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Judith Chapman Confirmed to Return to the Young and the Restless This Fall

Gloria will be back in genoa City

Gloria will be back in genoa City

Glo Worm is back

There is good news regarding a popular veteran daytime drama actress. has confirmed that Judith Chapman will be returning to The Young and the Restless this fall as Gloria Bardwell. You can read the story here. This is wonderful news for fans of the Glo worm. The last time Gloria was seen was in 2018. She was seated at her receptionist desk at Jabot Cosmetic's one moment and the next she was gone. There was never any explanation for why the actress was relieved of her role and fans noticed that the rest of her family was being given limited air time. Judith Chapman went on to have a role on Days of Out Lives for a period of time, During the past two yrears ther have been rumors that she was returing but it never came to pass. Now spoilers say that this time she relly will be back on the CBS daytime drama. Viewers have been complaining about not seeing Michael, Lauren, Kevin and Chloe but this is all about to change. Kevin and Chloe's son will be born soon, so Gloria's will probably coincide with her grandson's birth.

Action at the Chancellor mansion

If Gloria is around for the baby's birth, then Kate Lender, (Esther) will probably show up too, Some fans have been saying they want to see the doting grandmother's bickering over how to raise their grandbaby and getting in the way. There has not been any action at the Chancellor mansion in quite a while and once the baby is born there should be a full house. Kevin and Chloe along with the baby, Deliah and their mothers will fill the home with love. Michael and Lauren will probably also be around so it will seem like old times. The only issue is how long these veteran characters will be on screen. There were several spoilers that stated last month that Greg Rikaart might be leaving The Young and the Restless again. If this turns out to be true, then Chloe and the children would be leaving with him. Viewers are hoing thsi does not happen because they enjoy seeing this family on screen.

Gloria will brignen up Genoa City

The Glo worm has her own brand of magic and will certainly brighten up Genoa City. She is sassy, straight forward and loves to meddle in the lives of her loved ones. Along with Esther she will be a wonderful grandma if given the opportunity. Soaps She Knows did not give a date for Judith Chapman's return or say how long she will be around. Viewers will be glad to see her and hope the writers keep her and her family front and center at least for a while. There is no current storyline that involves any of the Fishers or Baldwins, Fans have said they hope these veteran cast members will not disappear once the baby is born. Some viewers have expressed an interest in Gloria going back to wor at Jabot. There have been at least two replacements since she left but no one has worked out. It would be great to simply see Gloria t her desk as if nothing happened and no time had elapsed at all.

It's baby time

Previews for Monday's episode of The Young and the Restless show Chloe coming down the steps of the Chancellor mansions shouting that her baby will not be born on the stairs. Kevin and Esther are standing nearby watching. It looks like there will be a lot of laughs and the birth might be filled with drama. Kevin and Chloe not being on screen means that viewrs have no diea what they are going to name their son but all of thsi shoudl work itself out. This might indicate that Gloria's return could be just around the corner. Be sure not to miss Monday's episode and be on the lookout for additional updates related to Judith Chapman. Let's hope the writers don't have the Fisher/Baldwin family members only on screen for the baby's birth only to leave shortly after. Welcome back to Y&R Judith Chapman your fans are super excited to see you again.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 16, 2020:


This was interesting to read.

I used to watch the Young & The Restless daily but forces made it almost impossible when I moved last year.

I missed a few and then I didnt want to watch without getting caught up.

Now I fear I am so behind I never would. But who knows...maybe I will give it a try.

I had watched it all my life.

Thanks for the updates.

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