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Jurina Matsui the Japanese Pop Music Singer That Has Recovered From Illness to Get Back to Stardom

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Jurina Matsui of Girl Group SKE48


Why Are We Writing About Jurina Matsui?

Japanese Idol Jurina Matsui is a Japanese pop music singer and she was associated with the groups SKE48 and AKB48. She is a member of SKE48’s Team S and was a member of AKB48’s Team K. She is not related to SKE48 member Rena Matsui even though they both have the same surname. However, we are writing about her because she has recovered from two bouts of illness and gotten back to stardom even though she is now just 23 years of age! Note: this article will not have information about her graduation plans but will include details about most of her career.

Jurina Matsui Has Also Taken Part in the Group's Yearly General Elections & Even Won Something Called the Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

She has also been a regular participant in the group’s Senbatsu Elections. In the 37th single Senbatsu Elections which took place in the summer of 2014, Jurina got an impressive number of votes and finished as the 4th most popular member of AKB48 and its other groups. But as all of you re about to find out Jurina reached the top of the AKB48 world with a win in the group’s 10th General Election in 2018.

For the AKB48 song called UZA, Matsui was chosen to be a center along with then top vote getter Yuko Oshima. In the 2013 Senbatsu Election, Jurina Matsui finished in 6th place, getting a total of 77,170 votes. In addition to this, she won the rock paper scissors tournament on September 18, 2013. She would then become center for AKB48’s 34th single. Jurina Matsui is another one of these talented girls that is also really cute! It was in October 2015 that Matsui announced that she would work only with SKE48 from now on.

Besides being a Japanese idol and performing songs on stage, who is Jurina Matsui?

Interesting Facts About Japanese Idol Singer Jurina Matsui

  • Jurina likes to dance, make pastries, and play sports.
  • She is skilled at making animal noises, pulling table cloth, and even doing a 100 meter run which she did in just 14 seconds!
  • She often times makes puns during TV shows.
  • She is on the cover of the single Oogoe Diamond and she is seen shouting the words Mariko-sama in reference to former member Mariko Shinoda.
  • She fears haunted houses and roller coasters.
  • It is said that she looks like her mother.
  • She is the only child in her family.
  • Jurina often travels with and sleeps with a large brown pillow that is called “Brown-Mama.”
  • She loves the smell of citrus.
  • Her future goal is to become an actress.
  • She does not like to eat spicy foods.
  • Her favorite food is the meat sauce spaghetti that her mother makes.
  • She always like to say: Don’t compare yourself to others, you are yourself.”
  • She started learning how to dance when she was in the third grade.
  • Jurina likes to kiss the other cute members!
  • She has a good friendship with Sumire Sato, Yuka Masuda, and Sae Miyazawa.
  • Jurina and Rena Matsui are the “centers of SKE48” and they are often referred to as WMatsui. This is similar to Sayaka Yamamoto and Miyuki Watanabe of NMB48 who are called “SayaMilky.”

"Ikinari Punchline"

Jurina Matsui's Debut With SKE48 & First Health Problem

Jurina Matsui made her debut with SKE48’s Team S in 2009 with the participation in the song called Tsuyoko Mono yo. Early in 2012 when AKB48 was hit with a few scandals, Jurina joined as a concurrent member. At the time, members Rumi Yonezawa and Natsumi Hirajima were seen with boyfriends and this violated the group’s ban on dating. These two girls then resigned from AKB48. On March 25, 2012 during a concert at Saitama Super Arena, Matsui had to leave in the middle of a song with what was described as dizziness caused by anemia and overwork. The event manager stated that during the past few months, Matsui had been having issues with her health. Matsui herself had stated that she did not want to take a break. AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto later informed AKB48 fans that he had specifically let Jurina rest for an indefinite period of time.

Jurina Matsui's Second Hiatus

However, Matsui’s health would take another hit in 2018 as it was announced in July 2018 that she would be taking what was described as a temporary hiatus due to recurring bouts of poor health. During this time period, she would not update her social media accounts. Matsui would go on to take the top spot in the 10th AKB48 General Election in 2018 but she would not take part in AKB48’s 53rd single called Sentimental Train due to health issues. AKB48’s record label King Records made the announcement on August 3, 2018 in which they said that after lineup of the top ranking members was chosen by the fans, it was a very difficult choice but in the end, instead of postponing the single’s release, the plans went as they were scheduled because many people were waiting for the release of Sentimental Train.

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How did Jurina Matsui reach stardom?

These health issues have not deterred Matsui from being even more successful. She has rebounded to take the center position again for the singles Ikinari Punchline and Stand by You so that is a huge way to come back from illness to succeed! Since the 4th AKB48 General Election where she was ranked as the 9th most popular member of AKB48 and its related groups, she has not been ranked outside of the top 10 joining Yuki Kashiwagi and Mayu Watanabe. She has been active as an idol singer since July 2008 and apparently does not want to graduate just yet. During the run up to the 10th General Election a total of 339 girls applied to become candidates for the election and Jurina came out on top at the age of 21! She gave a speech after her victory in which she said that she would not cry because she was grateful. She also said that winning the General Election was her #1 goal and because she came out on top, she is not ready to graduate yet.

A Map of Aichi Prefecture Jurina Matsui's Birthplace

Jurin Matsui Announces Her Intention to Graduate from SKE48 But the Graduation Becomes Postponed

Note: much has changed since the first writing of this article about Jurina Matsui. On May 10, 2019 she released her 9 song solo album called Privacy. She had originally announced her intention to graduate from SKE48. She announced this on February 7, 2020. However, fate would take things in a different direction. Matsui’s graduation concert was initially scheduled to take place at the venue Nippon Gaishi Hall on September 26th and 27th of 2020 but it has been postponed. SKE48 released a statement saying that considering how the novel corona virus or COVID-19 has spread in Japan, they came to a determination that it was best to postpone this concert. The reason was that they found it difficult to secure enough seats while following the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. And of course, it is impossible for the fans to witness this event, there was the inevitable decision for the band to postpone this event. The group was asked about plans to reschedule the concert and the group said that they are observing the circumstances in Japan and they are coordinating the schedule and making preparations to hold a concert. When that concert will be is anyone’s guess but given how successful Jurina Matsui has been in her career with SKE48 I’m sure she won’t mind waiting until it is safe to hold a graduation concert for her.

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