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Joseph Morgan Almost Played Voldemort In Harry Potter

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Our favourite villain from The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson, had his first audition for the role of Tom Riddle, or Lord Voldermort in Harry Potter. Sounds amazing? Well, it is. Irrespective of the fact that Joseph Morgan revealed this years ago, not a lot of fans are aware about this.

Seriously, can you imagine how great it could've been if the role of Tom Riddle had ended up being in JoMo's (Joseph Morgan's nickname) hands? I personally would have loved it. Our own Klaus Mikaelson controlling the Basilisk, and doing spells. Joseph's always had this thing for playing the bad guys though. Here's what he said years ago about his role in Harry Potter:

Joseph recalls being in the drama school and getting signed with his agent. Morgan mentions that at that time, he was of age 21 and had heard about the making of Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets, which was the second film of the Harry Potter franchise. He has talked about how a woman called him with an anonymous number regarding the role of Tom Riddle and wanted to be his agent. Joseph thought that a friend of his had called pretending to be someone else.


We can totally imagine Joseph as Lord Voldemort’s younger self. As we know from his time as Klaus, he knows how to play a compelling villain. Of course, this was before the actor had such experience playing a bad guy.

Joseph remembers the things he did to prepare for the audition part, he read the book and saw the first movie, Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. Other than that, he bought a Harry Potter poster and absorbed it as much as he could, however, he did not end up getting the role. Joseph mentions that it set-up a standard for him and made him believe that he should be doing film and TV. This was the first audition that Joseph Morgan ever gave.

Obviously, he did the right thing doing film and television. You can't even imagine The Vampire Diaries or The Originals without Klaus Mikaelson.

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