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The Young and the Restless: Judith Chapman Has Returned as Gloria Bardwell.

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Gloria would  be welcome back on Y&R

Gloria would be welcome back on Y&R

Gloria disappeared for two years

One of the casualties of former Young and Restless head writer Mal Young was Judith Chapman. One day her character Gloria Bardwell was seated at her front desk as the receptionist for Jabot Cosmetics, the next she was gone. She has not been seen since October 2018. For close to two years, Kevin and Michael's mother has been missing in action with no explanation. During this time there have been many changes in Genoa City.

Jack was ousted as Jabot CEO, Ashley took over and ran the company with the help of Lauren and Kerry. Jack was reinstated, then went away for a few weeks and left Kyle in charge temporarily. Next John Abbott's legacy is being run by Kyle and Billy as co-CEOs, while Jack and Traci worked on family memoirs. New cousins Theo was hired then fired and now Kyle is working along with his dad.

The viewers of The Young and The Restless have missed the sassy Gloria and wondered why she was abruptly let go. There has been speculation that she might come back to Genoa City and according to Soaps She Knows, Christian Leblanc seemed to confirm this is true. The actor who portrays Michael Baldwin was quoted as saying that he had shot scenes with his television mother, but nothing has come of it. Now it's been a while since Michael or Lauren have been seen and no sign of the Gloworm at all.

Gloria would return to a family in chaos

The Young and the Restless has gone through major upheave during the past two years. Gloria, the assistant who replaced her and Ashley's assistant Ravi all were kicked to the curb and no one is shown now sitting at the reception desk and Ashley is working from Paris. In addition to the changes in her former husband's business, Judith Chapman's character would return to The Young and the Restless to find that her family has survived severe major crisis situations without her assistance. Adam Newman caused alarm by revealing that Gloria's grandson Finn was in drug rehab out of town. Both her sons had been blackmailed and forced to break the law by the prodigal Newman. Michael is the Genoa City district attorney once again and Kevin and Chloe have returned to town and are about to have a son. The Abbotts have a new relation and Dina is dying from Alzheimers disease.Spoiler alerts have given no date for when Judith Chapman returns as Gloria Bardwell The last update on this situation was in June and is outlined in the video. It's always possible that she may simply show up at her old desk as if no time has gone by at all. Now that Theo has been fired there is nothing going on at the Abbott family business that is newsworthy at this time but Gloria will make things interesting.

Judith Chapman shines as Gloria

The character of Gloria Fisher was originated on The Young and the Restless by Knots Landing actress Joan Van Ark in 2004. Judith Chapman took over the role in January 2005 after Vanark had trouble with the routine of daytime drama. Ted Shackleford who was married to Joan Vanark on the CBS hit series Dallas, later portrayed Chapman's husband Jeffrey Bardwell on Y&R. Gloria retained her spouse's name after they divorced and Chapman maintained the role until the end of 2015. She returned a year later in December 2016 for a two-year run. Gloria disappeared in October 2018 and from January to March of 2019, she portrayed Diana Colville on Days of Our Lives. While portraying Gloria, Ms. Chapman made the character uniquely her own and has been missed by her fans.

The character of Gloria shines brightest when she begins meddling in her children's lives. Wherever Michael and Kevin's mother goes, there is always trouble that follows. Viewers on social media have indicated they would love to have the Glowworm back in Genoa City but her return could backfire. Right now there are rumors that Greg Rikaart who portrays Kevin might be leaving again and Michael and Laureen are not on screen much anymore, Be on the lookout for updates related to Gloria Bardwell's return and the storyline she will be involved with. Be sure to tune in weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.

Gloria has returned but only for a few episodes and has not been part of any major storylines as of this writing.

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