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Jolt (2021) Review: A Not So Shockingly Bad Movie


Movie Review

Director: Tanya Wexler

Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Bobby Cannavale, Laverne Cox, Stanley Tucci, and Jai Courtney

The Plot

A bouncer with an anger management problem, Lindy (Kate Bickensale) found herself struggling to be in a relationship. After she received some relationship advice from her psychiatrist, Dr. Ivan Munchin (Stanley Tucci), Lindy finally went on a date. She finally went on a date with the guy she likes, Justin (Jai Coutrney), and things finally turned positive for Lindy. Then, before they went on their third date, Lindy was notified that Justin had been killed. With her loss, Lindy goes on a furious and resentful rampage in search of the murderer of her soon-to-be boyfriend.

The Good

Stanley Tucci and Kate Beckinsale

The character of Lindy (Kate Bickensale) is a difficult character to do and sell to the audience. She is foul-mouthed and full of attitude. With a wrong delivery, she could easily turn people off from watching her in a movie. But Kate Beckinsale (mostly known for the Underworld movie series) did a terrific job of bringing the character to life. She brought emotion to a difficult character, and I appreciated that. Just by watching her, you could see the energy she gave the character. She even put an accent on the character, and that certainly helped her stand out in a shockingly bad movie. Standing (mostly sitting) opposite her, is Dr. Ivan (Stanley Tucci), who works as Lindy’s psychiatrist. Compared to Lindy’s loud and crazy personality, the doctor’s brings a sense of calmness and realism to the world of the movie. Unlike Kate, Stanley's character is calm and relaxing (attempted to be). The end result is that you have two great actors with two different characters that comfort each other and help elevate the movie’s script quality.

The Bad

A Horrible Way to Open a Movie

There are a lot of ways to open a movie. Some put you right into the action with no context, and then some give you a bit of background on the situation before putting you right into the mix of things. And yet this movie chooses to do the latter, but in the most outrageous way possible. This right here is a MINOR SPOILER for the movie, but I just have to say this: never open your movie with a narrator telling the back story of your main character. It doesn’t help the movie. Instead, it made things worse because now the sense of intrigue the audience had going into the movie to understand our hero had immediately disappeared. We know everything we needed to know about her, and now we don’t have a reason to join her in her story. A better option would be to take the opening sequence, cut it off, and spread it throughout the movie. Provide the information piece by piece as that would give the audience a sense of adventure. Then, the audience would feel the need to watch the movie because there was something there for them to discover.

Poor dialogue

The dialogue in the movie was horrendous. Even in a fictional world, not a single character would be saying the things the characters in the movie Jolt were saying. The dialogue sounded faked, and that makes this writer feel the world of the movie was faked as well. I understand it is fiction, but I enjoyed the sense of realism in my movie. It makes things feel grounded and connects me with the movie. In Jolt, you cannot go past a scene for five minutes without a single character saying vulgar words. The movie uses those because they think it sounds edgy, cool, romantic, and sexy, but the reality is it’s not. Because nobody says those words in the way they were saying them. To top it all off, the delivery of the dialogue was just so off-putting. The words the actors were saying did not match with what they were saying. In the end, confusion came over as to what the emotion of the scene was.

Generic Plot Is Notable

Developing a new and fresh script in today’s world is almost impossible to do. Many films have the same plot (for example, almost every superhero film released in the last five years).But the audience can overlook the issue if you present the plot in a nice and interesting way. If you present your content in a boring way, then people will notice it, and it will become an issue for the audience to overlook it once you notice it.

The Summary

By the end of the movie, I was surprised to really hate this movie. As a movie fan, I am very generous in watching bad movies and feeling like they are actually good movies by the end (Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse is one good example). But I just hate this movie so much. A combination of generic plot, terrible dialogue, poor side characters, boring fight sequences, bad directing and editing made this movie one of the worst movies I watched in 2021. The only graceful things in the movie are Kate Bickensale as the main character and Stanley Tucci in a supporting role.

I would never recommend you watch this movie. If you are a fan of Kate Bickensale and Stanley Tucci, just go and watch their other movies. It would probably be better than this.

The Rating


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