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Jojo's Stone Ocean Coming in December


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With the first trailer dropped August 7th, it’s official that Stone Ocean is upon us. Stone Ocean entailed the escapades of Jotaro’s Kujo’s daughter Jolene Cujoh, as she sets to break free from Stone Ocean prison, and prove her innocence. The anime will premiere on Netflx in December 2021.

This bums me out admittedly, as I was expecting to see it on Toonami. And oddly that chance might be possible, but my hopes aren’t high with implications of Stone Ocean being exclusive to Netflix. Though the news on Jojo’s airing exclusively on Netflix is iffy, and I’ll keep my eye on details on Stone Ocean’s airing process, and where it will air. That and Netflix usually airs the full season of a show or anime. And with anime having weekly releases either Netflix might air this weekly, or it might air on other platforms along side Netflix.

All and all, I’mma still watch it, and look forward to this December.

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