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King Killumbia Appears on Bizarre of D12's Drugs 4 Mixtape

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D.r.u.g.s. 4 Cover

Bizarre's new mixtape

Bizarre's new mixtape

Columbia, South Carolina's own King Killumbia is one of many guest stars on a new mixtape by Bizarre, best known as the portly member of Eminem's Detroit-based outfit, D12. The mixtape was released in 2020.

The track, "All Night," with a runtime of 2:37, features Killumbia on the first verse and Bizarre on the second. It is part of D.R.U.G.S. 4, the fourth so-named mixtape (D.R.U.G.S. stands for Dat Real Under Ground S**t) and the 13th overall available to Spinrilla, one of the many sites at which the entire collection of mixtapes by the Detroit emcee is available for listen.

Other artists on the mixtape include Jake Hen, Swoodie Rich, Mike Whip, etc.

Other sites with the mixtapes include,, and Although Bizarre has many mixtapes out on different websites, only a few of these have appeared on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music.

There has been a long history of collaboration between King Killumbia and Bizarre. In November 2020, the pair were joined by Project Pat on the song, "Where the Hoes At?" In 2019, former X-Rated Records signee Met G combined forces with the two on the song, "All Night".The same year, Killumbia appeared on Bizarre's Valentine's Day Massacre mixtape, with a solo track, "If I Can't Have You".


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About Bizarre

Bizarre was featured as a member on both of D12's albums, 2001's Devil's Night and 2004's D12 World. Formed in 1996, the group included de facto leader and producer Eminem, Kon Artis (now a producer known as Mr. Porter), Kuniva, Swifty, the late Proof, and Bizarre. Producers of the group's outfit included Dr. Dre (who discovered Eminem), Eminem himself, Mr. Porter, Luis Resto, the Bass Brothers, and DJ Head. The group's singles include "Purple Pills" (the radio version was entitled "Purple Hills"), "Fight Music," "S**t on You", "My Band," "How Come," "40 oz.," and "Git Up." Proof was killed in a nightclub in 2006 by one Mario Etheridge, one of the club's bouncers, shortly after killing Keith Bender, Jr. over a game of billiards. This resulted in the group taking a two-year hiatus. Bizarre left the group in 2012, The group rarely appeared in music after the tragedy, Proof was replaced with Fuzz Scoota for about a year, and the group disbanded in 2018, as announced on Eminem's song, "Stepping Stone" from the emcee's Kamikaze album.

Bizarre has had four solo albums, Hannicap Circus (2005), Blue Cheese & Coney Island (2007), Friday Night at St. Andrews (2010), and Rufus (2019).

About King Killumbia

King Killumbia, formerly known as Devin Patrick, began rapping in 1998 and recorded five albums under his original moniker. After that he changed his name to his current one and released the albums Problems, Welcome to Killumbia, Problems, and the self-titled KIllumbia. He had his own label, 2Deep Records, later known as X-Rated Records, but later signed to fellow SC emcee Lil Ru's Presidental Music and the local label HeadHunter Records in 2015, under which his latest four albums were released.

King Killumbia

King Killumbia

King Killumbia

D.R.U.G.S. 4 on Spinrilla

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