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Interesting Facts about Kuroko no Basuke


'The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays'

This anime is one of the most popular during the recent years, as anime enthusiasts got crazy over cool and amazing basketball players with beautiful faces and rainbow-colored hairs. The 'Generation of Miracles', a group of young middle school players at Teiko Middle School, gained popularity by their breakthrough record of consecutive victories. Lead by the captain Akashi, the members of GoM, Aomine as the ace, Kise as the copycat, Midorima as the shooter, and Murasakibara as the strongest, they dominated the court, but it wasn't easy for them because struggles and problems rises from time to time, as they started to 'bloom' they realized that they cannot work as a team, but individuals who only yearn for victory. However, Kuroko Tetsuya, the Phantom Sixth Man, and the member whom the GoM recognizes, decided to fight against them after they have graduated. Now that they are facing each other, Kuroko found his new light, the one he will support to become the number one in Japan and the one to beat the GoM - he is Kagami Taiga. But it's interesting to know about their personal lives, so here's a list about things you probably don't know about them.


'Be honest with yourself'

Kise Ryouta was once a member of Teiko's 'Generation of Miracles', but his cute, cheerful, and jolly personality makes everyone thinks that he's not really a basketball player. He's now a member of Kaijo Academy, also known as the 'Blue Elites'. Still stubborn, he is always scolded by his senpais, especially the captain, Kasamatsu Yukio. Aside from being a model with a good fashion sense, and given his handsome appearance, here's what you should know about him:

  • 'Ki' in his name 'Kise' means yellow-the reason for his hair color.
  • He is afraid of earthworms because he finds it disgusting.
  • He only had his left ear pierced, because it hurts him so much that he decided not to have his right ear pierced.
  • He is good in English, although he's generally not good in school.
  • He has 2 older sisters. One of his sisters got him into modelling.
  • He is the oldest member of 'Generation of Miracles'.
  • He hates unagi (Japanese eel).
  • In the Character Bible, he said that we wanted to be a pilot.
  • His favorite pastime is karaoke singing.
  • He admitted that he likes a girl that won't let him down.
  • His specialty, aside from his copying skills, is tasting mineral water.
  • In Fujimaki's Replace novels, he used his copying skills in Dance Dance Revolution and ended up having the highest score.
  • He adds the suffix -chi in the names of the people whom he respects, like Kurokocchi, Aominecchi, Kagamicchi, Akashicchi, etc..
  • He usually ends his sentence with a -su.
  • He resembles some blonde characters from other anime, like Alibaba Saluja from Magi and Kintoki Sakata from Gintama.
  • He is voiced by Ryohei Kimura.

'Man Proposes, God Disposes'

This green-haired guy named Midorima Shintaro is the GoM's most weird and most reserved member. He is known for his 100% shooting accuracy and is the best three-pointer - he can even shoot at long range, from one end of the court without any flaws. He is now playing for Shutoku High School, one of the 'Three Kings of Tokyo' and also known as the 'King of Veterans'. He is always seen with his teammate, Takao Kazunari, whom he gets along with, not only during free time but their skills are also in good rhythm, since Takao's Hawk eye is in-sync with Midorima's shooting ability. All of the obvious things aside, here's a list of things you probably don't know about Midorima:

  • 'Midori' in his name 'Midorima' means green.
  • His first name was supposed to be 'Ryohei'.
  • He occasionally ends his sentences with 'nanodayo', and according to Kise, he has a funny accent.
  • In the entire series, he never missed an untouched shot.
  • He dislikes cats, because he's afraid to get scratched.
  • He always listen to Oha-Asa's Daily Prediction and buy the lucky item.
  • He is good at playing piano.
  • His hobby is playing shogi, although he never won against Akashi.
  • He likes girls who are older than him.
  • He likes red bean soup, he dislikes natto, and he is also bad at cooking.
  • He is good at Chemistry and Biology.
  • It is revealed that he wanted to be a doctor.
  • He has a younger sister.
  • He is the first GoM member to notice a change within Akashi's personality.
  • During Teiko days, he is always seen along with Akashi, given that he is the vice captain of Teiko Basketball Club.
  • He is voiced by Daisuke Ono (seiyuu of Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji, Sinbad from Magi, and Erwin Smith from Shingeki no Kyojin).

'The only one who can beat me is me'

Aomine Daiki was the ace of Teiko Basketball Club and the first GoM member to stand out and improve his ability. He loved playing basketball more than anyone else, so he kept on training until he becomes stronger - to the point that his opponents are completely crushed both in physical and morale. Later on, he realizes that no one can defeat him, and his time is only wasted in playing basketball. Eventually, he concluded that 'the only one who can beat me is me' and he started slacking off during practice. He is now the ace of Too Academy, and had defeated Seirin High and Kaijo High once. Momoi, the former manager of Teiko Basketball Club, is with him at Too Academy.

Here are some other facts about Aomine:

  • 'Ao' in his name 'Aomine' means blue.
  • Momoi was his childhood friend. He used to play street basketball with her.
  • He is called 'Dai-chan' by Momoi.
  • In the characters' bible, he said that if he had an alternate job, it would be a police officer.
  • He is the only GoM member to call Kuroko as 'Tetsu'.
  • He hates bees because he was stung by one.
  • He is the reason why Momoi hates frogs. He put one on her head and it made her cry.
  • His favorite food is teriyaki burger.
  • He likes catching small insects like cicadas and crayfishes.
  • He writes his own autobiography.
  • His best subject is Japanese History, although he doesn't excel in school.
  • He is an only child.
  • A pun was made for him: Aho-mine (Aho means stupid).
  • He is voiced by Junichi Suwabe.

'Sweets are justice'

The purple-haired titan in this anime is Murasakibara Atsushi. He is the tallest member of GoM, whose height is 6'1 during Teiko days (now 6'10). He is portrayed as a lazy character, hates practice, and has a childish personality. He eats too much, especially junk foods, sweets, and chips. He has a small eyes and a shoulder-length hair (the only long-haired member of GoM). Unlike the other characters who showed too much passion for basketball, he admitted that he hates playing because it makes him bored and he wants to crush every player who aimed to be good at it. He is now playing for Yosen High, and is always seen getting along with Himuro Tatsuya. His incredible strength made him the ace of the team. Aside from these, here's a list of what you didn't know about him:

  • 'Murasaki' in his name 'Murasakibara' means purple.
  • At the beginning, he didn't get along well with Midorima (since he is childish and he is always serious).
  • He is the only GoM character to challenge Akashi for a 1-on-1 game.
  • Kuroko and Murasakibara gets along well during the early Teiko days.
  • He is the reason for Akashi's awakening of the emperor eye.
  • Just like Kise, he adds suffixes to people's names, shortening names and adding -chin into it, like Kurochin, Kisechin, Midochin, Akachin, Minechin, etc...
  • He is bad at handling small things, like threading a needle.
  • At replace novels, it is revealed that his specialty is goldfish scooping.
  • He has 3 older brothers and 1 older sister.
  • He hates vegetables, especially carrots.
  • His favorite subject is Physics.
  • He dislikes crows because of their weird noise.
  • He has the most number of points recorded, having 100 points in a single game.
  • He likes girls who are taller than him.
  • His favorite candy is Nerunerunerune candy.
  • He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura.
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'I am absolute. Since I always win, I'm always right'

The red-haired emperor who is often called as the 'scissor guy' and the 'shortie' is called Akashi Seijuro. Compared to other members of GoM (except for Kuroko), he is small and short. He has a spiky red hair and long bangs which he cut during his first encounter with Kagami at Winter Cup opening ceremony. He has hetero-chromatic eyes (one is red and one is yellow) which he developed after the conflict between him and Murasakubara. He is also afraid of losing, because ever since, he never lose, and he concluded that since he always win, he is always right, therefore, he is absolute. For him, winning is everything.

He was Teiko's captain and now he remains as captain of Rakuzan High School, along with his teammates, of which three of them are uncrowned kings. He is the last GoM member to be revealed throughout the series.

Other facts about him are the following:

  • 'Aka' and 'shi' in his name 'Akashi' means 'red' and 'office' (government).
  • He plays the violin.
  • His alternate job would be a professional shogi player.
  • His specialty is horse riding, and Yukimaru (a white horse born on the same day as Akashi) is his favorite horse.
  • He likes girls with dignity.
  • He hates disobedient dogs.
  • His favorite food is tofu soup.
  • His mother's name is Shiori and his father's name is Masaomi.
  • Akashi and Kuroko were planned to be siblings. Notice that their hairstyle are almost the same.
  • He is the first person to discover Kuroko's ability as the phantom sixth man.
  • His family is extremely wealthy.
  • His father raised him in 'excellent in all areas' manner.
  • His best subject in school is labeled as 'everything'
  • He was in good terms with Midorima during Teiko days. He plays shogi with him, although Midorima never win against him.
  • He got along the least with Aomine.
  • He plays shogi alone.
  • He is the student council president of Rakuzan, even though he's a first year student.
  • He dislikes wakame (seaweed).
  • He is unable to make jokes.
  • He is revealed to be close to his mother, and she was his support, until she died when he was in fifth grade in elementary.
  • His father was extremely strict, and he is stricter as usual after the death of his mother.
  • He is voiced by Hiroshi Kamiya.

'Eat well, play well'

The 'miracle who chose a different path' and 'the miracle who didn't become a miracle' is Kagami Taiga. He is a Japanese raised in America, becoming friends with his so-called brother Himuro Tatsuya. His interest in basketball started in street ball in America, and his skills were crafted by his blonde mentor, Alexandra Garcia. He is playing for Seirin High School as the ace, and Kuroko's new light (formerly Aomine in Teiko). With his exceptional skills in basketball, he miraculously won against the GoM members, but tasted defeat against Aomine during the Inter-high. He continuously reaches his goal to defeat the GoM with the help of his shadow, Kuroko. They aim to become the number one in Japan.

Here are some trivias for you to know about Kagami:

  • 'Taiga' means tiger. 'Kagami' means mirror.
  • His alternate job would be a fireman.
  • His hobby is surfing.
  • He likes girls who are elegant.
  • His specialty is cooking. He even taught Riko how to cook curry.
  • During the conceptualization stage, his name was originally Shigehiro Akiwara (Shigehiro is the name of Kuroko's childhood friend).
  • He is popular with older girls, calling him 'cute'.
  • He has a huge appetite.
  • He is afraid of ghosts.
  • His family is rich. He lives alone while his parents live in America.
  • He dislikes dogs, but he had no choice when Kuroko adopted Nigou.
  • He is often called as 'Baka-gami' (baka means idiot), perfect for describing his poor grades in school.
  • His favorite food is cheeseburger, often seen at Maji burger.
  • His seiyuu is Yuki Ono.

'I am a supporting actor. A shadow'

The protagonist of this anime, Kuroko Tetsuya, is a mysterious man who seemed to be very quiet, gloomy, and has a very low presence which makes him look like invisible to other characters. He is playing for Seirin High School, a newly built school with a newly formed basketball club. He is helping Kagami in his goal with the use of his skills, playing as the supporting actor, or the shadow. During Teiko days, he is known as 'the phantom sixth man' because of his incredible playing skills, playing using his magic-like techniques. He is also a small player, once called as a 'kid' by a foreign player. He has a very straightforward personality, although most of the time, he remains very calm.

Here are some things you should know about him:

  • 'Kuro' in his name 'Kuroko' means black - the reason for being the 'shadow'.
  • His favorite drink is vanilla shake.
  • His favorite subjects are humanities, geography, and history.
  • He is a member of the school's Library Committee. He likes reading books.
  • About girls, he likes gentle person.
  • His alternate job is to become a kindergarten teacher.
  • He is good at making handicrafts.
  • Ogiwara Shigehiro is his childhood friend, whom he wrote letters with and exchange mails.
  • He lives with his father, his mother, and his grandmother, and they live in a small house as mentioned.
  • He inherited his mother by looks and her invisibility, while he got the characteristics from his father.
  • He dislikes cola.
  • During his time in Teikō, Kuroko had perfect attendance.
  • He is voiced by Kensho Ono.

There are more, more information to go, but let's have these for now :) Don't forget to share your thoughts about it, and let me hear some interesting facts too, aside from the ones I mentioned above. KNB is still an on-going anime with three seasons, and the manga is completed, but there's an on-going specials about GoM and Kagami on the same team against Jaberwocks ^_^

Until the next update!

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