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K. Lavale ~ Where You Wanna Go

K. Lavale

K. Lavale

Many of you know by now that I love music and the musicians, producers, and singers who create it. I have dedicated much of my feature writing to musical artists who are on the "come up" and with their talent, the right handlers and breaks, could be that next generation of the music stars we listen to past and present.

Kevin Lavale (known as K. Lavale) is a young music artist looking to step up his game professionally in the music industry with the release of his new single 'Where You Wanna Go', and I was impressed enough with his music to want to continue my tradition of featuring such artists.

I caught up with Kevin recently in San Bernardino to learn more about him, his music and new single "Where You Wanna Go".

Q&A w/ K.Lavale

Kevin, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let our readers learn more about you and your music.

RW) If you had to describe yourself musically, what would that description be? Are you a songwriter first / producer / rapper / singer? And, who would you put yourself in a similar category with?

KL) I see myself as a singer songwriter. I’m starting to dive into producing more, and as far as comparing myself to anyone I would say I am a new breath of fresh air for the music industry (He says with a smile).

RW) Describe your music for us.

KL) My music is the type of music that will put you in a vibe that enlightens and changes your mood.

RW) Where did you grow up, and do you come from a family of musicians, or are you the only one in the family?

KL) I was born in Los Angeles moved out to the LA empire when I was young and I say all of my family has always been musically inclined in some sort of way Whether it was wrapping dancing or making beats.

RW) Who were some of your early influences in music and who you most liked? And, who do you like out there now?

KL) Well I broke in the 90's so I say my error has some of the best music that came out from usher so hot boys Lil' Wayne, Trey Songz, Chris Brown.

RW) You have a new project you are working on now in the studio, is it just a single or are you working on an album?

KL) Right now I am currently working on my first album and I just recently dropped my single called where you wanna go featuring 47liii and KeWeezy.


RW) Who are some of the cats you are working with on your music project that you would like to shout-out?

KL) Some of the people that I’m working with on my project that helps me develop a lot of my sound and I would like to give a big shout out to them are 47liii, Don Mellow, Pwrln , Ya, and last but not least, the most High.

RW) What inspired you about this music you are working on, and have you released music previous to this work?

KL) What is inspiring me about this music that I recently released is all the different types of incident and energy you receive from those Incidents and how you decide to put it back out into the world. And as far as any previously released music I’ve been doing a lot of features to get myself heard I actually need a good song called Situations by Don Mellow at 47liii.

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RW) Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years time, and do you have other artistic pursuits you plan to follow, like acting?

KL) In five years to be honest I don’t know where I see myself because there’s so many possibilities of where I can go positively so I’ll just leave that question whatever the most High wants me to go.

RW) What is your goal with your music at this stage of your looking to get a record deal with a label? And, if so, any label in particular you'd like to sign with, and why?

KL) The goal I’m looking for in my career with releasing music is to get my sound heard. To actually be able to put good energy out there, if a record label decides to sign me off of the energy that I put out that will be a plus.

RW) Where can our readers find you on social media and where can they purchase your music?

KL) You can find me on Instagram @itsklavale; Snap@klavale; TikTok @itsklavale.

Thank you again for this interview. I am sure we will be seeing a lot more from you musically in the near future and will follow you on social media.


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Where You Wanna Go

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In five years to be honest I don’t know where I see myself because there’s so many possibilities of where I can go positively so I’ll just leave that question whatever the most High wants me to go."

— K.Lavale

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