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Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander, Relationship, Murder and Trial

Beautiful Blond- Jodi Arias


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Jodi Arias & Travis Alexander- How They Met

Jodi Arias was on the rebound from a failed relationship when she met Travis Alexander. She was attempting to better herself and at the same time on the hunt for a new man. The hope was that she would provide herself with something to do that would result in higher earning potential so that she would appear more attractive to more me. When she attended a self improvement motivational seminar in which Travis was the motivational speaker, Jodi decided that if she were to win over the man behind the microphone she would be on the road to a successful and fulfilled life.

Travis was a gentleman who had overcome impossible odds to reach a high level of success while still in his twenties.

Travis Alexander was an inspiration to all who knew where he had come from and watched his metamorphosis from being a neglected child with seven other siblings born to crack addicted parents in a dilapidated house in Riverside California, to becoming the well educated, focused, man of high morals and integrity he had blossomed into. Travis and his brothers and sisters had no structure, and were literally floundering through life and as a result missed much of their schooling while their parents were in jail. Travis's grandparents took over the care of the Alexander children when the parents were declared unfit to take charge of their kids indefinitely. Travis was a boy who had grown up with no love, no family life, and was one who just about everyone would have said had no chance in life, but Travis was encouraged to attend the Mormon church and to find strength through God.

Travis found God and his life began to fall into place. Alexander knew that the Church of of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints saved him from poverty, misery, and certain failure in life and he made sure to always keep the church front and center in his life. Travis excelled in sales and began making investments with the money he was making. Much in the fashion that other successful Mormons such as Mitt Romney, Travis simply structured his life to always do the right thing and believed that through doing the moral and smart things in life while avoiding the sinister path, success and happiness would come naturally. And, it did.

He bought a five bedroom home, a BMW and planned to find the perfect lady to marry and raise children with. His success was so quick and impressive that by his late twenties he was a motivational speaker for Legal Shield who gave inspiration to people who were unable to get themselves together and desperately yearned to reach a level of success. Travis loved what he was doing, he was helping people find structure in their lives. The kind of structure that had lead to his success.

Travis's spare time was spent either taking care of business, or getting together with friends for good clean fun. There was no drinking in Travis's circle. Whereas one could be certain that when a bunch of 18-29 year old youngsters get together there would be dangerous sex, drugs, and a lot of drinking, Travis's friends were having good clean fun, playing basketball with the guys, or having ping pong contests in his backyard with the girls. His life was one of responsibility and sweetness, just the type of young man any parent would like to see their son develop into.

Jodi was another story. She was leading what would be called the typical life for a young liberal woman of modern times. She had been used my many men since her mid teens. Jodie was born in 1980, and although she did not have the same non existent up bringing as Travis, she was by no means a child from a wealthy and disciplined family. She flailed through life just as many modern girls do. Jodi desired a certain level of structure that she did not have. She wanted financial comfort, and she wanted to marry a stable man to have a family with him.

At the age of 26 Jodi felt that she was going nowhere fast. She repeatedly dated men who showed no interest in anything outside of using her for sex and partying with their friends. Jodi began to feel that she would never find a man who wanted her. In 2006 when she was down on her luck with the latest guy in her life she traveled to Nevada to try to get some motivation to move on and find success, and listening to Travis was inspiring. But besides taking his words and applying them to life, Jodi began focusing on Travis as the stable minded man she was missing in life.

Travis Alexander with Jodi Arias


Jodi Arias Becomes Obsessed

After Travis delivered his motivational speech that fateful evening in Las Vegas, he began to mingle with the crowd when suddenly he noticed a blond girl vying for his attention and making her way into his circle to share experiences with him. Travis was polite but reserved with the stunning young Jodi, but she kept making an effort to get Travis to talk to her in a way that he was not talking to the other "students". She felt that the low point she was in her life would be greatly lifted if she could only conquer this smart, focused, and hard to get guy.

When Jodi finally did get Travis alone she discovered that he had a strong belief that sex should be between two people who love each other. Jodi was stunned when Travis said that casual sex causes problems and creates weakness in people, but in marriage it can be beautiful. Jodi felt defeated and challenged at the same time. She began trying to seduce Travis with her powerful sexuality. She could not get him drunk because he refused to drink, and when she attempted to debunk going to church Travis would not be swayed. Finally, she said that they could be good friends with a secret and with her coercing words and powerful touch, Jodi eventually seduced her prey.

There was only one major problem now. She lived in Palm Desert and he lived in Mesa Arizona. It would be quite easy for Travis to bury his guilt and forget Arias all together, as other men had.

Jodi would be sure to talk to Travis on the phone every day and soon she would make plans to drive to Arizona and see him again.

It is unclear how long Travis enjoyed the company of Jodi, or if he ever really did. She would not get out of his life and was determined to work her way into the life of Travis and get him to propose. Unforunately for Jodi, although Travis was a higher quality man than she was used to, the relationship was going in the same direction that all of her previoius ones. Although this man said that he wanted to get married some day he did not see her as marriage material. Jodi was smart enough to see that by being the dirty girl she could get a guy in bed but should could not get an invite to dinner much less marriage. Jodi was trying to clean up her act but it was a little too late. At the time Jodi met Travis he already had a girl on his mind and after Jodi putting the moves on him and acting like the right now girl Travis could not see her in any other light.

In desperation Jodi became a Mormon, but it was obvious that her intentions were all wrong. When she read texts messages from other girls on Travis's phone she became engraged causing Travis to break off his affair with her.

This did not stop Jodi, she simply packed up her bags and moved to Mesa Arizona to be near Travis and hopfully by being more convenient he will get back together with her.

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Travis Alexander


Jodi Arias Becomes Deadly

After the crazy affair that was now two years old Jodi was more devastated by the rejection of Travis than any other guy because the slap in the face was not simply, I don't want to marry, but it was clearly, I don't want to marry YOU.

Jodi had worked her way into Travis's bed a few more times before that fateful day.Some time in June 2008 Jodi had sex with Travis and then had a fight with him. Travis went into the shower and Jodi followed him with her camera. She photographed Travis in the shower during their argument and then shot Travis in the head and stabbed him repeatedly, and then with surgical precision, she cut his throat.

After leaving Travis to die in his shower, Jodi waltzed out of the house and began a long drive to another man's home. This was a man Jodi had met recently and decided that she would put her new focus on now that Travis was dead. Her goal was to kill Travis so that no one else could have him.

When the authorities got around to questioning her she claimed to know nothing. When evidence of her presence was found at the scene of the crime she then confessed to being present during Travis' killing, but that she was also a victim as two masked intruders came in and killed Travis while she ran out of the house. Jodi then claimed that she drove off to see her new boyfriend in Salt Lake City without calling police because the two intruders had threatened to kill her family if she were to tell anyone.

It would be some time after intense interrogation that Jodi would finally admit that she had made up the story of the two intruders. Jodi Arias now claimed that Travis had been abusive towards her and she blacked out after he flew into a rage. The argument was that Travis' abusive behavior led to Jodi killing him in self defense. The old blame the victim story did not work well in this case, as there was way too much evidence that Jodi was the one who kept trying to be close to Travis. Also, the evidence that proved Jodi had premeditated Travis' murder was substantial. She had driven over one hour to rent a car specifically to drive to Arizona, she refused the red rental car that the dealer had originally offered her, wanting something less obvious. Jodi had also turned her cell phone off for at least 12 hours as she made her way through Arizona in order to avoid police being able to pinpoint her proximity to Travis. With all this Jodi's jury convicted her of first degree murder. She was either to serve a life sentence or receive the death penalty.

On March 5th, 2015, Jodi Ann Arias' life was spared as she narrowly escaped the death penalty. the jury was hung 11-1, but, that was all Jodi needed to escape. The family of Travis Alexander were hysterical, after having to see the autopsy photos of their beloved brother, and knowing that Jodi planned his vicious murder, they will never see justice. Jodi leads the life of a celebrity inmate, regularly receiving letters from admirers and supporters. She even has a new boyfriend.

How Should Jodi Arias Be Punished?

Travis Alexander 911 Call

Travis & Jodi

Famous Murder Stories. Relationships Gone Wild


donnodl on March 14, 2015:

I see you have a change of view about Arias. You don't speak so highly of her as you have in the past. Has the young entrapenuers close to the victim and Arias changed their minds also?

Arias is the spawn of Charles Manson. If she ever is allowed on the street again there will be more victims. She is manipulative. She is doing it from inside the jail. She lied about her family abusing her and about Alexander abusing her because she is an abuser, not a victim. There is no remorse for anything she has ever done. Look at the interrogation tapes of the detective talking with her parents is proof of her evil. Who could do their own family the way she has? No one rational!

After the first killing, the others are easy, as said by serial killers. She appears that make-up. She is running a money scam business from the jail with Ben Ernst, Simon Johanson who also did it for Casey Anthony, the banned from jail Pandora Paik from Greece, Sandra Webber from FL, and many more. The mitigation specialist smuggling art from the jail to auction got her banned from the jail for a while. You are behind in your analysis of a young lady with no business mind who just wanted a family. You need to keep up with her before you analyze her so you don't end up like LaViolette with no career.

There are videos on You Tube to follow the step by step video of how they uncovered the SJ and Ernst scam for Jodi. And, Ernst just got out of jail for another DUI with an officer involved shooting. I can provide the info if you need it. Jodi Arias is not innocent in anything she has ever done. She is EVIL to the core.

Suzie from Carson City on March 12, 2015:

Hmmmm, Glenda, Interesting to me that you think the Judge will give her any hope for future freedom. Since I know very little about this particular Judge, I'm hesitant to guess what her sentencing verdict will be.

I do recall thinking during the Trial that this Judge seemed extremely "tolerant" of too many shenanigans (Jodi's stunts she pulled a few times, like she was "sick"....& something else, I don't remember now) But I've learned that the one thing we really can't do is get inside heads....especially Judges. They have years of experience maintaining control and being ever so cautious about facial and body language.

Most importantly, Judges have to use serious focus on violating not one single right the Defendant has...for fear of too much food for appeals....

Hate to say this Glenda....but God, I hope you're wrong. The truth is that we both agree Jodi needs to be locked up forever.

I'll be back after the 13th!!!

GlendaGoodWitch (author) from California on March 12, 2015:

Hi fpherj48. Its truly amazing to see this thing unravel. Once, it looked like Jodi had no life left, now, its reminding me of Casey Anthony.

Jodi has a boyfriend and is getting an education. I have a feeling she will be out in 25.. I don't believe she will kill again, and that is one of the things that is holding back the death penalty, but, because the crime was so heartless, premeditated, and violent, I think that the punishment would fit this crime itself.

The problem with when they avoid the death penalty is that they end up with some kind of life that includes the rewards and pleasures that the general population aspire to. They get married, even have kids.. Travis Alexander has zero chance of any further joys in life. His family, just like the mother of Sharon Tate, will have to watch this as they grieve.

Suzie from Carson City on March 12, 2015:

A-ha..I see Judge Sherry Stevens announces Jodi's sentence on April 13th.!! All ears will be waiting to hear. She can give her "Natural life" or the possibility of freedom after 25 years. What do you think? Hope for?

Suzie from Carson City on March 12, 2015:

Glenda......Tell you what...I am becoming ANNOYED. Do you believe this garbage?? TWO separate trials, 2 different juries and neither resulted in a damned sentence for our Miss Lovely Jodi!

Yeah, yeah, I am certain that it's an extremely difficult responsibility for 12 people to agree on something as life & death. I understand.

What has happened here is precisely why I was so upset when they even bothered to put the death penalty on the table. Martinez is a bull dog. He wants blood for blood. We can't always have what we want, Martinez!!

If only they could have settled on Life w/o the possibility of parole. That is a fitting sentence for this witch.

I can't seem to find anything about an update.....this leaves the sentencing up to the Judge. Do you have any info on when this will happen?.......Paula

nrenee on March 10, 2015:

Wow, no one deserves the kind of death that Travis got ! That was just SO wrong in so many ways. Poor guy. :(

jj on September 16, 2014:

I think that Travis should not have slept with her at all. He led her on. He should have seen that she was crazy. So he sleeps with her then acts like he's all too good for her after that? Puleeze, that guy got what he deserved. FREE JODI ARIAS!

Suzie from Carson City on May 26, 2014:

OK.....I've probably said enough for you to understand my points of your other Jodi-Travis hubs......Don't want to bore you to death!.......But I would still LOVE to discuss the entire case with you!! LOL

I never give up!

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