his shoulders because of negligence. At the Hostipal, Mukti meets Abhimanyu (Syed Zain Imam) who falls in love with her at first sight. Manik’s Mom Nyonika manages to get a Surgeon from London, who saves Manik’s hand from getting amputated. The Surgeon instructs Manik not to touch the Guitar till his hand heals. Manik is angered because of Nandini’s repeated rejections and tries to play the guitar. Nandini stops him but tells him that despite having feelings for him she can’t be with him as they are toxic together. Abhimanyu takes up the job of Peon in SPACE Academy to get closer to Mukti.

FAB5 gets a contract from Qlabels for an Album on the basis of their Musicana performance. On Alya’s request, the FAB5 withdraws the case against Harshad. Navya too returns after finding that she is pregnant with Harshad’s child. Nandini is appointed as FAB5 Manager to make sure that Album gets ready on time. As a strategy to get Nandini back, Manik flirts with the Qlabel owner’s daughter Soha (Jasmine Avasia) who has feelings for him. Manik’s strategy work and Nandini gets back with him on the New Years Eve. Soha sees them together and conspires to get rid of Nandini from Manik’s life. Harshad tries to trick Navya into aborting her pregnancy, but she exposes him in front of everyone. Harshad and Navya get rusticated from College.

Soha’s attempts to harm Nandini fail as Manik saves her. Harshad leaves town after Alya speaks to him rudely. Dhruv and Alya confess their feelings for each other. Abhimanyu convinces Mukti to go to the rehab to get rid of her drug addiction.

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Nandini organizes a Campaign to get Navya back to College. Manik refuses to support her telling that he will sort things his way while his friends support Nandini in the mission. Later, Manik too stands by Nandini and succeeds in getting Navya back to the College.

Abhimanyu asks Mukti out on a date but fails to reach her as he gets hospitalized. Mukti gets furious when Abhimanyu reaches the College next day and insults him. Abhimanyu informs that he is leaving the job. Cabir finds a place to stay and a job as bartender to support himself. Khurana fires Nandini from her job as Manager of Team and appoints Soha in her place. Nandini finds that Soha is a Psycho and has evil intentions on Manik. Khurana orders FAB5 to prepare 3 songs in 3 days and Soha takes them to her Farm House. Before leaving to the farm house Mukti gives Cabir’s House keys to Navya after she gets thrown out from the Hostel. The Principal informs Nandini that one Pundit Trilok Chaurasya is coming to conduct a workshop in the college on classical music and insists that she attends it. Soha tries to get close with Manik after spiking his drink but Nandini saves him. Nandini tells Cabir about Soha but tells him not to tell anything to Manik as they cannot let him throw away the album deal. Cabir gives his room to Manik and Nandini for the night. Soha keeps an eye at every room through CC cameras and loses her control after seeing Manik and Nandini together. The next day Nandini asks Cabir to keep Soha away from Manik till the album is done and goes to attend Pundit Trilok Chaurasya’s workshop. Dhruv and Aliya have an arguement over their relationship as Alya wants to keep their relationship a secret. Nandini arrives late for the class as Manik makes her listen the jamming session through phone and gets scolded by the Pundit badly. Manik reaches to College to meet Nandini and finds her crying. He calms her down and then asks her out on a date that night. Khurana finds out about the date through his spy. Khurana makes Manik late for the date with the help of Soha’s care taker and reaches the dating spot. He asks Nandini to leave Manik if she loves him and warns that he will ruin the career of FAB5 if she doesn’t do so. Cabir goes for his new job but the manager asks him to leave as his mom created scene at bar. He confronts his Mom and she asks him not to show his face again. He returns to farm house and sees Soha on Manik's bed. He yells at Soha to leave Manik and Nandini alone. Soha breaks his phone in anger and asks him to leave. Manik surprises Nandini by gifting her fireflies and playing guitar with left hand. Nandini realizes her love for Manik and decides to leave him.

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MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Story Review

First impression is supposed to be the best impression. But Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan first episode was a complete let down and failed to make a good first impression. However, as the show progressed, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan managed to get the TRP’s up and became a popular show amongst youngsters.

So, What makes Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan a popular youth Show? The concept of Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is somewhat appealing and refreshing to the Indian Audience. The Show highlights the importance of friendship along with other relationships. The USP of the show is the chemistry between the lead pair Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor. The Parth Samthaan and Niti Taylor pairing (MaNan or PaNi as they are fondly called) in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan have such popularity that they are the subjects of polls, Videos, fiction and even erotica. They are also winners of polls for popular young couple/romantic pair on Indian television. Despite the flaws of the Show like poor editing and bloopers on every episode, majority of viewers are willing to overlook them as long as they get to see their favorite pair together. The intimate and kissing scenes of Manik Nandini, Harshad Navya, Dhruv Alya and Cabir Raghav have helped Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan to get to the spotlight faster.

MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan also addresses some of the sensitive issues of the Indian Society like College ragging, Gay Relationships, Premarital Sex, Teen Pregnancy, Drug Abuse, Woman harassment etc. The show also manages to maintain its mystery element binding parallel story lines together and making the viewer look forward to the next episode. This MTV India Show also brings out the best performance from actors like Parth Samthaan, Niti Taylor, Ayaz Ahmed, and Veebha Anand. The show can also boast of a strong supporting cast including some of the popular faces on Indian Television industry like Kishwer Merchant, Rushad Rana, Ritu Karmakar and Mehul Nissar.

Another thing that makes Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan unique is the friendship bonds between characters. The Bond of Friendship between the members of FAB5 has been the highlight of the show from the start. Gradually as the show progressed the show witnessed more beautiful bonds between the characters like Cabir Nandini, Navya Nandini, Abhimanyu Nandini, Mukti Abhimanyu, Manik Dhruv, Manik Cabir, Alya Mukti and Cabir Navya. The Show showed how friends stand by each other and overcome the hurdles in the way.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’s lead pair MaNan/ PaNi has some of the craziest fans in the Indian Television Industry who are willing to overlook all the flaws of the Show for the sake of their favorite characters. The obsession for MaNan/ PaNi is not limited to using their avatars or stalking them on social networking sites, many of the fans consider it their right to interfere in the actor’s personal lives. There are not only fans who cannot see Parth Samthaan paired up with any other character in the Show, there are some who can’t even tolerate his real life relationships and friends. Many of these fans are so obsessed by the Show that they tend to forget that the actors are just playing the characters and the characters are not real. The antagonists of the Show (Abhishek Malik and Dishank Arora) were repeatedly bashed in forums and social networking sites because of their characters. Now these fans seem to have found a new target in Karan Jotwani who plays the role of Aryaman Khanna. KY2 Fandom is known for their power too. They managed to trend #WeLoveManan and #WeLoveNitiTaylor on the top spots on Twitter trends. Abhishek Malik who plays the role of Harshad Saxena had quit the Show following the negativity surrounding his character, but he was brought back to the Show after demand from the KY2 Fandom. The makers of the Show had plans to bring back Dishank Arora who played Pundit Trilok Chaurasya but seemed to have dropped the idea following negative comments and requests from fans not to bring him back. The Fandom wanted a closure of the Soha track making Manik realize Nyonika’s role in it and the introduction of Karan Jotwani as Aryamann Khanna seems to be a positive step towards it.

There are numerous Forums, Video embedding sites, Facebook Fan Pages and Blogs based on the Show that has helped in popularizing the Show further. The popularity of the Show and its actors also prompted the makers of Warrior High to use the KY2 Actors for promoting the Show. They not only showed FAB5 as the ex students of Warrior High but also named 7 characters of Warrior High after the actors.

If you are expecting an Indian version of Boys of Flowers in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan, you will be disappointed. However, there are some similarities in the storyline and characters. While Boys of Flowers is a heavy budget show showing exotic locations and luxurious lifestyle, Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan is a show made on Shoe string budget. Some the biggest drawbacks of KY2 as a show are lack of finality of scenes, bloopers, changing script writers, poor execution and bad editing. Apart from that, you won't find any logic or reasoning for most of the things that happen in Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. Also, the viewers find the Sponsor Ads (deo, contact lenses, fresh mint, sunglasses etc) shown as part of the show in almost every alternative episode quite irritating. Though KY2 is based on College life, one can see only a handful of students in the College and no teaching staff or learning is seen happening. Also, the lifestyle and clothing of the so called filthy rich FAB5 is just ordinary compared to the stylish F4 aka Boys of Flowers leads.

There are a lot of things that may look dramatic in the Show or needs further explanation. Given below are some of them.

  1. Nandini is shown as an intelligent girl with aspirations to become a Scientist like her father, yet she is shown in the 1st episode trying to escape the Airport Security check carrying a firefly jar. Also, Nandini’s Fireflies seems to be immortal and are shown surviving for months together in a glass jar.
  2. In the first episode, Nandini’s Aunt seemed to have no idea regarding Rishab’s attacks. Nandini had to tell her about the Car accident and Rishab’s plight after witnessing the accident. How come a close relative does not know anything about Nandini and Rishab’s Parents accident and the effects it had on them?
  3. Nandini’s father’s pen gets thrown into the water and also from a three floor building, but still do not get damaged. After the initial episodes even Nandini does not seem to be bothered about her father's pen.
  4. Dhruv and Rishab’s meteor related mysterious attacks and connection between them needs further explanation. Nandini is desperate to get Rishab’s attacks cured but nothing has been done though the Doctor has said that Rishab can be cured. Nandini also has not told anything about the news to Manik who is guilty about Dhruv’s attacks. Though MaNan had joined hands initially to find the reason behind the Dhruv Rishab attacks, they seem to have abandoned their mission.
  5. No much importance is given to Music learning or compositions.
  6. No proper explanation is given for Harshad’s enmity towards Manik or Nyonika’s behavior towards Manik. Now that the Harshad character is back, probably the viewers will get their answers.
  7. What happened to the hope tree Manik gave Nandini is not known. Also, Manik seems to have the magical power to get fireflies whenever he wants to impress his lady love.
  8. Manik seems to have an amnesia regarding the Hard disk having proof against Soha. He could have easily known what happened between him and Nandini after Soha spiked his drink if he would have checked it.
  9. Many characters of the show have vanished without any reason. For instance, Shahid (Pulkit Bangia) who plays the role of a student in SPACE Academy and Sunny Sharma (Dhiraj Totlani) who plays SPACE Academy Canteen helper are not seen in the show for quite some time.

Having said the above, Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan is still a Show worth watching despite its numerous flaws. If you are looking for an entertaining Youth Show with a social message and want to see some of the best kissing scenes on Indian Television, MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan should not disappoint you.

If you like to read the detailed episode written updates of the Show, Check out my Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Blog (Find the link in the Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan story till now section above). You may also join the KY2 Facebook fan page. Did you find my Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Review useful? Do you watch Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan? Please rate the Show and post your comments below.

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F4 Introduction in Boys over Flowers

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