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Jeon Do Yeon: A Korean Movie Actress That Is Both Beautiful and Talented

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Jeon Do Yeon in Seoul, South Korea (2015)


Jeon Do Yeon is a Korean movie actress. She was born on February 11, 1973 in Seoul, South Korea. She achieved her first big break in 1997 starring in the movie called The Contact. She won an award for the best new actress for that movie during the 35th Dajeon Cinema Awards. She also won an award for this movie in 1998 during the Blue Dragon Awards for best new actress. She has become more popular because fans enjoy her warm and direct personality. She also has a beautiful smile to go along with her stunning looks. Many actresses consider her to be a role model for them. In 2015, she has starred in the movies Memories of the Sword, Shameless (a thriller type movie), and A Man and a Woman. Her husband is Si Kyu Kang. He has two professions. He works both as a businessman and a race car driver.

Jeon Do Yeon Profile

  • Height is 165 centimeters
  • Weight is at 45 kilograms
  • Blood type is O
  • Zodiac sign is Aquarius
  • She belongs to the talent agency N.O.A. Entertainment

Other Movie Roles by Jeon Do Yeon and the Awards She Has Won

Other movies that Jeon Do Yeon has done include the following:

A Promise (1998)

The Harmonium in My Memory (1999)

For this movie Jeon won an award once again for best actress during the Dajeon Cinema Awards and again in 2000 during the Blue Dragon Awards ceremony.

Happy End (1999) it was for this movie that Jeon won 2 awards for best actress. It is great winning one award for best actress but if you win 2 awards for the same movie that is quite an accomplishment.

I Wish I Had a Wife (2001)

No Blood No Tears (2001)

Untold Scandal (2003)

This was made based on the French novel Dangerous Liaisons.

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My Mother, the Mermaid (2004)

You are my Sunshine (2005)

Secret Sunshine (2007)

During the 60th Cannes Film Festival in France, Jeon won an award for best actress.

My Dear Enemy (2008)

The Housemaid (2010)

Countdown (2011)

In 2002, Jeon also won an award during the 23rd annual Blue Dragon Awards ceremony for the most popular artist. In 2009, Jeon starred in a TV series called Cinema 3 in which she played the role of herself.

Photo of Jeon Do Yeon at the Cannes Film Festival

Jeon Do Yeon attends a photo session for the movie "Moe-Roe-Han-The Shameless" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in May 2015.

Jeon Do Yeon attends a photo session for the movie "Moe-Roe-Han-The Shameless" during the 68th annual Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France in May 2015.

Trivia and Interesting Facts About Jeon

  • She is a Christian.
  • She studied Computer Science at Seoul Art Junior College and Koryo University.
  • For the movie My Mother, the Mermaid, Jeon made a total of $3,500,000.

Jeon Do Yeon images from her many movie appearances

Quote from Jeon Do Yeon about acting

"I enjoy acting so much that I have no need or desire to be called a great actor. This is partly my personality, but also the fact that I get so absorbed in acting, to where I can't see or think of anything else. I can't tell you what great acting is, but for me, it is to give everything you have with honesty, sincerity and persistence."

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