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Just Like Baseball Extra Innings, Songs Starting with "Second"

This Stage Sight Warrants a Second Look at Peter Gabriel and Genesis


Here to stay, much to the dismay of baseball purists, is the radical move designed to speed up the games. What started out as a temporary adjustment for the pandemic-shortened 2020 season, beginning each extra inning with a runner on second is still in play now three years later.

Fans continue to disagree as to whether the benefits of the man on second outweighs the disadvantages, but nearly everyone would agree on the idea of starting a song title with “Second.” Here are fifteen reasons to support the argument that songs can be great when they, like baseball's extra innings, start with second.

1. Second Hand News by Fleetwood Mac

By opening Rumours with this infectious track, the Mac were letting the world know that what was about to unfold was one of the greatest albums of all time.

2. Second Hand Store by Joe Walsh

Shortly after joining the Eagles on Hotel California, Walsh charted with “Life's Been Good” and this single from But Seriously Folks.

3. Second Hand Face by John Gorka

New Folk pioneer Gorka composed this ballad about a carnival worker, one of the many clever cuts from the Out of the Valley album.

4. Second Hand Love by Pete Townshend

The Who songwriter showed his pop sensibilities on this track from his fourth solo album, White City.

5. Second Chance by Peter, Bjorn and John

This power pop gem helped propel the album Gimme Some, a track that gained even more traction when it was used as the theme song for the sitcom Two Broke Girls.

6. Second That Emotion by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

“If you feel like giving me a lifetime of devotion” Smokey poses, finishing the chorus with the title clause.

7. Second Cup of Coffee by Gordon Lightfoot

Bob Dylan on Desire pleaded for “One More Cup of Coffee,” which was either just as many as his fellow folkie requests here.

8. Second Coming by Alice Cooper

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Serving as a lead-in to the psychotic rocker “Balld of Dwight Frye,” this Love It To Death cut was one of the few songs credited to Cooper alone.

9. Second Staircase by Del Amitri

Fatal Mistakes was a fantastic comeback album for the Justin Currie's British alternative outfit, a record rife with soft ballads like this one as well as the political rocker “Nation of Caners.”

10. Second Nature by Utopia

Todd Rundgren's side project offered this catchy single on Adventures In Utopia, which also features gems such as “The Last of the New Wave Riders” and “Caravan.”

11. Second Hand Man by Jo Jo Gunne

“Run, Run Run” opened the self-titled debut, a single that overshadowed album mates like “Academy Award” and this first rate classic.

12. Second Fiddle by Buck Owens

Don Rich of course assists the Bakersfield legend on this track, just as he did on other hits like “Tiger by the Tail”, “King of Fools” and “Under Your Spell Again.”

13. Second Guessing by REM

Second album, second song, second side. This track from Reckoning, by the way, lasts 171 seconds.

14. Second Home By the Sea by Genesis

From the self-titled 1983 album, this track was often overlooked by the huge single “Illegal Alien.”

15. You're Only Human (Second Wind) by Billy Joel

Somehow this single was omitted from The Nylon Curtain, finally becoming available on the Piano Man's Greatest Hits album.

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