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Trevor St John Update Regarding General Hospital


General Hospital fans are vigilant

When it was revealed that Steve Burton was out at General Hospital the rumor mill kicked in with a replacement theory. Articles began showing up saying that soap vet Trevor St. John was taking over the role of Jason Morgan. St. John has not been on a daytime drama since Once Life to Live was canceled so many fans believed his name was not simply pulled out of a hat. The logic that where there is smoke there is fire kicked in but this is not always the case. When Kristian Alfonso left her role as Hope Brady on Days of Our Lives in 2020 spoilers said she was going to be a love interest for Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) on The Young and the Restless. Now, two years later Alphonso is not on the CBS soap but COVID may have played a role in the situation. Kristina Wagoner (Felicia Scorpio) on General Hospital just told Soaps in Depth that her recent return to the show was delayed because of COVID. This is why vigilant GH fans believe that St. John's arrival in Port Charles may simply be delayed.

Did St. John join the cast in December?

A General Hospital Wiki page dated January 5 says something interesting about St. John as it suggests he may have joined the ABC soap in December. Please click on the link and read for yourselves. We all know that fake news can be published and that spoiler alerts sometimes turn out to be wrong but there may be a reason this page has appeared. If the actor did begin working for GH in December then he would probably show up on screen later in January or early February. This Wiki page could be much ado about nothing or a hint that a new character or a recast might soon appear. Wiki and Wikipedia are pretty reliable with most of the information related to daytime actors but this does not indicate that they cannot obtain wrong information from time to time.


Social media

St. John has not posted on his official Twitter page since 2020 but he is being followed by GHFC the official General Hospital fan club which indicates they are keeping an eye out for any social media notifications. There is also a Facebook fan group set up where members say they are watching and waiting for any news regarding Trevor joining General Hospital. Now that time has gone by since Steve Burton was let go from his role as Jason, things seem to have calmed down a bit and spoilers are no longer reporting anything about the character. In Port Charles right now there is shock regarding the alleged death of Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary) and Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot) finding out that Brooke Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Selzer) has Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) little girl. The shift in focus would be a good time to spring St. John on unsuspecting viewers and the question still remains which character will he portray? If he is a part of the GH cast he could show up as an unknown individual but most fans believe he will be a recast for Jason Morgan.

All eyes should be on Britt Westbourne

It appeared that General Hospital was having Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) move on as Liesl Obrecht (Kathlene Gati) paid for a dating service for her daughter. Some fans believed she was going to hook up with Austin Gatlin Holt (Roger Howarth) but he admitted to her that he is carrying a torch for Maxi. If Britt does not find love again soon some fans may take this as a sign that Jason was pulled from the rubble and is being cared for somewhere on Cassadine Island. It could turn out that Victor Cassadine might be behind the entire thing but again this is only speculation. Many who watch GH were hoping that if Jason were recast it would be done right away but others are holding out that Steve Burton might return. If he changes his mind and gets the COVID vaccine then he possibly would be reinstated on his job. There is so much uncertainly right now and determined viewers will not give up. Fans of Nikolas Cassadine continued to believe for 2 and 1/2 years that he would return and he did. The powers that be will have to decide if they want to leave Jason in limbo in hopes that they can rehire Burton or bring in another actor. As for Trevor St. John, there is not much more known now than when all of this first began so stay tuned and keep your eyes on Britt.


BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on October 16, 2020:


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This was interesting to read.

I used to watch the Young & The Restless daily but forces made it almost impossible when I moved last year.

I missed a few and then I didnt want to watch without getting caught up.

Now I fear I am so behind I never would. But who knows...maybe I will give it a try.

I had watched it all my life.

Thanks for the updates.

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