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Justice League (2017) Review: Heroes Save the Day?

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The saving grace of this film was not its plot but rather its characters and the actors cast to play them. The list of good characters in this film excludes the main antagonist of the story, who seemed like a paper-thin cut out from a how to be evil advice column. It is great to see comic book characters brought to life, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth when it seems like they are reading their lines from the comic word for word without adapting them to the real world.

Steppenwolf, Worst Villain Ever?

Steppenwolf not only displays the trope of the person who is evil just for the sake of being evil, but also embodies everything wrong with underdeveloped antagonists within the genre. Overall, this guy is very forgettable and even the resolution made me feel as if it was very anti-climactic. Steppenwolf seemed like a joke and came off as a plot device rather than a character.


Justice League Overcomes a Lazy Story?

I must admit that I enjoyed myself far more in the moments just dealing with the members of the Justice League itself. These moments provided better scenes than when they were actually facing off against Steppenwolf in my opinion. There were some nice moments between team members when they were heading into battle as well as when they were in battle, but it was the league's interactions during these moments that made for good scenes and our villain just happened to be there because the plot demanded a villain.

The chemistry between the members of the league and all of the interactions between certain members were the highlight of the movie. Ezra Miller did a great job as the comic relief of the team, and his performance came off as natural. Ray Fisher, who may just have had the best performance as cyborg really was a great character to see. The scene where we first get to see cyborg was a great introduction, and made me want to see even more of his story. We also see Batman showing another side to the character and the relationships between each member was dynamic. I wish some of the scenes were longer as some of the great moments were very fast paced and short lived.

The turning point of the film was expected, but it happened sooner than I had thought, and this lead to in my opinion the best scene of the movie. Without going into too much spoilers, I'll only say that the best fight was NOT the final fight at the end.

Final Verdict

Overall I would score this film a 2.5 out of 5 stars. If I was scoring this on story alone, I would give this a 1.5, but the heroes saved the film and saved the day. Overall an entertaining watch, especially for the comic fandom, but was left wanting more when it came to the story.

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Kendall Shareef (author) on November 18, 2017:

However, with the many different versions of these characters it is hard to choose one, and if they had chosen some of the stronger versions of some of these characters, then our villain would have seemed even more like a joke. I hope they work in some of the incredible feats of our heroes and raise the stakes for a more compelling story.

Kendall Shareef (author) on November 18, 2017:

Thank you for my first ever article comment! Appreciate it. I thought her role was great again and of course I love the actor. She definitely added into some of those great team moments.

I only wish they made her stronger as she has still yet to show some of her most powerful comic feats on the big screen, so maybe some more great moments are coming for her in future films.

Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on November 18, 2017:

I voted for Wonder Woman in your poll. Good review.

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