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'Gladys Interferes With Sonny's Plans for Brando on 'General Hospital'

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Gladys and Sonny

Gladys and Sonny

Gladys has no fear

Bonnie Burroughs is killing it in her portrayal of Gladys Corbin on General Hospital. She is the combination of the busy body neighbor and micromanaging aunt all in one. Gladys comes across as the relative you want to keep under wraps when the company comes over and she does it in such a humorous manner. She was not invited to her cousin Mike's funeral but showed up afterward. When Carly tried to point out that they did not include her Gladys began talking loudly and boldly asked Sonny to use her son in his organization. She even said that Mike would have wanted this, and everyone just stared at her. Gladys is a wild card and the entire Corinthos family knows that loose lips sink ships. She could cause a lot of damage if not kept in her place. Sonny has already decided what he wants Brando to do but now Gladys could jeopardize everything. Most everyone in Port Charles either loves or hates Sonny. Either way, there is a fear or reverence of him, and no one wants to cross him except his enemies. Gladys however, shows no fear but perhaps she is simply naive. Perhaps she believes that because she is related by blood this will keep her safe. She has decided that her son should have a prominent role in the Corinthos organization and she is going to do all she can to make it happen. Brando's mom was tolerated as long as Mike was alive but now she could be kicked to the curb. On the other hand, Sonny might decide to keep her close so that he can watch her every move.

Brando in the heat of things

it was not initially clear whose team Brando was on. He and Harmony gave each other strange looks, and some viewers believed he was working for Cyrus. Now it seems clear that family is important and that Sonny and Jason can trust him. If Gladys knew that her son had been threatened by Cyrus Renault and beaten up in his garage she might see things differently. It's obvious she has a view of the mob, which is similar to the way Olivia was looking at Robert being a spy. Neither woman considered that there is real danger and people can die. Gladys obviously thinks she can manipulate Sonny and Carly and guilt them into doing her bidding. Spoilers have not indicated whether or not Gladys will be sticking around this time but she could cause a lot of trouble for her son. If Cyrus finds out about her, he could use Brando's mom as leverage. For now, it's looking as if Sonny and Jason are going to have Brando pretend that he will take the offer that Cyrus puts on the table. He will no doubt work from the inside to help take down the drung kingpin.

Gladys can add some diveristy to General Hospital

Gladys Corbin is unlike the other characters on General Hospital. She is spunky, speaks her mind and makes her feelings known in a humorous manner. She is annoying and yet entertaining at the same time. Sonny knows that his dad's cousin can reveal the truth that Dev is not really her grandson. He might have to do something to keep her in line so she remains silent. Now that Mike has passed away, Sonny and Jason can spend more time focusing on their plan to take down Renault. Brando can be a big asset if his mother does not make him a liability. Be sure to watch for spoilers that update this situation and bring clarity to whether or not Gladys will be sticking around for a while. Actress Gladys Burroughs was born in Atlanta, Georgia on February 3, 1961. In addition to General Hospital, she co-starred as Hanna Napier in the third season episode Guy Walks into a bar of the FX series Justified.. Burroughs has guest starred on CSI NY The Mentalist, Heroes Shameless, Prison Break, One Life to Live, ER, The Closer, Sons of Tucson, Cold Case, Boston Legal, Malcolm in the Middle, and Desperate Housewives. Burroughs also appeared in the films Hard to Kill and Easy A.

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