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How Has Kageyama Grown as a Person in Haikyuu?

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Many viewers' go-to comfort anime is Haikyuu!! It's not surprising that the anime has attracted fans worldwide because it features a cast of characters with endearing, lovable personalities and volleyball matches that are filled with enough tension to warrant binge-watching.

Haikyuu!! focuses on the committed Karasuno volleyball team and follows the charming teenagers through heartbreaking defeats and fantastic character growth. Tobio Kageyama, a first-year, is one member of Karasuno who has made the most progress.

Now let's get into how Tobio Kageyama's personality has changed?

Kageyama, who demolished protagonist Shoyo Hinata in his first middle school volleyball match, was first introduced as the antagonist in Haikyuu!! He consistently distances himself from and criticizes teammates, demonstrating a lack of faith in his team, earning him the infamous moniker "King of the Court."

Kageyama put a lot of physical effort into getting better, and he also worked on his analytical abilities because he thought there was no room for error. Due to his frustration that his middle school teammates can't match his talent, Kageyama becomes an egotistical king while playing a game. He loses the game, the respect and encouragement of his teammates, and his love for volleyball at this precise moment.

Before facing off in a match of professional volleyball, members of Haikyuu Hinata and Kageyama shake hands post-time skip.

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Kageyama is put on the same team as Hinata, the student he easily defeated and got along with, on his first day of high school. Before officially joining Karasuno, the opposing boys must demonstrate their abilities as teammates, which causes the callous Kageyama to change.

Kageyama had never accepted that volleyball was a team sport before being shunned from the squad by third-year captain Daichi Sawamura. To make a single spike or a great reception more than just a simple move, all players must cooperate. He had failed to recognize this due to his ego, which ultimately led to his rejection from Shiratorizawa Academy, his top choice for college.

Kageyama realized the value of teamwork and why talent alone isn't enough to succeed after meeting Hinata and other motivating Karasuno members. His volleyball skills noticeably improve throughout Haikyuu, which was initially forced upon him by his previous Hinata.

Kageyama experienced a deep sense of loneliness in volleyball due to being dumped by his previous team. But as the anime progresses, viewers can see how the upbeat Hinata, who catalyzes his growth, starts to humanize Kageyama. He gradually aids Kageyama in coming to trust his team once more, and the two even have an insane combo. As he genuinely believes his teammate will always be available to receive his pass, Kageyama places his trust in our favorite orange boy.

As he learns from his mistakes and advances to become a more formidable opponent, Kageyama improves with each match. As he starts to spend time learning what's best for Karasuno, the team starts to share his complete trust in Hinata. It is best shown when Kageyama challenges fellow first-year Tsukishima Kei about how to create the ideal buildup in a match against Aoba Johsai.

Kageyama had to reconsider his perspective on volleyball to determine whether it was preferable to maximize the team's potential through dictatorship or trust. He had to figure out how to push his team without being abandoned, while also winning for himself and the team by unlocking their potential.

He found that the teammates and friends he found within Karasuno know who he is and have helped him become the best version of himself on and off the court. He discovered that his new Karasuno teammates and friends understand who he is and have helped him develop into his best self both on and off the court. Tobio Kageyama has transformed from the immature King of the Court to an understanding cornerstone of Karasuno High School's volleyball team. Now, the King is aware that his teammates will always be there to catch him if he falls, even if he does so alone.

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