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PanamaTrickster Reviews: Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)

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In short, Jurassic World Dominion felt uninspired. The veteran actors from the franchise that have shown us many times in the past that they are capable of superb acting felt like they distanced themselves from giving a convincing performance. Sam Neil and Laura Dern gave the impression that they had no idea the substance, weight or impact of their lines for the film. Bryce Dallas Howard lost nearly every bit of her character development from the last two films and made it feel as though she was done with the Jurassic Park franchise and just wanted to get this movie over and done with so that she could move on to something else.

Some positive performances came from Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum. They felt as though they were in their comfort zone and gave a performance that felt absolutely true to their on-screen personas. It was a breath of fresh air in that regard. However, an absolutely perfect performance and a clear standout from the rest is Mamoudou Athie. While everything else about this movie crumbled in the background, Athie gave this role his everything. He was convincing, he portrayed power, finesse, and really showed that he cared about his part. While he has been in some features before this, it could be safe to say that this is his breakout role, and I wish the absolute world for him. He deserves any and every bit of fame and success that his future holds.

When you think about a Jurassic Park or Jurassic World movie, one of the first things that might pop into your head is the undeniably beautiful score associated with it. John Williams made sure of that back in 1993 with the original movie. There are very few scores that are as beautifully composed and memorable as the one he wrote for Spielberg’s original masterpiece. Most of the films following the original honored that feeling in some way shape or form. Unfortunately, Jurassic World Dominion is the exception. While the score composed by Michael Giacchino may be credited as being inspired by John Williams, there was little if any effort put into making the score something special. It fell flat in times that it mattered, and felt forced in times that it didn’t. You won’t be getting those goosebumps you crave from a Jurassic Park score in this movie, save for maybe the last few moments.


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