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One Direction: Behind "Just Can't Let Her Go" Leaked Song

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This is the third album released by One Direction boyband, Midnight Memories, in which people believed there was Just Can't Let Her Go.

This is the third album released by One Direction boyband, Midnight Memories, in which people believed there was Just Can't Let Her Go.

Waiting for New Albums

One Direction has undoubtedly been one of the most popular boy bands in the world. With their songs, they have conquered millions of people, the so called "Directioners."

Nowadays, the band seems no longer active like in the past, when it was common for them to release a disk yearly.

Moreover, most band singers now tend to publish disks on their own, so it seems they do not work anymore as a band, despite not having officially broken up. Despite this, the One Direction group remains in the hearts of many loyal fans, so they never lose their popularity.

In many past One Direction disks, people believed they would have found a particular song that, in the end, was never released by the famous English: Just Can't Let Her Go.

A Leaked Song

This song was leaked, and it appeared on YouTube before the release of Midnight Memories. Also, Diana was revealed in the same period, and every Directioner believed that the band would have included both songs in the new album.

Aftet the release, we found Diana was on Midnight Memories, while Just Can't Let Her Go was not there. So, where does this song come from? Is it from One Direction, or is it fake? Directioners, over time, have agreed it was made by the boy band, also because everyone recognized their voices. The only mystery to reveal was: why this song remained a leak and was never published in an album?

One Direction's fans waited for another year after Midnight Memories' release, and some fake tracklists showed the song as a part of Four album.

After the release of Four, that song was not present, so the Directioners were disappointed again. Now we know why this song does not appear among One Direction's tracklists.

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Two One Direction Disks

Two One Direction Disks

Isac Elliot

Isaac Elliot is a Finnish singer, dancer, songwriter, and actor who became famous in 2013 with his album Wake Up World. In 2014 he released another album, Follow Me.

Isac Elliot is the son of the lead singer from The Capital Beat's band, and he started his musical career in 2012 when he was singing in Cantores Minores, a boy choir. He achieved outstanding results, as he was nominated as the best Finnish artist at MTV Music Awards in 2013 and 2014.

One Direction sold Just Can't Let Her Go to this singer so he could release a final version of the song. The English boy band was not interested in Just Can't Let Her Go, so they decided to give it away to another singer.

One Direction Did Not Want To Keep the Song

An online newspaper reported in the past that, during a fan meeting, one of the five boys told a fan that One Direction did not like the song.

What is sure is that they decided to give that to another singer, who effectively released the complete version: he is a young Finnish boy, Isac Elliot, and his song is quite similar to the One Direction's leak, even if it is not the same: Finally, the new music is complete, while the leak only consisted of the refrain's repetition.

For this reason, the most probable explanation is that the song leaked from One Direction was a draft, a trial performance, and not a final edition, which probably has never been made by the band (instead, the song's parts that were not present in 1D version have been added by Isac).

Whatever happened, only one thing is sure: this song no longer belongs to the English boy band, and if you want to listen to its complete and final version, you can check the one released by Isac Elliot, who now owns all the rights about Just Can't Let Her Go, hoping you will like it just like the One Direction's leak.

Many One Direction fans will be disappointed by this news, as the leak of the Just Can't Let Her Go draft had already met with a lot of success, and various Directioners hoped to find the song in one of the latest albums released by the band. In any case, the only way to hear the full version of this song is to rely on Isac Elliot's performance.

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