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Jurassic World: Dominion

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Sloppy, clunky and poorly written, Jurassic World: Dominion is a convoluted and laughable final entry that ends the beleaguered series with a whimper.

This installment reunites the legacy characters from the original Jurassic Park series by assimilating them into a concluding chapter where dinosaurs and humans co-habit the planet. The result is a consumate cinematic failure on every conceivable level. The writing is appalling, coupling non-sensical narrative turns with atrocious dialogue, head-scratching exposition and inexplicable decision-making. Character development is weak and motivations unclear. The film lacks cohesive structural integrity and dimension, needlessly relying on nostalgia and cheap tricks to pay homage to better moments in the franchise. This is reinforced by hapless direction that's devoid of focus and a clear-eyed cinematic vision.

The movie is a bloated and unwieldy beast that struggles to be tamed or tempered. It would be unwatchable if not for the richly imagined dinosaurs and a few pacey chase sequences. As a series finale it strays far from it's noble origins and offers little satisfaction or resolution. Rather it's more of an infuriatingly head-shaking experience.

Much like the grandiose theme park in the original Jurassic Park, Dominion is a testament to the folly and hubris of a creative team with the best of intentions. The idea had so much promise and potential but failed due to overconfidence, greed and the inherently self-destructive nature of man. Prophetically this sequel and it's predecessors serve as cinematic monuments to that pervasive idea.




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