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K-Vers: 4 of the Best Korean Dramas that Genre Romance Fiction

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K-vers is a new segment of Fotvers centered on the Korean entertainment scene. In this segment, we will discuss everything about Korea.


A Korean Drama Genre

Korean drama is a television series originating from South Korea. Korean dramas are in great demand by many circles, especially teenagers who like the world of K-Drama and K-Pop. However, over time, Korean dramas were also in great demand by adults. That's because, Korean dramas have a unique and meaningful storyline. Korean dramas consists of many genres, such as romantic, social, fiction, family, history, and other genres. However, in general, a Korean drama concludes with many genres or themes, this is what makes the storyline even more exciting and cool to watch.

One of the most popular and fun genre combination to watch is romance fiction. In general, Korean dramas with the fictional genre have storyline that are difficult and confusing. So that the audience will feel bored. However, if combined with the romantic genre, the film will be very suitable because it provides its own entertainment for the audience. No wonder Korean dramas with this genre are in great demand by Korean drama fans. Of the many Korean dramas, here are the top 4 Korean dramas with the romance fiction genre.

1. W: Two Worlds


As the title implies, this Korean drama which aired in July 2019 tells the story of two different worlds, namely the world of comics and the real world. Played by top artists Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo-Joo who successfully performed their roles very well. Inside there are rules and theories that bind these two worlds. However, this is not a barrier to their love story. This Korean drama will successfully create curiosity in every episode.

2. The King: Eternal Monarch


This drama is Lee Min ho's latest drama after being on hiatus due to military service. This drama with a royal background and a parallel world. Tells the story of the successful struggle for the throne by surprise with a plot twist at the end of the story. The female lead, Kim Go Eun fits perfectly with the character she plays, so that this drama feels very alive in the minds of the audience.

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3. While You Were Sleeping


What would you do if you could see the future through dreams? This Korean drama is the picture. The drama, played by Bae Suzy and Lee Jong Suk, tells the story of a couple struggling through the twist. And with turns of life with a state of being able to see the future through dreams. The story in it is also very inspiring to stay enthusiastic and brave in passing all life's tests.

4. Hotel Del Luna


This Korean drama is famous for its drama that is flooded with tears because it tells the story of the separation of people who have died. Despite the flood of tears, this drama is packed with comedy elements to keep the audience entertained. With its distinctive moon logo, Hotel Del Luna will help people who have died, but still have unresolved business in the world. IU and Yeo Jin-Goo will invite viewers to go on an adventure to help with the affairs of ghost in the world!

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