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Johnny 5 Best Quotes - Short Circuit Movie Review


Short circuit is a 1986 science fiction comedy starring Ally Sheedy and Steve Guttenberg.

A highly experimental and dangerous robot created by the military accidentally gets struck by lightning and comes to life. The robot (known as number 5), wanders into the outside world in search of information and comes across a good hearted young woman (Ally Sheedy) who takes it in and helps it to become more human. The robots creator (Steve Guttenberg) sets out to find it and bring it back for re-programming, even though he begins to suspect that it has developed a mind of its own. Now number 5 and his human friend must convince his creator, before the military finds it, that it is truly alive.

Short circuit is a classic 80's comedy, complete with a cute talking robot, a spunky girl, and catchy pop music.

As far as performances go, the actors couldn't do much with such a simple story, but they are still perfectly watchable. Steve Guttenberg is often criticized for being flat and uninteresting, but here he plays a nerdy, enthusiastic scientist and does just fine. Ally Sheedy is a nice stand in for the audience as the ordinary girl who finds herself looking after an extraordinary robot. Of course it's the robot itself that's the real star. Number 5 is capable of mass destruction, but has the mind of a child, eagerly soaking up all the new experiences around it. This is what makes him so appealing to kids; a robot that talks, dances and quotes movies. Kudos must be given to the actors for being able to work with the robot as though it were another member of the cast.

The score is mainly a synthetic and electronic one, going on the theme of artificial intelligence. The movies soundtrack also includes the hit song "Who's Johnny", performed by El DeBarge.

One of most interesting things about Short Circuit is the design of the robot. Number 5 was deliberately built to look the way an actual robot might look in the real world. Yet it still manages to gain the affection of the audience. Most of the films budget was spent on the robot and the special effect needed to make it seem alive, effects that still hold up pretty well today. Now Short Circuit does come off as a bit dated, and certainly has it's corny moments, but that's also part of it's quirky charm. With classic quotes such as

" I’m Johnny 5, I’m Alive!" or "Johnny five is alive!"

" Hello Bozos"

Short Circuit is a classic comedy movie from the 1980's.


Johnny 5 on February 05, 2011:

I like those quotes. :)